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Gifts for Spiritual People: 20 Ideas They'll Love

INSIDE: Perfect gifts for spiritual people are always those that resonate with them on an energetic level. To help you find the gift that will delight and impress the one you're browsing for, we've prepared this detailed spiritual gift guide, including 20 ideas they'll love.


It is scientifically proven that when we are in tune with our spiritual self, we can become a better version of ourselves and improve our overall well-being. For instance, according to Healthline, meditation not only reduces stress and helps us cope with anxiety; it also expands our consciousness and has a positive impact on our awareness.

Those who are in sync with their spiritual side know how to reap the rewards from spiritual practices and tools such as meditation and crystals.

When the holiday season and important dates come, we can show our gratitude and love by choosing gifts for spiritual people that are a true vibrational match for them.

Here comes your spiritual gift guide to inspire you and give you some creative ideas...

20 Gifts for Spiritual People

No matter if their passion is meditation, yoga, healing work, psychic work or something else, a carefully selected gift is always a pleasant surprise.

Here are some creative ideas to consider…

Amethyst Necklace 

Amethyst Necklace

Being one of the most powerful intuition-enhancing gemstones, Amethyst is a powerful piece to wear during every step on the spiritual journey.

The Powerful Purple Pleasure Amethyst Necklace has the power to both protect your energy field, ward off negativity, and raise your vibration. An incredible piece for anyone who seeks clarity and guidance, this necklace has a calming effect and works to unblock the crown chakra.

Its healing properties allow for deep internal transformation, and they help with the release of negative and limiting thoughts. It helps connect the wearer with their higher self and raises awareness, creating space for deep spiritual healing. 

Citrine Geode Druze

Citrine Geode Druze

Known as the gemstone of joy and empowerment, Citrine helps bring light into any situation. A Citrine Geode Druze brings in a handful of positivity and optimism.

Supporting manifestation, Citrine geodes are one of the gifts for spiritual people that help us act from the energy of expansiveness, rather than scarcity. As a result, it effortlessly draws in numerous blessings, helping us attract things and people that are good for us.

This geode acts as a powerful magnet to whatever we are trying to call in, helping us work with the laws of the Universe. It encourages us to take a leap of faith and motivates change, acting as a true anchor of inspiration. 

EMF Protection Stones

EMF Protection Stones

Intuitive, spiritual people are frequently energy-sensitive and able to feel even the slightest vibrational changes around them, including those coming from technology.

Electromagnetic frequencies not only drain our precious energy and cause numerous physical symptoms but they also make it difficult for us to connect with our intuition.

EMF Protection Stones protect us from everyday exposure to harmful radio and microwaves, while increasing our vitality and protecting our aura from these harmful influences. They minimize energetic distractions, shield our energy field and help ground the energy, creating a healthier environment where we can thrive.

EMF crystals also help us feel more aligned and contribute to chakra balancing, eliminating waves that disrupt the natural flow of prana throughout the body.

Gemstone Zen Trees

Amethyst Tree

Perfect for leveling up the ambiance in any interior, Gemstone Zen Trees bring healing energy and protect the space from unwanted vibrations. Amethyst crystals are gifts for spiritual people that enhance psychic abilities, boost intuition, and help bring higher awareness, clarity, and insights.

Gemstone Zen Trees help create a peaceful environment and calm the energy in the room, making them an ideal detail for any meditation corner. They support reflection, shadow work, and inner work, and they help bring clarity while calming the mind.

Because they include many healing stones, they help spread positive vibrations throughout the whole room, filtering the energy that comes in.

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geodes

Nourishing and calming, Amethyst Geodes are the kind of gifts that can shift the vibration in a room in a big way, and they act as true portals for communication with the Divine.

Incredibly cleansing, they purify the energy in a room and help eliminate residue negativity both from the mind and the body. Enlightening as it is, their healing energy helps boost psychic abilities and connect us to our higher selves.

They allow us dive into a meditative state and a dream state, helping us expand our consciousness even when asleep. Being powerful catalysts for personal transformation, they stimulate spiritual awakening, bringing us into a reflective state so we can access a fresh perspective and mental clarity.

Zodiac Stones

Zodiac Stones

Every astrological sign has matching crystals. Zodiac Stones help us become the best version of ourselves by assisting us in embodying the best qualities of our zodiac sign.

Each zodiac crystal is a natural catalyst for personal transformation, and each has specific healing properties that resonate with the energy of a specific zodiac sign.

