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15 Inspiring Ways to Use Small Geodes

INSIDE: Small geodes can be a perfect solution when you don't have money for a large geode and you still want to enjoy their healing benefits. Here are 15 different ways you can use them for greater well-being.


Large geodes are marvelous for homes, but they are stationary; you can't move them around or carry them with you.

Small geodes, on the other hand, are portable. You can place them wherever you need to, you can move them, and you can meditate with them wherever you want. 

Smaller geodes come in oval and round shapes, and from small to medium sizes. They have the same healing properties as large geodes, but their energy reaches a smaller area. They are also much more affordable and easier to procure for personal needs than large ones.

Creative Ways to Use Small Geodes

The thing we really love about small geodes is that there are so many different ways to use them. Here are some of our favorites...

Altar Decoration

One of the most common ways to use small geodes is for altar decorating. Witches and Pagans love to decorate their altars (and so does the average person), and what better way to do so than to make use of an Amethyst Geode.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality, balancing the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, and connecting us to the Divine. By placing it on an altar, you can increase those benefits even more.

That's not to mention the sparkling effect and that extra ‘oomph’ it will add to any altar. 

Amethyst Geodes

Altar Decoration in Nature

Since crystals come from nature, it’s only natural to include them in our outdoor altar decoration.

For all of us who go out and about for Sabbaths and Esbbaths, it’s essential to have esthetically pleasing altars both indoors and outdoors. 

Materials like stones, twigs, leaves, snail shells, sea shells and, of course, geodes, are perfect for outdoor altar decorations. They are environmentally-friendly so they won’t pollute anything, and they are inconspicuous to the random beholder.

Better Sleep

Whether you or your child are having trouble sleeping, you can end it today. Just place a geode beneath your or your child’s pillow and set sail to the dreamland, safe and sound.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep or your child is experiencing nightmares, you can put a small Amethyst geode beneath the pillow for protection and Divine connection with the subconscious. 

Amethyst has both protective and enlightening properties, it’s ideal for meditation, sound sleep, lucid dreaming, and connecting with our subconscious (and unconscious) mind.

EMF Absorption

Another great way to make use of small geodes is to place them on your desk. Amethyst (among others) is considered an EMF protection stone as its frequency works to protect us from electromagnetic radiation.

If you are a crystal lover, it would be great to place many crystals and geodes on your work desk; some of them to absorb negative frequencies and radiation, others to improve your creativity and focus.

Amethyst, Citrine, Elite Shungite, and Pyrite are just some of many healing stones that work well for this purpose. Geodes are also useful helpers in cleansing and clearing personal space from bad energy and chaotic influences.

Amethyst on an Altar

Car Protection

Place a small geode in your car to protect you and reduce negative energy that might hinder you while driving. Just make sure to place the geode in a safe place, like in your center console or a cup holder.

Many crystals have protective properties, so if you place a geode in each of your car doors, you can put a protective spell on your car.

This protection can be against theft or accidents. They can also bring balance and harmony to the driver, so you can avoid any chaotic energies or occurrences while you’re driving. 

Geode for Mind Opening

When you’re journaling or writing, you can place a geode near you to help you with the process. If you’re a writer, and writing is your job, it’s great to have a geode as a helper.

Amethyst is known for unblocking the third eye and crown chakras, and those are the chakras responsible for our ability to receive information and use our intellect to communicate. Having a geode near you while you’re doing this kind of work can be a true blessing.

If you are journaling, a geode can help you gather your thoughts, make coherent conclusions, and improve your memory. It’s very beneficial to have a “back up” like that when you’re doing self-care work.

Kitchen Witchcraft

By placing a small geode on your kitchen work surface, you harmonize and improve the energies around you. If you’re in the habit of mixing potions, creating tea blends, or if you're just into cooking, a geode can work wonders.

If you place one on your refrigerator, you can improve the energy where you keep your food. Since we are what we eat, this can be extremely important.

By placing a geode at the center of your kitchen table where you eat, you can promote harmony, peace, and balance. This is wonderful for family bonding.

Tumbled Stones

Wardrobe Magic

Place a small geode in your wardrobe in order to improve the energy of the fabrics you wear every day. By placing an Amethyst geode in your wardrobe, you can also cleanse your clothes from any energetic residue.

If you put several geodes in your wardrobe, not only will your clothes be regularly cleansed from unwanted energies, but you’ll get to wear clothes that uplift you and bring you good vibes.

Library Boost

If you are a book lover, this is a great opportunity to improve the mood and general atmosphere of your library! Place several geodes on your favorite books and see how you feel the next time you come in for a reading. 

Books are story-holders, their pages came from forests, they are organic, and they are living proof of the thousands of spells that have been cast thus far. In order to preserve their magic, and even better, make their magic come alive, place several geodes on your bookshelves.

By doing this, you’re activating the mood from the books you hold dear, and you’re holding sacred space for education, elevation, and clear reading. This is one of the best ways to make use of geodes in modern days.

Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is a wonderful place for some crystal magic! Whether we want to admit it or not, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. And it’s not just the time we spend, it's where we cleanse and clean ourselves.

If we place small geodes in our bathroom, we’re making sure that the time we spend there is quality time. Whether we take long satisfying baths in the bathtub, or quick cleansing showers in the shower, having geodes in our bathroom will cleanse and regulate the space where we cleanse ourselves.

Geode in Your Bag

Today, both men and women wear bags, and in them, we carry many things. Carrying a small geode is not going to make much difference in weight, but it’s going to make a great difference in our energetic field.

Place a geode in the softest pocket of your bag, making sure it’s secured against any breakage, and enjoy the good vibes on your shoulder or back at all times.

You can even program the geode to be anti-theft, or to bring back the money you spend seven-fold. You can carry the good vibes with you wherever you go.

Workspace Stress Relief

If you want more productivity, harmony, and less headaches in your workspace, all you need to do is place a geode on your desk. You can even arrange it so that it matches the productive Feng Shui office advice.

Amethyst Geode on Desk

Pet Accommodation

If you're a proud pet owner, you can make your pet’s space even more harmonized and positive. Place a geode near their bed or next to their feeding bowl/water. 

Animals are much more attuned to the “invisible” energies that surround us than we are, so they will most definitely enjoy good vibes that come from a geode.

Garden Magic

If you have a garden or if you grow plants, you can do them some good by placing a small geode near them.

Plants adore crystals and they thrive when next to them. You can help your plants grow lusher and faster by adding a geode pall to their immediate environment.

Learn how to create a feng shui garden here!

Positive Art Vibes

Not many of us have one, but for those of us that do, placing a geode in your art gallery, or your art room can be a great amplifier of good energy and preserving vibes.

Art is a special form of magic that comes into existence when someone channels greatness. Thus, placing a geode near your art collection can be a great way to enhance the magic contained in the art itself.

Geodes can be a great way to improve the energy in the room where your art is being kept, and they can also reduce any stale and negative vibes that the art might have carried from past owners.

Final Thoughts

These ideas are here for your inspiration, but we know there are so many more than this. Please leave your ideas in the comments so we can create a nice big list!

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Small Geodes

Small Geodes

Small Geodes



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