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Seventh House in Astrology: Find the Key to Happy Relationships

INSIDE: The Seventh House in Astrology is one of the four angular houses that represent the base of every natal chart. Read on to discover how the 7th house affects your natal placements, which influence your one-on-one connections and your love life.


Attraction is greatly impacted by conscious and subconscious beliefs, needs, and urges, as well as learned behaviors and conditioning. According to Psychology Today, everyone has a relationship pattern that makes them choose similar types of partners.

We all have a "type" of people we are most attracted to. Astrology can show us what those patterns are, illuminate conscious and unconscious patterns, and offer us guidance for finding the right partners. It can help us better understand our blockages to find long-lasting love, and most importantly, better understand ourselves and our needs.

Here's what you need to know about the Seventh House in Astrology...

The Meaning & Symbolism of the 7th House in Astrology

While the first astrological house represents ourselves, its opposing house, the Seventh, represents other people. While the Ascendant sign or ASC represents how we show up in the world, the DC, or Descendant, which is found in the 7th house, represents how others approach us and what we attract.  

It is most known as the house of marriage and partnerships, and it is the first place to look at when answering questions about love and relationships. While the fifth house represents our lovers and flirting, the seventh house is much more serious than that. It is about real commitment and official relationships.

Being one of the angular houses, the seventh house plays a huge role in how we navigate life. It governs everyone we interact with, one-on-one. This includes not only romantic partnerships and legal marriages, but also business partnerships, and our biggest allies.

Analyzing this house can give us a deep insight into what types of relationships we tend to find ourselves in and reveal details about marriage partners, and the type of people we usually perceive as relationship material. It can reveal important details about common relationship patterns and the role that other people have in our lives.

However, being the house that opposes the house of ourselves and our identity, it also governs our enemies and foes. As such, it is also closely associated with legal matters, signing papers, and important contracts.

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Seventh House in Signs

The sign found on the cusp of the 7th astrological house will determine the main theme or the main undertone of partnerships and all matters governed by this house. To find the sign on your 7th house cusp, use a Birth Chart Calculator.

Look for letters "DC" or 7 house. The sign that is found at the beginning of the 7th house is the one on the cusp.

Seventh House in Aries - Seeks excitement in relationships, passionate, loves the game of conquest or being conquered, "all or nothing" approach to partnerships, admires independence and competence in others, dynamic and passionate relationships

Seventh House in Taurus - Seeks loyalty and commitment, values home and private life, successful business and love connections, appreciates sensual partners, attracted to predictable and stable partners

Seventh House in Gemini - Looking for mental stimulation, seeks a partner with excellent communication skills, attracted to self-reliant, witty, and clever individuals, friendship is the foundation of business and love relationships

Seventh House in Cancer - Prioritizes a sense of emotional closeness and affection in relationships, deep soul bonds with partners, a need to become one with a partner, seeking caring and loving partners

Seventh House in Leo - Attracts and is attracted to confident, successful, and big-hearted people, generous in partnerships, a need to feel validated by a partner, high standards in love, choosing partners who boost self-confidence

Seventh House in Virgo - Picky when it comes to finding partners, grounded, practical, caring, dedicated, can be critical and analytical, finding stability through partnerships

Seventh House in Libra - Balanced partnerships, good looking and sociable, harmony in partnerships, enjoys being in a relationship, rarely alone or doesn’t enjoy loneliness, partnerships are a priority

Seventh House in Scorpio - Seeks a partner who is fully committed; a desire for deep relationships; has powerful and passionate partners; a possibility of power dynamics in relationships; power couples

Seventh House in Sagittarius - Desires mature, intelligent, and optimistic partners; attracted to larger than life personas; not easily pinned down; a love of freedom; lighthearted in connections

Seventh House in Capricorn - Down to earth, serious, rational and mature partners; an emphasis on dedication and structure in all partnerships; late marriage; long-lasting connections; independent partners

Seventh House in Aquarius - Intellectual, unique, and emotionally detached partners; attracted to novelty and authenticity in others; attracted to progressive, open-minded individuals; emphasis on intellectual exchange rather than spiritual

Seventh House in Pisces - Empathetic, affectionate, and creative partners; a desire to be fully understood and accepted in partnerships; seeks open-hearted partners who display emotional depth; lack of clarity in relationships; undefined connections

7th House in Astrology

Planets in 7th House

Planets in the seventh house play a crucial role in determining the quality of relationships we have, and the blessings and challenges we go through when dealing with others. They can help us understand how we usually act in a relationship, what we attract and what we are attracted to, and gain a better understanding of our relationship patterns.

