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Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties: Enhance Your Courage, Power & Vitality

INSIDE: Used throughout time to boost confidence, improve health, and balance the lower chakras, the healing properties of Tiger's Eye are spiritual, emotional, and physical. Let's learn all about this powerful crystal!


Used as a symbol of courage, power, and fearlessness, Tiger's Eye is a famous stone known throughout the world. It has been revered for centuries and is a combination of Chalcedony, made up of inclusions of Quartz and Moganite. 

This stone commonly represents courage and power, helping to maintain one's presence and individuality in the world. It is also said to remove negative energies from the body and the environment, thus protecting us from the evil eye. 

In this article, we'll walk you through the Tiger's Eye healing properties, plus some valuable information on how to use this stone to improve your life and prosperity. 

Tiger's Eye Properties & Symbolism

Before we go through the healing properties of Tiger's Eye, let's learn what this stone symbolizes. Related to the planet Mars, Tiger's Eye is capable of balancing the heart, solar plexus, and third eye chakras.

Tiger's Eye healing properties are representative of health and vitality. For example, suppose you want to show your individuality and be a powerful physical presence in the world by releasing emotional and mental blocks. In that case, this gemstone can be highly beneficial for you. 

Many people wear Tiger's Eye stones to overcome their fears, since it can help us convert negative feelings into positive ones. It assists us in empowering ourselves and coming out more robust with a greater responsibility towards ourselves.

One of the best Tiger's Eye healing properties is that it makes us realize our self-worth and feel capable of accomplishing whatever we want to. More than a beautiful appearance, Tiger's Eye is all about boosting our confidence and bringing it in front of the world.

Tiger's Eye Stones

Now, let's go through some of this stone's most prominent healing properties.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

This stone offers many emotional and mental healing properties, bringing out the wearer's self-worth and overcoming a lack of motivation. 

Here are some of our favorite emotional and mental Tiger's Eye healing properties...

It Opens Mental Block by Clearing Negative Energies

Tiger's Eye crystals help to remove negative energies from the body by digging deep into the root chakra and letting our inner self-confidence come into power. This gemstone can assist you in staying intent, focused, and attentive towards your goals, regardless of the surrounding negativity. 

It Helps Us Build Self-Worth & Boost Confidence 

Those who use Tiger's Eye with a strong belief in betterment can experience a safe and robust foundation, as the stone has the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. It can help the wearer find a newfound self-confidence, driving her towards success and vitality.

This healing property of Tiger's Eye can make a difference in helping you overcome lost confidence, strengthen your relationship with yourself, and push your mental blocks aside to bring out a new you. All of this can make you feel secure and focused on turning your dreams into reality. 

Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Physical Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye stones are most commonly used for their physical properties, but even those properties spill over into emotional benefits. After all, by becoming a stronger person and restoring balance in the body, you can overcome fear and negative emotions.

Here are some of our favorite physical healing properties of Tiger's eye...

It Can Help Balance the Body's Endocrine System

Helping to increase strength and health, the Tiger's Eye gemstone is a fantastic blood fortifier that aims to bring balance to the body's endocrine system. It can awaken and activate motivation inside of you if you feel lethargic, shaky, or lousy.

This stone uses its black stripes to help bring your hormones back to their ideal levels, which can aid in fertility issues, speed up metabolism, and promote a healthy sex drive

It Improves Seasonal Affective Disorder

Placing two Tiger's Eye crystals on either side of your head can help rebalance your brain's hemisphere, which can be beneficial for people with depression and seasonal affective disorder. This is especially true since this stone is said to encapsulate the vital energy of the sun.

Additional Physical Benefits

Tiger's Eye healing properties reach far into the physical realm. Here are some additional ways people have used this stone:

  • Relieving nightmares
  • Assisting with respiratory issues like asthma
  • Supporting healthy blood pressure levels
  • Promoting healthy throat and eyes
  • Improving night vision
  • Relieving stomach and gallbladder issues
  • Strengthening spine alignment and bones
  • Dissolving constrictions

Chakra Crystals

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

The Tiger's Eye stone brings the energy from the solar rays to the earth and balances the heart through the third eye chakra.

Let's look at how Tiger's Eye healing properties relate to our chakras and spirituality in general...

It Balances the Lower Chakras

For those who want to balance their lower chakras, which includes the root chakra, the sacral chakra, and the solar plexus chakra, this gemstone is the perfect tool.

All three of these chakras work in harmony to maintain the balance of the body so that it becomes intent, active, and more connected to the earth, making us feel secure, safe, and stable enough to explore more profound spirituality.

Its Sunny Disposition Supports Our Spirituality

In terms of spirituality, the Tiger's Eye healing properties offer warm, stable energy so that we can relax and meditate on deeper levels. Connecting and bringing down the spiritual powers of the sun, this gemstone engenders security, radiance, and centered calmness. 

Tiger's Eye Meaning

Metaphysical Uses for Tiger's Eye

In addition to its attractive appearance and rich earthy energy, this stone can be used for many purposes. Tiger's Eye healing properties have made this gemstone famous, not only for wearing it as jewelry but also for the following metaphysical uses...

  • Physical Energy The energy released by the Tiger's Eye gemstone has a high vibration frequency, which empowers human energy fields, thus creating an aura of power, strength, and vitality. 
  • Wealth & Prosperity Wearing this stone as a good luck charm can bring abundance and prosperity to all aspects of our lives. It can help us attract wealth and power while making us feel confident and strong enough to maintain it.
  • Safety & Protection - One of the most loved healing properties of Tiger's Eye is its ability to remove negative energies from our surroundings. In this way, it offers great security and protection from the evil eye, along with security in business, health, and wealth. 
  • Meditation & Spirituality By balancing the lower chakras, this valuable crystal is excellent for helping us explore our spiritual side while staying focused on manifesting our goals. It can also enhance our wisdom and decision-making abilities. 
  • Astral Projection The Tiger's Eye stone is often used for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Practicing these things with your Tiger's Eye crystal  can help you overcome your fears and reopen mental blocks. 

Final Thoughts on Tiger's Eye Healing Properties.

The Tiger's Eye gemstone is a fantastic amulet that assists us in reducing our fears and bringing out our innate confidence. It is a highly-recommended stone for those who want to boost their self-worth and bring good luck into their lives. If you want to feel grounded and reach your maximum potential, working with this stone can help. 

To gain the maximum benefits from Tiger's eye-healing properties, it is best to keep this stone close to your body. You can wear it as jewelry or place a tumbled stone in your pocket.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 


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