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How to Use Crystals and Essential Oils Together for a Better Life

INSIDE: When we use crystals and essential oils together, amazing things can happen! Discover all the ways you can use this powerful duo and get some recipes to mix up your own concoctions too!


Whether you’re looking to enhance your crystal work, further your aromatherapy studies, or just try something different, combining essential oils with healing stones can help you on your spiritual journey.

Essential oils are an efficient way to stimulate your senses and even relieve stress and worry. Healing crystals engage with your energies and allow your chakras and your environment to maintain equilibrium.

Connecting with your higher self and becoming more in tune with your senses has never been easier.  

Let’s take a look at how you can advance your wellness adventure with crystals and essential oils...

Why Combine Crystals and Essential Oils?

Essential oils are used for all sorts of things and their benefits are quite extensive. Primarily, these oils are used for aromatherapy and act as antioxidants and anti-fungal treatments, as well as pain, depression, and anxiety relievers. 

Not only do essential oils work wonders for elevating mood but they also activate our olfactory system, which is where our sense of smell comes from.

There are an abundance of different essential oils for all sorts of different purposes. Some common oils like lavender can be used for stress relief while peppermint aids in digestion or an energy boost! 

Of course, if we are going to talk about healing energies, we should talk about crystals. Just like essential oils, healing stones come in many varieties, most of which work to expel negativity and promote positive vibrations. 

Crystals are used as an alternative healing technique; they can work in many different ways but they assist us mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Healing Gemstone Collections

A Powerful Duo

When we combine crystals and essential oils, we take our spiritual practices to another level. Whether it's yoga, meditation, or simply wearing crystal jewelry, the union is powerful.

Adding oil to your crystals when used in meditation adds an energy boost to your practice. Yoga and aromatherapy work really well together too. Both enhance and amplify each other's healing properties. 

When used together healing stones and essential oils are the one stop shop for your metaphysical experience. They are both naturally-found resources, which make them an unbeatable duo. 

With so many easy ways to combine the two, how could you not explore their powers?

Ignite Your Senses

Incorporating both into your practice really opens up all the senses; smell, touch, sight, and even taste and hearing, in some cases. And boosting your senses with essential oils and crystals is a sure fire way to amplify your meditation practice, or any experience for that matter. 

In aromatherapy, essential oils are inhaled and perceived by the olfactory system. Like a lock and key, the nose is the lock and these oils are the key. When the lock or nose is activated, it triggers instincts and emotional and hormonal responses. 

Imagine you’re at a hotel or spa and there is a specific smell. These scents are used to prompt good feelings and memories to associate with those smells. 

When we combine these oils with crystals during our spiritual practices, like yoga, we heighten all of these senses. Yoga is the practice of breathing and body movement with thought and intention. Add some yummy essential oils and you’ve effortlessly activated your senses. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

Trying new things should be fun! Crystals and essential oils are an easy combo that doesn’t break the bank. They are both natural solutions so you can be environmentally conscious too!

There are basically endless possibilities when it comes to how to use these tools. You can try different pairings depending on your personal taste. 

Experimenting with different combinations also gets you to learn a little more about yourself. Maybe you experience different sensations to different essential oils when used with a crystal. 

And this doesn't have to be just something you do for yourself. Why not make a crystal infused essential oil spray to give as a gift? It’s cute, thoughtful, and homemade, which makes it all the more meaningful! 

Essential Oils and Crystals

Ways to Use Them Together

With a nearly endless list of healing crystals to choose from and an equally long list of essential oils, the possibilities of using them together is pretty much limitless. 

You can create your own day spa at home with essential oils and crystals. Bringing positive energy and good vibes into your environment just got a whole lot smellier (in the best possible way)! 

Diffuse & Hold

If you have a diffuser, this process is simple. Just choose an oil and add it to your diffuser, pick a crystal to hold, set an intention and begin your meditation practice. 

No diffuser? No problem. Simply uncapping the essential oil bottle and keeping it near you while you hold your crystal can work as well. Or try rubbing a few drops onto your hands and inhaling deeply while meditating.  

There are ways to make your own diffuser too! A reed diffuser involves only a small vase with 30-50 drops of oil, and some reed sticks. In order to keep the scent going, just flip the reeds once a week and replace the oil!

Bathe With Both

Have a spa day at home with some crystals and oils. Use about 8-10 drops of your preferred essential oil, but be mindful that some essential oils can irritate the skin.  

Align the crystals with the chakras along the edge of the tub or even place some in the water. (Some crystals are sensitive to heat and water so make sure you check our Crystal Care Guide before placing them in the tub or foot bath.) 

Invite a pumice stone to the party and soften your feet in a foot bath to get the full spa experience!

Anoint Your Crystals With Oils 

Essential oils enhance energy and vibrations. Adding a small amount on your crystal will take these energies and powers even further. Carry your crystal in your pocket throughout the day to not only smell great but embrace these good vibes.  

The benefits of crystals and essential oils work adjacent to one another. There's no harm in trying different pairings either. You'll reap the benefits of both of these energy tools! 

Spiritual Gifts

Crystal Massage With Oils

Massage therapy has a whole bunch of different rewards. It relieves pain, improves mood, and is an excellent way to relax. Adding crystals and aligning them with your chakras is a great way to become balanced and enlightened. 

