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Spirit Animal Meanings: Understanding Animals You're Drawn To

INSIDE: Spirit animal meanings can play a significant role in our lives. Read on as we explain what these animals could be trying to tell us when they make themselves known.


The human race has always looked to animals for guidance and instruction on how to best function and live in the world around us.

Native Americans and many other cultures believe that every person on earth goes through life with a group of spirit guides accompanying them at all times. These spirit guides can range from ancestors to angels, light beings, and spirit animals.

Spirit animal meanings represent spiritual teachers in animal form. Depending on a person’s birth date and/or zodiac sign, each person had a unique animal that protects and guides them.

Spirit animal meanings are often mysterious. Whether they pop into your life randomly, cross your path just to say hello, or tend to stay near you on a regular basis, spirit animals can add more depth to your life.

Similar to people who come and go in our lives for specific reasons, spirit animals often show up according to the goals and challenges we are experiencing in the moment.

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41 of the Most Popular Spirit Animal Meanings 

Most, if not all, spirit animal meanings are closely linked to their personalities and abilities in the wild. These abilities, when combined with the human personality, can reveal significant meanings and directions for those who know what to look for.


Bats are known for their night-hunting skills and stealthiness. These real-world talents translate into the spirit animal meanings of sharp observation and deception. ESP (extra-sensory perception), depth, and fear are also some significant meanings behind this animal.


In any culture or country, bears represent courage and bravery. Control, power, and dominion are also represented by the bear, since bears are very territorial in the wild. On the other hand, bears can also symbolize tranquility, knowledge, and seclusion.


When thinking of hard-working insects, bees or ants are probably the first to come to mind. In their natural environments, bees utilize teamwork, communication, and diligence, which is why those qualities relate to their spirit animal meanings. Love, wealth, and success could also be meanings related to this spirit animal.


Butterflies represent transformation like no other animal in their journey from a caterpillar to their final form. Some lesser-known spirit animal meanings of the butterfly include romance, peace, and creativity. But when a butterfly makes itself seen in your life, it almost always means a change is coming or needs to be made. 


The cat may perfectly possess all of their spirit animal meanings as real-world attributes. Some meanings related to cats include mystery, curiosity, and secretiveness. Cats also have many links to the supernatural world, which is one significant meaning that can’t be overlooked.


The coyote spirit animal is a symbol of patience. Coyotes are not impulsive animals. They hunt slowly and take time executing their plans. The appearance of this animal in your life could be directing you to use careful patience as well.


The spirit animal meaning for many birds is wisdom, and the crow is no different. Similar to the wise owl, magic and fearlessness are also common meanings for birds. But unlike the owl, the crow can also represent manipulation and trickery.

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The spirit animal meaning of a deer revolves around love, grace, protection, and dignity. It is a bringer of unconditional love and peace. The deer symbolism focuses on being gentle to others, even at challenging times in life. 


Strength, balance, peacefulness, and support are some of the dolphin’s spirit animal meanings. These attributes also fall in line with the dolphin's role in assisting underwater births.


If you’ve been feeling like you need a new beginning, inherit the dragonfly’s energy to jumpstart yourself into a much-needed change. Dragonfly symbolism brings self-confidence and the ability to not worry about the past or future.

Dragonfly’s colors often signify a new beginning or the start of something new. In some cultures, dragonflies are messengers of the spirit world, bringing messages over from the other side.


The Eagle is a very meaningful animal figure that symbolizes looking at things from a wider view and observing small details in order to see all that is there, similar to how an eagle sees things as it soars above. Also, eagles have four toes and four is a metaphor for possessing a strong foundation and being grounded.


In lots of cultures, elephants represent wisdom, power, and admiration, but they are known for having multiple spirit animal meanings. Often, they represent protection and strength, teaching and reminding us to utilize our own strength and power.


With its healing color of pink, the flamingo illustrates guidance in love matters and much-needed patience. Being pure of heart, flamingos have the power to heal sadness, sorrow, and broken hearts. 


Spirit animal meanings related to the fox include heightened awareness, quick thinking, and curiosity. This animal is often given the personality trait of a sort of trickster, but it can also provide counsel to find your way around hurdles.


