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How to Use Natural Amethyst to Crush Stress

INSIDE: Natural amethyst is one of the best holistic solutions for stress. In this article, we'll explain 16 different ways this wonder crystal relieves stress in our lives, as well as 11 ways to use it in your everyday life.

We all endure it.

We all want less of it.

Most of us are on the lookout for new and easy ways to kick it to the curb.

We're talking about stress. And for those of us who enjoy natural remedies, the amethyst crystal is one of the best solutions on this planet.

In general, crystal therapy is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety in your life without any negative side effects.

Natural amethyst is well-known for its calming and relaxing properties, making it one of the best, if not the number one crystal for managing stress. It provides such a wide range of soothing properties that it can crush every aspect of stress in our lives.

Before we get into how we can use natural amethyst to reduce stress, let's first take a look at 16 ways it reduces stress in our lives.

16 Ways to Use Natural Amethyst to Relieve Stress

1) To Balance the Emotions

Amethyst balances the emotions so that we experience fewer lows and fewer highs. With a more neutral set of emotions, we experience stress differently, and it doesn't affect us as much.

2) To Release Negative Emotions

Natural amethyst helps us let go of anger, rage, grief, fear, and sadness, all of which add to our stress. By releasing those negative emotions, there is less to stress about and more to enjoy in our lives.

3) To Improve Our Moods

When we are in the presence of the soothing energy of natural amethyst, we find that feelings of irritability and mood swings drift away, leaving us to wonder what we were stressing over. We are able to put things in perspective and approach life in a more compassionate way.

4) To Improve Our Patience

As we take in the calming energy of the amethyst stone, it helps us naturally feel more patient. Since stress is often the result of impatience and frustration, our stress subsides as our patience improves.

5) To Make Us Peaceful

Natural amethyst promotes inner peace, helping us approach the situations and people in our lives from a more peaceful state. That type of interaction and state of mind is sure to ease the stress in our lives! And there is no reason to worry that it will calm you too much to be able to get things done because it has the uncanny ability to calm or stimulate as needed (yet even the stimulated energy is somehow calm).

Natural Amethyst For Stress

6) To Make Us Strong

Natural amethyst also helps us tap into our inner strength, something that helps us pull through stressful situations without feeling as much anxiety.

7) To Improve Thoughts About Ourselves

The amethyst stone melts away our self-defeating thoughts so that we are left to think about ourselves in a more healthy, confident way. Since a lot of our stress can come from feeling inadequate and unworthy, this benefit can decrease the stress in our lives that is related to those self-defeating thoughts.

8) To Reduce Depression & Assist With Addictions

Amethyst is known as the stone of sobriety because of its ability to assist us in letting go of our addictions. It helps us self-soothe instead of turning to unhealthy habits, and it gives us the power to fight depression and the blues. Both of these benefits help us experience less stress in our lives.

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9) To Reduce Migraines & Tension Headaches

Not only does natural amethyst help actively reduce stress in our lives, but it also works on the symptoms that stress brings on, such as migraines and tension headaches.

10) To Cleanse the Aura

When we are near the high vibrations of natural amethyst, it can repair and cleanse our auras, which are susceptible to negative energy. As we experience such a cleansing, much of the stuck negative energy that we've been carrying around with us is lifted, and we feel immediately lighter and more uplifted.

11) To Transmute Negative Energy Into Love

Not only does amethyst cleanse the aura of negativity, but it also has the amazing power to transmute all negative energy into love. In that way, it protects us from psychic attack, harm, and anything negative in our lives. Not only does it protect us, but it also changes the negativity into love, which is the highest frequency emotion in the world. No wonder it dissolves stress so easily from our lives!

12) To Promote a Healthy Nervous System

Natural amethyst helps our neural signals work more efficiently and in a more balanced state, which makes the nervous system function more efficiently. With a healthy nervous system, stress is easily managed in our lives.

Natural Amethyst Inner Strength

13) To Reduce Insomnia

Insomnia is something many people suffer from as a result of stress, but it can also cause stress since it decreases the amount of sleep we are able to get. Amethyst settles an overactive mind and helps us enjoy a full night of sleep. It also protects against nightmares and helps us understand and remember our dreams.

14) To Reduce Electromagnetic Stress

Electromagnetic stress is negative electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere that is caused by electronics and power lines. Since our lives include the use of so many electronics these days, we are dramatically affected by the energy they put out. Amethyst has the ability to absorb those electromagnetic energies, which improves our health and reduces the amount of stress we feel.

15) To Improve Meditation

Natural amethyst quiets the mind and helps us meditate, which also reduces stress and helps the mind, body, and spirit stay balanced. Meditation provides us with a tranquil mind that allows for deeper connection with the higher self and more profound understandings and self-discoveries, all of which reduces the stress in our lives. Meditating next to a large amethyst geode often provides a transformative experience.