To find out which planet influences your love life the most, look at the 7th natal house in your chart. All planets placed there will play a role in defining your love life and partnerships in general.

If you don’t have any planets placed here, simply look at the sign on the cusp of the 7th house, and read the description for the planetary ruler of that sign. For instance, if your 7th house is Cancer, read the description about the Moon in the 7th house. This will still give you valuable insight into the matters of the 7th house.

Sun in the 7th House

The Sun in the seventh house shines a light on the importance of one on one relationships.

A sense of self-worth and personal importance are closely associated with partnerships of all kinds. These people put a big emphasis on the quality of the relationship, but also seek partners who can match their shine.

In relationships, they like to take the lead role and really need to feel validated and respected by their counterparts. They are not afraid to take the role of the Divine Masculine in connections, regardless of gender.

The Sun here gives a huge desire to connect and collaborate, so it is not uncommon for these natives to have many connections, associates and relationships

The Sun in the seventh house is usually a good omen for marriage, long-term relationships, and business partnerships. Those who have this placement seek partners that match their high standards.

More than anyone else, they need to feel alive in a relationship for it to work, as dull, eventless connections don’t satisfy them. Their marriage partners are usually successful, charismatic, and love openly, displaying affection and admiration.  

Conversely, they can put all their focus on their partner, to the point of losing themselves. Since the Sun rules the identity, sometimes they can put a high emphasis on others’ opinions of them, and dim their light. Usually, they don’t like being alone and may end up in connections just for the sake of being in one.

Moon in the 7th House

The Moon in the 7th House puts the need for emotional security to the forefront. Folks with this placement seek to bond with their partners on a deep intuitive level.

Even if they are otherwise cool-headed and like to approach life rationally, natives with Moon in the 7th house seek relationships where they can truly let loose and be their vulnerable selves.  

The ideal partner is a caring, understanding partner who unconditionally supports them and helps them feel emotionally seen and safe. This is exactly the type of partner that they tend to attract.

The perfect kind of partner for them isn’t defined by looks or status. Instead, the most significant need in a relationship is being understood and accepted for who they truly are. The Moon placed here will attract a lot of suitors, and these individuals can drift from one relationship to the next until they find their perfect match.

This placement overall indicates a happy marriage, filled with mutual understanding and support. Conversely, these natives may attract smothering, controlling, or emotionally unavailable partners, especially in youth when Moon is afflicted.

There may be an inclination to emotional codependency in partnerships. In business partnerships and legal matters, the moon can indicate hidden motives and hidden enemies.

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Mercury in the 7th House

The planet of communication in the 7th house of partnerships creates a need for bonding on an intellectual level. These folks are drawn to animating, intelligent, interesting people with whom they can share their wildest ideas.

The satisfaction in relationships depends on the quality of communication and depth of friendship between partners. Relationships need to be fun, and engaging, and their ideal partner is someone who is open-minded and loves to socialize.

Because of their deep desire to make things work and communicate, their partnerships are usually long-lasting and successful.  

However, since this is the planet of details and deep analysis, there may be a tendency to expect perfection both from their partners and themselves. They seek partners with whom they can talk about their interests and hobbies and who are eager to try new things with them.

In business and legal matters, these individuals are great partners who have a knack for spotting a good deal. Mercury in the 7th house folks are usually quite social, and will rarely find themselves in a situation where they have no one to lean on.

Although Mercury can help them draw incredibly fun and clever partners, if afflicted, they may also attract partners who tend to scheme and promise a lot, but fail to deliver.  

Venus in the 7th House

There is no better astrological house for the planet of love than the seventh house of partnerships. Folks with this placement attract people with Venus-like qualities - intelligent, artistic, put together, poised, and fair.