The frog, a symbol of transformation, links us with the water element and our feminine energies, which represent cleansing, fertility, and metamorphosis. Frog spirits also assist us in cleansing toxic energies and releasing negative emotions.

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As a spirit animal, the giraffe stands for self-love and individuality. The giraffe is satisfied and content with its appearance and is comfortable knowing it is truly unmatched in appearance in the world. Those with the giraffe as a spirit animal should be pleased with their appearance and shouldn’t waste time desiring to be someone else.


Hawks are a bit similar to eagles in that they both use the power of keen vision and alertness to guide us in our daily lives. Vision, alertness, strength, and creativity relate to most birds, especially the hawk. Hawk spirit animals encourage focus in everyday situations of life, and the existence of this spirit animal coerces us to steer clear of disturbances and concentrate on what needs to be done.


With the horse as your spirit animal, you'll be blessed with endurance and power. The horse is known worldwide for being hardworking, with the adeptness to continue even on the toughest paths.

Horses signify defeating obstacles and provide an example of how to do so, as well as how to carry yourself in the midst of hardships.


Hummingbird spirit animals symbolize happiness, love, and all things beautiful. They are all about learning to be self-sufficient and present in the moment. This animal inspires us to enjoy life and take in each moment because they are fleeting. 


If this spirit animal finds its way into your existence, consider yourself lucky and favored for the ladybug is a small assurance that your hard work is about to pay dividends. Take the appearance of this spirit animal as a sign to persevere and continue in the journey towards your goals.


The Lion often reveals itself to people who need to take back their rightful position as the leader in their life. This spirit animal comes to us when we have circumstances that we feel may be too difficult to handle. The lion gives us a special personal power to push through life, no matter what.


Even though they are cold-blooded animals, lizard spirit animal meaning represents sensitivity and transformation. They have commonly been linked with growth and change because of their potential to shed their old skin. The lizard also symbolizes spiritual growth and healing.

Seeing a lizard cross your path should remind you about the chance for a new beginning and the discarding of old patterns that don’t fit in your life anymore. 


Some words to describe the monkey in nature are playful, creative, and defiant. As a spirit animal, the monkey can help us regain the lost creativity of our childhood. Its ability to adapt and exert ambition guide us to rediscover those qualities in ourselves.

But be cautious as these same qualities can also be expressed in negative ways. This spirit animal can mistakenly influence you to be immature or overemotional. Keep in mind that acknowledging your feelings is great, but don’t let them control you.


One characteristic of the owl that it is known the world over for is its wisdom, but one attribute of the owl that probably isn’t as widely known is its bravery in relation to protecting others. Even though the owl is mostly independent, it regards its family over all else. The owl can be a clear signal for you to go into protector mode in your most important relationships and defend them when you feel it is necessary.

Another interpretation of owl energy is that it is nudging you to give more time to your family and close friendships.

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If your spirit animal is the Panda, you tend to be grounded, comforting and relaxed. You probably also enjoy your own company rather than being surrounded by random activity. Like the panda, you may have a gentle demeanor but can be strong when needed. Pandas are also very adaptable. 

If you're reading this and thinking, "that's not me," then the panda is reminding you to develop these qualities in yourself. 


The panther's spirit animal meaning epitomizes protection, fearlessness, and a strong sense of determination. The panther desires for you to comprehend the authority that rests in the darker areas of your life. With this understanding, you’ll be able to utilize the positive aspects of this power. Concealed areas and the unknown will cease to control your thoughts and decisions. 

Those with the panther spirit guide are predisposed to talents in the arts and a keen sixth sense. 


The Peacock as a spirit animal is connected to the Fire element. When it appears, it could mean that your organizational skills and qualities as a leader may need to be utilized to help someone around you. Additionally, it can mean that you need to develop those skills for yourself.            

Some qualities related to the peacock include foresight, endurance, beauty, and self-esteem. 


When we picture a penguin, it is almost never alone, so community and togetherness are some of the most important qualities of penguins as spirit animals.

This animal also represents harmony and unity. When we’re feeling confused and off-course, concentrating on our penguin spirit animal can help us release negative thoughts and focus on the positive, enabling us to welcome new stages and levels in life.


An image of fertility and abundance, the rabbit as a spirit animal has long been a symbol of longevity due to its ability to procreate. 

