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What Chakra is Red & Why? Understanding Root Chakra Color

INSIDE: Dive beneath the skin deep into the body, and we find a predominant color that signifies life and existence – the red color of our blood. How does this connect to what chakra is red? Let's learn all about the root chakra color. 


Although somewhat dependent on our skin’s melanin level, every person experiences that red blush to their cheeks, even if it isn’t that visible at skin-level. Our face flushes in moments of nervousness or embarrassment because of a natural adrenal process, and we can’t control it.

Psychologists connect this to a defensive survival tactic, similar to reactions in other animals – we blush during moments of uncertainty, discomfort, or missteps to communicate to others that we mean no harm, we’re only human. This fight-or-flight response that’s written on our face actually has a connection to what chakra is red. It runs deep into our roots!

Blushing happens when we gain awareness of something about ourselves, usually of our insecurities or doubts. However, the chakra that resonates most with the color red can enable us to transform our self-perceptions into powerful, primal instincts that lead us to manifest our desires.

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What Chakra is Red?

The root chakra, or Muladhara, finds replenishment and energy from the color red. Connecting us to the earth, the root chakra helps us ground and balance on many levels even as we traverse incredible cosmic realms beyond our earthly presence. 

The Root Chakra

The chakra node known as the root is nestled at the base of our spine in the bowl of our pelvic region. It provides us with a firm sense of being in the world. If we neglect to care for our root chakra, we feel unable to find our strength and solid footing in what we believe.

While it cooperates with our upper chakras that target more spiritual connections, the reason the root is the answer to "What chakra is red?" is because it nurtures the physical form our divine selves have chosen on earth. The color red signifies physicality and fire, something humans harnessed millennia ago to survive against all odds.

In fueling the root chakra, red reminds us to light our fire on the earth and apply our spiritual lessons and gifts here while we can.

Red’s Spectral Impact

Just as we know that our entire chakra system finds balance through a spectrum of colors, we also need to recognize that within each color lies a spectrum of frequencies that can assist in tuning other chakras too. 

Even though the root answers what chakra is red, we can shift to its darker and lighter hues to realize that red feeds the earth star chakra and sacral chakra too. While not the main color received by these two chakras, red does help to bridge their connection to the root.

The earth star chakra houses our core tether to the physical world, so red tightens the threads that carry earth’s vibrations into our bodies. One of our most physical expressions comes through sexuality, so the physicality represented in red heats up the sacrum, our sexual core. The impact red has on these other chakras heightens our attraction of abundance in our lives.

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Root Chakra Color Meaning 

Now that we understand that red connects to the root chakra, let’s learn more specifically how this color contributes to our wellbeing at every level.

Physical Significance of the Red Chakra

Earlier, we mentioned the adrenal fight-or-flight response that comes through blushing. So it should come as no surprise that the root chakra influences our adrenal gland. The processes through our adrenal gland contribute to our physical existence and survival, enabling some of the core mechanisms of our human body to function properly.

With a healthy root chakra, we find our peak physical health that sustains steady blood flow, liver function, and metabolism. We harness energy that allows us to keep moving while recognizing the necessity to rest and reset before we burn out.

One reason that the root answers what chakra is red is linked to the profound physical healing that it has to address in the human body. When our root chakra is weakened or ignored, we begin to feel disconnected from our body, so much so that we may perceive dysmorphia in the incredible vessels we inhabit. We lose sight of our energetic equilibrium and find ourselves lethargic and unmoving, which can lead to obesity and depression.

Finding ways to infuse our lives with the color red brings us down to earth, which releases the tension and pain we feel on a physical level.

Mental Healing in Root Chakra Color

The warm tones of red bring out our masculine qualities, putting us in the mindset to demonstrate our personal force and magnanimity. We feel outgoing and confident in what we have to say and put forward.

If our root chakra falls out of balance, we lose focus and courage, unable to organize our thoughts and actions into meaningful contributions. This leads us to negative thoughts and confusion, but we can remedy this if we remember that the root is what chakra is red.

By healing through the color red, we redirect our attention to concentrate on our true ambitions. We can clearly articulate our goals and determine our priorities which help to root us into the steps needed to attain what we want to manifest.

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Emotional Impact of Root Chakra Healing

Besides embarrassment, there’s another emotion we often associate with red – anger. A fine line separates the burn of rage from that of passion, and the key to staying within the healthy stratum requires giving care to our roots.

When we become oversaturated in red, we may begin to experience rage, a burning anger that takes over all of our other emotions. At the other extreme, we may feel so weakened from a disconnect with our root chakra that we experience anxiety and doubts and an immobility in our emotions.

Understanding what chakra is red signals to us that we need to refocus on what truly nourishes our roots. Grounding into our natural passions will generate emotions that inspire us to thrive. By embracing a love for the earth and our existence, we activate the patience and fortitude to overcome anger and rage.

Red Chakra Meaning for Spirituality

While at one end of our chakras we have the crown that ties us to the spirit realm, there is a reason that the root answers the question "What chakra is red?" It is because of its dually physical and spiritual ties. As violet (the color of the crown) darkens, we sense a return to the color red, a cycle that brings our spirit and body into communication.

Although our root chakra grounds us, it isn’t meant to stall us. Those not in tune with their spirituality often have a willingness to actually stay stuck in their way of thinking and acting. By resisting growth and trust in something more than themselves, they cower to stubborn habits that disconnect them from their true essence. 

With red color healing, we embrace the uncertainty of where our soul will lead us. Red symbolizes revolution and movement, and by applying it to spiritual healing, we evoke our receptiveness to experience a deep awakening through unexplored realms.

It takes courage to follow our spiritual calling, and a healthy root chakra will protect us by always returning us to earth.

Final Thoughts

The root chakra contributes to our sense of grounding and belonging, but since it is the answer to "What chakra is red?" it also provides the kindling to stoke our passion’s fire. Finding connection to our roots through the color red can guide us to our purpose and help us manifest our strongest form on earth.

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What Chakra is Red & Why

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