Their partners are usually very attractive, even-headed, and great communicators, always ready for compromises. Furthermore, Venus here can help these individuals attract successful, well-off, and well-liked individuals.

Sociable, charming, and just, Venus in the 7th house brings good luck in matters related to diplomacy, business, and professional partnerships. Both partners are usually dedicated to maintaining a good reputation and marriage is based on deep affection.

Being in a committed relationship is very important, and these natives aren’t the ones that give up on love so easily. They will give all that they’ve got and try to work things out before they decide to walk away from a commitment.

In a relationship, people with Venus in the 7th house seek cooperation and can benefit the most from being with people who can balance them out and keep up with their pace.

These natives can have very high ideals in love, but can also be blindsided and lose their identity in a relationship if not careful.  

Mars in the 7th House

Mars in the 7th house folks consciously or subconsciously seek partners who can always keep them on their toes. When the planet of stamina and war comes into the house of partnerships, it creates a desire to work as a team and have each other's back.

There is a dose of playful rivalry between partners, and the Mars in 7th native feels most stimulated when they are in a relationship with someone who challenges them to grow. 

Love is an endless conquest, and marriage is an arena that pushes one or both partners to step out of their comfort zone. For these chart holders, there needs to be a strong attraction towards the partner, and relationships need to be passionate to be fulfilling.

Mars here creates a desire to partner up with people who are assertive, know what they want, and are willing to get what they want out of life or a relationship. Unless Mars is afflicted, the partner is usually bold, courageous, and willing to protect their loved ones at all costs.

For a native with this placement, Mars can offer valuable lessons in terms of learning how to be confident and open in relationships. This is especially true when Mars is not perfectly placed.

In this case, instead of being "us against the world," the partners can turn the need for competition and rivalry towards one another. A clear line between healthy competition and mutual sabotage is important for a relationship to be healthy.  

In business, these natives can be impeccable leaders, bold, assertive, and ready to face challenges head on. In legal matters and life, however, unless Mars is well placed, it can create trouble and attract a lot of open or hidden enemies.

Seventh House in Astrology

Jupiter in the 7th House

The planet of luck and wisdom enjoys residing in the house of partnerships. Natives with this placement seek partners who are wise and ethically well-rounded.

They love to share their life with someone who can expand their horizons, someone they can learn from and feel inspired by. Jupiter situated here indicates attraction based on shared values, world views, and beliefs. The attraction often goes beyond just physical.

Jupiterian influence often brings good luck in marriage, and they tend to couple up with noble, jovial, and experienced partners. Maturity is seen as a big plus, and it is not uncommon for these folks to connect with business and love partners who are older and more experienced.

Partners are usually successful in what they do, optimistic, and have a larger-than-life personality. Since Jupiter rules wealth and expansion, it is not uncommon to gain wealth through marriage partners or have very successful business endeavors.

When it comes to law and legal issues, Jupiter brings good fortune, ensuring that both legal and business partnerships have a favorable outcome. Jupiter in the 7th house can also indicate a lot of associates and can bring positivity and joy through alliances and serious companionship.

Saturn in the 7th House

Saturn in the 7th house natives believe that no relationship is perfect, but they can be brought close to perfection with dedication, hard work, and compromise. When the planet of structure and order resides in the house of partnerships, we get a good position for winning legal issues, but only when following the rules and regulations.

Saturn in the 7th house individuals are often surrounded by much older associates and even romantic partners. Although they tend to marry later in life or marry someone older, marriage and serious partnerships are often long-lasting and stable.

Once they commit to someone or something, Saturn in the 7th house folks will do all they can to make their commitment worthwhile.

It is not uncommon for Saturn to bring some delays, obstacles, and blockages when it comes to marital life and forming meaningful relationships. This is especially apparent in youth. Because of that, they usually mature faster when it comes to relationships and develop a clear sense of what an emotional connection should be like early on.

The ideal partner for natives with this placement is someone who shares their values and is as dedicated to a relationship as they are. They seek loyal, mature partners who have outgrown the need to chase and flirt for the sake of it.

Instead, they need someone who values partnership and sees marriage as a worthy investment. In some cases, however, this lesson is learned the hard way.