As gifts for spiritual people, these stones help transform energy and bring us into alignment with our inner truth. They help us accept and nourish our qualities, discover our innate gifts, and most importantly, express ourselves authentically.

Zodiac stones resonate with what each sign represents and can provide us with energetic support that nourishes who we truly, unapologetically are.

Crystal Keychains 

Crystal Keychains

Healing crystals can go with us wherever we go, and Crystal Keychains are a perfect accessory for that. Made from natural gemstones, crystal keychains provide energetic assistance and protection every minute of the day.

They invite light and positivity our way, calm us down in stressful situations, and help us feel better when we are pressured by everyday obligations. Because they are attached to keys, they can act as emergency spiritual getaway tools, offering us clarity and guidance during a busy day.

This makes them a perfect gift for busy spiritual folks who don’t always have the time to meditate or take a break from the noisy world. We always bring keys with us, so why not bring a piece of our spiritual world along as well?

Black Obsidian Points

Black Obsidian Point

Powerful and grounding, Black Obsidian gemstones help create a true sense of inner stability, even in the midst of chaos. Black Obsidian Crystal Point helps transmute energy and assists us in our spiritual journey.

Because they help release negativity and cut the energy cords that no longer serve us, crystal points are perfect gifts for those in sync with their spirituality. Black Obsidian supports shadow work, helps heal past traumas, and releases blockages so that we can move forward with renewed hope.

It has the power to stir powerful inner transformation, connect with our spirit guides, and become more open to spiritual downloads. Incredibly healing, Black Obsidian points help us go through a grieving process and find inner peace after a tumultuous time.

Agate Butterflies 

Agate Butterfly

Agate is an incredibly spiritual gemstone, known for its soothing properties. Agate Butterflies are made to bring a dose of beauty and peace into any environment. An incredible gift for spiritual folks, they level up the environment, both with their energy and physical properties.

Agate Butterflies are gifts for spiritual people that can help release negativity and fear and overcome self-imposed limitations. Their energy is liberating, helping us gain clarity when our mind is clouded with doubt.

It helps us find the courage to make changes and evolve spiritually, making it the perfect assistant during transitions. As such, it helps us find a sense of inner calm in any situation, freeing us from everything that hinders our spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

An ideal gift for those we love the most, Rose Quartz brings Divine love and peace into any situation. Rose Quartz specimens resonate with the highest frequency of love, helping us find the strength to love unconditionally and let others love us in return.

Healing as it is, it opens the heart space and invites loving people and positive circumstances into our life, making us a magnet for blessings. A true heart-centered gift, Rose Quartz also reminds us that we are lovable, and it helps us practice self-love and self-forgiveness. Its gentle energy has the power to heal emotional wounds, while also helping us find the right balance between the heart and mind. 

Selenite Necklace


One of the best crystals for the crown chakra and cleansing, Selenite brings clarity and supports spiritual development in every sense. Being one of the best gifts for spiritual people who work with energy, a Selenite Necklace offers energetic protection and helps remove blockages that keep us stuck in the third dimension.

A powerful tool for channeling, Selenite not only boosts psychic gifts and intuition but also helps ward off psychic attacks and negative entities. It helps us co-create with the Universe, raises consciousness, and brings us closer to our spirit guides.

A Selenite Necklace also makes us more receptive to spiritual guidance and synchronicities, helping us find our truth and our purpose.

Restful Sleep Gemstone Collection 

Restful Sleep Gemstones

Quality sleep is essential for our well-being. Our Restful Sleep Gemstone Collection is a gift that helps regenerate the body and the soul while gaining wisdom and clarity through dreams.

A combination of five calming gemstones, this collection helps revitalize and relax the body, promoting good sleep.

  • Amethyst has the power to soothe the worrying mind, prevent nightmares, tone down racing thoughts, and promote a sense of true calmness.
  • Leopardskin Jasper is the perfect crystal for serene sleep and enlightening dreams.
  • Lepidolite and Tiger Jasper help bring us a sense of stillness and peace.
  • Labradorite stimulates the imagination while offering spiritual protection; the perfect recipe for good dreams.

Together, these stones make a powerful set that helps us not only fall asleep faster, but stay asleep, and get a well-deserved rest

Sage Smudging Set 

Sage Smudging Set

Smudging is one of the most effective ways to clear a space of negative energy. Since we are all exposed to negative vibrations, a Sage Smudging Set is a thoughtful gift that can help change our frequency and eliminate negative energy.