Take this practice even further with some essential oils. Merging the powers of the oils and the crystals intensifies the effects of both. Using tumbled stones during a massage is also a great way to get rid of knots and for an all-around way to obtain the healing properties of the crystals. 

Create Infused Sprays

An infused spray is a cool little way to smell sweet and bring high quality energies into your environment. Not only are they great for you but they also make wonderful gifts. 

All you need is a spray bottle, distilled or filtered water, 3-5 drops of oil and a crystal. Let the mixture soak and take it one step further by allowing it to sit in indirect sunlight (not all crystals can be in sunlight) or under the moonlight to obtain and activate the healing properties. Now all that's left is to spray it on your body or in your room. 

Always be mindful that some oils are harmful to pets and can irritate the skin.

Gemstone Rollers

Get your hands on a gemstone roller, add a carrier oil, and add your favorite essential oil. Gemstone rollers stimulate the collagen, firm skin, and help reduce small wrinkles.  

Pairing Healing Stones and Essential Oils

Crystal/Essential Oil Recipes

Choosing your crystals and essential oils is just like setting an intention. What would you like to accomplish or achieve? 

The combination you choose should be personal and meaningful. If you’re using these in meditation or a spiritual practice, the duo should match your goal.

Always remember that not all oils can be consumed, some are harmful to animals, and some can irritate your skin without a carrier oil.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Lavender and Amethyst are both great for achieving tranquility and relieving stress. Both are purple in color and enhance intuition, provide stress relief, aid in manifestation, and assist with sleep. 

This crystal and essential oil pairing will awaken the senses in a way that will allow you to really focus on relaxation while dissolving worry and anxiety. 

Energy & Vitality

The all powerful Clear Quartz, which is known as the Master Healer, works wonders when combined with other healing stones and essential oils in order to receive all their healing powers.  

Peppermint oil is a great energy booster. When you join these two together to start your day, you just know it’s going to be a good one. 

Abundance & Prosperity

We can all benefit from abundance and good fortune, Citrine and Patchouli oil is just what the doctor ordered. 

Citrine is a great crystal for manifestation because it attracts wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Patchouli oil is often used in manifestation work because it promotes success and abundance.

Tumbled Stones

Spiritual Connection

Lapis Lazuli and Frankincense is the duo for spiritual enlightenment. When used in chakra practice you can be sure to gain new insights and help with decoding your dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli is exceptionally good for communicating with spiritual energies and enhancing mental functions. Frankincense is called the “king of oils” and is associated with the crown chakra and root chakra, making it exceptional for opening up your mind while providing balance and stability.


Almost all crystals and essential oils will generate positivity, but Rose Quartz and Bergamot work especially well together. 

Rose Quartz activates the heart chakra and induces positive energy which attracts people and helps when finding love. Bergamot is an energizing oil, and the light citrus and floral notes have great healing properties.

Both are especially calming and effective at boosting mood and sending positive vibrations.

Purifying/Negative Energy Busting

Hematite is a very protective stone, as well as a marvelous aura cleansing stone. It resonates with the base chakra and eases negativity that comes from stress and depression. 

Frankincense is a wonderful purification oil. It pretty much does everything, but is exceptional for purifying homes and offices of negativity. 


Finding confidence can be a challenge, even for the best of us. Be sure to boost yours with Sodalite and Cinnamon bark.  

Cinnamon bark can be used when you need to inspire charisma, and Sodalite calms the minds so you can think rationally, while at the same time, enticing self-acceptance and trust. 

Crystal Infused Essential Oil Spray


Staying grounded and humble is constant work, and with tons of crystals and essential oils to choose from, you can be sure to find stability with Smoky Quartz and Ginger. 

Smoky Quartz is an exceptional grounding and cleansing stone for both your energy and the energy you come in contact with. This stone provides balance because of its connection with the root chakra.

Ginger is a warm and energizing oil. Its grounding effects allow confidence and self-assurance to flow through you. It can also be used for stomachaches and digestion. 

Love Infusion

Love really is a battlefield but you can navigate through with Emerald and Palmarosa. Joining these two healing tools is a fool-proof way to turn your love life around. 

Emerald is a stone of good fortune and works exceedingly well for married couples. It promotes loyalty and romance, as well as trust, and it's all about forgiveness and unconditional love. 

Palmarosa oil is sweet, floral, and often compared to rose. It soothes us emotionally, while uplifting us to promote closeness and is great for a massage. Next time you need to enhance the romance in your relationship, use this power couple during a massage with your partner.  

Truth Detectives

Speaking our minds or uncovering the truth from others can often be a challenge, but you can promote truth with Azurite and Coriander.

Azurite welcomes truth, wisdom and dignity while Coriander can ease the pain that comes from the truth, loss, and heartbreak.

Final Thoughts

Crystals and essential oils both have amazing benefits; mentally, physically and spiritually. When we combine specific stones and oils, we achieve the ultimate concoction of healing benefits.

There are so many ways to use both of these energy tools, so joining them just enhances their already powerful essences. Using this power duo heightens our senses and boosts our spiritual practices.

There's almost an endless list of combinations to try, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

How to Use Crystals Ebook

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Crystals and Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Crystals

How to Use Crystals and Essential Oils



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