Before Saturn returns in their late twenties, they may attract emotionally cold partners, commitment-phobes, or feel like they have bad luck in love. However, with maturity and wisdom, once they do form a loving bond, it is usually for a lifetime and with a partner who is ready to give their all.

Uranus in the 7th House

Uranus loves unpredictability. When found in the seventh house of commitment, Uranus creates instability and a desire for novelty, which reflects on partnerships. Folks with this placement don't want to be tamed and are usually not great fans of romance and courtship.

They enjoy being free and often feel suffocated when tied down. They’d rather be on their own than feel pressured by a controlling partner. They are fearless individuals and are not afraid to terminate a relationship if it becomes too restricting or the spark of passion begins to fade.

They are curious and need to feel animated and alive. This is why they are often attracted to like-minded free spirits, innovative, eccentric people who march to the beat of their own drum.

Uranus in the 7th house likes to contradict societal norms and supports unconventional relationships. When it comes to law and business partnerships, Uranus indicates sudden course changes and unpredictable outcomes.

Partnerships in general are a gamble and can be tinted with uncertainty and sudden changes of luck, for better or for worse. Past partners can sometimes become enemies and saboteurs.

Although inspiring and fun, Uranus in the 7th house can indicate sometimes too much instability and unpredictability. Their relationships can be turbulent, with sudden beginnings and even more sudden endings, especially in youth.

Relationships can often be superficial, based on electrifying attention. Conversely, they may attract partners who connect with them only on a superficial level.

However, with experience and age, Uranus in 7th house folks learn to balance the need for fun with the dedication and loyalty needed to build a solid ground for a satisfying relationship. 

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Neptune in the 7th House 

Neptune in the 7th house values soul connections and puts love on the pedestal. Neptune is associated with high ideals, dreams, and high hopes. In the 7th house, this easily spills into the partnership arena and adds a dose of idealism to one-on-one relationships.

These natives tend to see the best in people and hope for the best outcomes. When it comes to connections, their glass is always half-full, especially if they are smitten by a partner. 

Although their ability to connect on a soul level is admirable, their light can often attract shady characters who put their idealistic, loving nature to the test. Neptune is associated with illusions and deceit, and in their youth, they may go through trials and errors in relationships due to being blindsided by love or over-idealizing a partner.

The best long-term partner for these folks is someone who values and knows how to cherish the depth of meaningful connections. Although Neptune's idealistic nature is always present, with experience, they can gain a much more realistic approach to love and choose partners who are just as empathetic, and open to giving and receiving genuine love.

In law and business partnerships, there needs to be special alertness and a careful approach to teaming up with others. Neptune can indicate hidden intentions, questionable ethics, and hidden enemies.

Pluto in the 7th House 

Plutonian relationships are intense, passionate, and difficult to let go of. Pluto in the 7th house is not for the faint-hearted. Consciously or not, natives with this placement are drawn to partners who can transform them, shake their ground and make a deep impact on their lives.

They are either all in or all out, and they tend to attract equally intense individuals. They have this same approach in any partnership, not just in marriage and intimate relationships.

Natives with these natal placements tend to attract or be attracted to strong, successful characters, people in power, or those who appear powerful. They would rather choose something taboo and groundbreaking than engage in a mellow, meaningless connection.

They seek depth and need to feel connected to a partner on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

However, Plutonian influence can also highlight the obsessive and possessive nature of partnerships. Connections can quickly become all-consuming and tinted with power struggles.

Their lessons regarding relationships revolve around learning how to stay in control over oneself and not lose identity when in a relationship.

Although Pluto can give quite powerful enemies, it can also make the chart-holder powerful. Once they learn how to own their power, they can become unstoppable. This is especially true for those who have already been through tough lessons in partnerships.

Partnerships are the main arena for personal growth, and usually have a big importance in the lives of these chart holders. They look for once in a lifetime and ride-or-die partners, and after difficulties and painful lessons, they usually find their forever and after.

Final Thoughts:

In astrology, the 7th house can show us who we are in connections, what we bring to the table, and illuminate us to the types of people we attract and are attracted to.

Astrology can give us insight, raise awareness of blockages and blessings, and help us improve the important partnerships in our lives. More than anything, it can help us discover what we need, and encourage us to boldly go after it.

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Seventh House in Astrology

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