16) To Increase Motivation

By giving us a boost of motivation, amethyst helps us move forward and attain our dreams. When we feel motivated, our tasks feel lighter and easier, making life less stressful. Amethyst also promotes mental focus, allowing us to have greater clarity and a clear path to obtain our vision.

Natural Amethyst So Diverse

As you can see, natural amethyst reduces the negative effects of stress on the body, mind, and spirit. With its soothing energy, panic transforms into calm nerves; worry turns into a hopeful attitude; overwhelm and confusion become clarity and focus; chaos leads to strength; and crisis inspires flexibility and common sense.

Now that you know all the different ways natural amethyst helps to prevent and manage stress in our lives, let's look at some specific ways to use it to enjoy those benefits.

11 Ways to Use Natural Amethyst to Relieve Stress

1) Place Amethyst in Your Bedroom

Because of the soothing properties of natural amethyst, one of the best places to use it is in the bedroom. It will help you quiet your mind and enjoy a restful night's sleep. You can place an amethyst geode or an amethyst cluster on a nightstand next to your bed, or you can simply keep a tumbled amethyst stone under your pillow to enjoy these benefits.

2) Meditate Next to a Large Amethyst Geode

Meditation is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being, and it is probably the best thing we can do to relieve stress. Meditating with natural amethyst takes meditation to a whole new level, especially when you do so with a large amethyst geode. As you sit next to a large amethyst geode, you will be able to quiet your mind chatter and go deeper into your meditation to achieve higher states of consciousness, allowing you to feel your stress melting away.

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3) Practice the Purple Meditation

The purple meditation helps us engage our imagination during meditation to kiss stress goodbye. It's really simple; sit in the way that is most comfortable for you and hold a tumbled amethyst stone or a small amethyst cluster in your hand. As you begin to slow your breath, imagine soothing purple light from the amethyst entering your body through the top of your head and slowly pouring down into every part of the body. With each breath in, take in more purple healing light. With each breath out, imagine dark negative energy leaving the body through your mouth.

4) Place Natural Amethyst in the Knowledge & Wisdom Area of Your Home

By placing a natural amethyst stone in the Knowledge & Wisdom area of your home, otherwise known as the Northeast area on the Feng Shui Bagua map, you can expect to boost your inner strength, enjoy more inner peace, and enhance your meditation practice.

Discover many more ways to use amethyst as a feng shui tool to improve your life here: 13 Powerful Amethyst Cluster Feng Shui Tips You Need to Know. In that article, we map out many different places you can use amethyst in your home or in any building to improve your life. Amethyst is such a diverse crystal that there are numerous choices.

5) Use Amethyst in a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are tools for manifesting intentions. By placing crystals along a symmetrical sacred geometric pattern, like the flower of life, we can make changes in our lives and manifest our intentions faster and with more power. Include amethyst tumbled stones on your crystal grid to bring more tranquility into your life. Amazon has a great selection of flower of life grid cloths here to make setting up a crystal grid really easy.

Learn how to create a crystal grid here!

Flower of Life Crystal Grid

6) Protect Your Home or Office With Natural Amethyst

Place amethyst clusters or amethyst geodes in each corner of your home or office to protect it from negative energies and harmful intentions. They will transmute negative energy into the most positive state possible (love) and envelop your home in a protective energy sphere.

7) Sip on an Amethyst Elixir

Place tumbled amethyst stones in a glass of water and sip on it throughout the day to bring the soothing energy of natural amethyst into your body.

8) Bring Your Amethyst Everywhere

The more you are in the presence of amethyst energy, the greater impact it will have on your life. One of the great things about tumbled amethyst stones is that they are extremely portable. Pop one in your pocket, purse, or wallet so that you can bring peaceful energy with you everywhere you go.

9) Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

During meditation or quiet reflection, place a natural amethyst stone between your eyes to activate and balance your third eye chakra. Doing so will help you improve your intuition and feel more in touch with your inner self, allowing you to let go of stresses that are a result of confusion and questioning of the self.

Natural Amethyst For Protection

10) Bathe With Amethyst

Turn your bath into a spa treatment by placing tumbled amethyst stones or amethyst clusters in the bath with you. This will allow you to soak in the calming energy of the natural amethyst.

11) Do Yoga With Amethyst

Place amethyst stones on your yoga mat as you are practicing yoga to make it even more peaceful and relaxing. You could also do yoga next to a large amethyst geode.

By surrounding ourselves with the tranquil energies of natural amethyst, we are able to manage and prevent a lot of stress in our lives. Then, life seems to flow with more ease, and we feel more balanced and able to handle what life throws at us.

At Cosmic Cuts, we feel the amethyst stone is the best natural solution available for stress, anxiety, and all the symptoms and issues related to stress.

What about you? Please comment below with your favorite way to use natural amethyst to ease stress.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Natural Amethyst for Stress

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