Speed is another meaning. People related to the rabbit spirit animal are quick to recognize moments that can get them closer to their goals. Rabbits also represent awareness and perception. 


The raccoon spirit animal motivates us to release our unhealthy grip on situations and people who have proven to be problematic. Only when that is done can we enable ourselves to be open to acquiring the blessings that are being given by the universe.

Another spirit animal meaning for the raccoon is that we should begin to offer more help to others. It’s smart to consider our own welfare first, but after we’ve obtained enough for ourselves, it’s honorable to share our good fortune with the less fortunate. 

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The sheep spirit animal meaning signifies purity, tranquility, and innocence in various societies around the world. It reminds us of the importance of keeping dreams and goals as a central part of life. The appearance of this animal can mean that a sacrifice needs to be made to take the next step towards a goal. 

The sheep is also meant to make you reconsider how much of anything you really truly need to be satisfied in life. 


The snake spirit animal embodies the Fire element. It can mean that you or someone close to you is in need of care and safeguarding. With this in mind, review who around you, yourself included, may be in need of some love and care.

When the snake spirit animal emerges, it can signify that your ability to supervise may need to be strengthened to assist others.


Inquisitive and self-sufficient, the spider gets its unique character from the energies of investigating, learning, and discovering new things. Getting what is wanted is often fairly easy for those with the spider as their spirit animal.

Akin to spiders in nature, those related to this spirit animal tend to bounce back from failure easily and they usually have a nonchalant attitude toward the situation.


When a swan makes its presence known in your life, it can mean that the time is right to re-examine how you are maneuvering through your life and this world. Are generosity and kindness leading you or are you stumbling through circumstances that need more grace?

One of the most common meanings for the Swan as a spirit animal is love and romance. Can you remember seeing pictures of two swans with their necks wrapped around each other? Swans encapsulate the idea of linking mentally and romantically with a mate.


If you ever get the feeling that your efforts are being squandered, refer back to the tiger’s spirit animal meaning and consider more worthwhile opportunities. The tiger encourages us to intelligently choose which pastimes to exert our energy on. Life is short and it should be spent on things that make us feel joyful and gratified.

The tiger also coaxes us to be independent and purposeful. Try and try again until your goal is met. 


The turkey as a spirit animal carries the message of unsealing the true affluence of your life, enabling you to appreciate your blessings. It bids you to concentrate less on materialistic possessions that won’t provide lasting pleasure.

The turkey can also bring attention to feminine energies that are at work around you. Anyone wishing to have a family should embrace the turkey symbolism due to the fact that it can inspire fertility. 


One of the oldest living animals is the turtle, so there’s a vast amount of wisdom that can be gained from this spirit animal, including longevity and endurance. When the turtle spirit animal makes itself known to you, it may be time to slow down and reevaluate things. Turtles travel at their own pace, and this is the characteristic you should adopt when things get overwhelming.


Some tend to recall death and decay when a vulture comes to mind, but when the vulture spirit animal appears in your life, it usually means you should expect a new beginning. Vultures are associated with rebirth and purification. The vulture’s spirit animal meaning can also mean the death or removal of something that has been hindering you in life.


The Whale, as a spirit animal, is an escort to boost your physical and mental strength along with your inner self. Whales are some of the strongest and largest known creatures on earth, so anytime you feel weak, follow the guidance of the whale to recharge your physical power. Based on ancient teachings, whales resemble humans in terms of awareness, and their souls are also in the fourth stage of consciousness


Contrary to the "lone wolf" identity, wolves are known for their loyalty and partnership. Those who have the wolf as their spirit animal are inspired to trust their intuition and instincts. When consumed by so much activity and unknown energies, it is always beneficial to take a break and listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you. The wolf totem helps you become more aware of your psychological state and listen to your inner voice to highlight the things that are causing you emotional imbalance. 


The woodpecker encourages us to adjust to new opportunities and modifications that are coming forth in our life. In shamanic symbolism, the woodpecker means you should remove yourself from people who may be attempting to take advantage of your generosity.

Final Thoughts 

We are often exposed to different animals, whether it be outside, in things we’re reading, or on television. When our spirit guides want to make themselves known to us, they will use any medium necessary to appear in our lives. It's up to us to first recognize, and then decipher, what their appearance means in our lives.

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Spirit Animal Meanings

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