Completely natural, this set helps cleanse both the aura and our environment so that we can start our day anew. Sage serves to detoxify your energetic space, while the abalone shell helps bring light, positivity, and balance into your life.

Together, they help prepare the space for fresh, positive energy to come in while removing anything that hinders our growth and makes us feel stuck.

Angelite Point


An Angelite Point is a gift for spiritual people that will take your recipient into new dimensions. In keeping with its name, it can assist us in connecting with our angels and guides and tapping into the wisdom of our higher consciousness. This third eye chakra stone is a supportive stone for personal growth and mental perception.

Place this stone on a spiritual altar, use it to brighten up your desk, or place it on a bedside table to invoke your angels throughout the night. It's a companion stone that any spiritual person will love to receive. 

Protection Gemstone Collection 

Protection Gemstones

In this day and age, we are exposed to negative vibrations more than ever. The Protection Gemstone Collection is a gift that keeps us protected every time we exchange energy.

Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper, and Yellow Jasper work to form a potent protective shield that keeps us safe from harmful influences and low vibrations. They send the negative energy back to the sender while making our aura stronger and more resilient to negativity.

Protection gemstones not only ward off unwanted energy but also naturally raise our vibration, helping us attract more positivity and blessings our way.

Clear Quartz Pyramid

Clear Quartz Pyramid

Because it amplifies everything it touches, it helps us multiply blessings and bring light into any situation. A crystal of wisdom, the Clear Quartz Pyramid brings clarity and enlightenment and helps channel messages from the divine.

The pyramid works as a powerful source of communication with the divine, helping us both send the intention to the Universe and openly receive what we are meant to receive.

It helps us learn our spiritual lessons and grow from every experience. It reduces mental fog and helps us see the path we are destined to follow with crystal clarity. An ideal gift for anyone embarking or traveling on their spiritual journey, this pyramid will serve as a continuous source of wisdom and clarity.

Crystal Candle Holders

Crystal Candle Holders

Both decorative and healing, Crystal Candle Holders are an ideal addition to any spiritual corner. Made from raw gemstones, they change the vibration in the room and are perfect gifts for spiritual people who practice meditation, yoga, and spiritual rituals.

They help us find inner peace, light, and joy and are powerful sources of positive energy. High-vibrational holders like these help us work with the energy and the Laws of the Universe so that we can easily manifest our heart’s desires.

Being a great feng shui addition, Crystal candle holders not only help us heal but they can also heal the space we live in, balancing the chi in our environment. In times of darkness and doubt, they can be a source of light, showing us the way forward.

Chakra Stones

 Chakra Stones

When our chakras are aligned, there's no obstacle that we can't overcome. A set of Chakra Stones is a gift that brings balance to the seven energy centers, supporting the flow of life force through the body.

Each of the stones in this set resonates with a specific chakra, and together they create a powerful toolset that helps us become a true match for positive vibrations. Gemstones have a specific resonance that helps target and then eliminate blockages in the chakras and calm the overactive chakras.

A Chakra Stones Set is great choice for those who practice energy healing and need more balance in their lives. Chakra stones help us become the best version of ourselves, so why not present them to someone you see so much potential in?

Crystal Skulls

Clear Quartz Skulls

Witchy and mystical, Crystal skulls are a powerful piece that will delight anyone who is into spirituality, psychic practices, or meditation.

A symbol of wisdom and higher consciousness, Crystal Skulls help us feel powerful and reveal important messages, making us more receptive to subtle guidance from the Divine.

Carved from authentic Clear Quartz, these crystal skulls transform our perception, helping us see the world through the lens of divine wisdom. They improve focus and memory and are a perfect gift for those who are curious about the mysteries of the world and higher knowledge.

Crackle Quartz

 Crackle Quartz

Sparkly and magnificent, Crackle Quartz pieces are gifts for spiritual people that help us open our crown chakra and tune into our intuition. It is an ideal piece for intention-setting and a powerful guide when we are seeking truth, helping us focus on what truly matters.

It can offer assistance during all phases of the spiritual awakening process, as it helps us find the answers we seek when ascending. Its prism helps shed light on whatever we set our mind to, allowing us to be active creators of our reality.

Crackle Quartz is a unique piece of Quartz and a special gift that can change our frequency and calm our soul when we feel lost.

Final Thoughts

These crystals and spiritual gifts not only look stunning, but they help our loved ones become the best versions of themselves. Their frequency is powerful and light at the same time and will do wonders for those who receive them.

We hope this spiritual gift guide has given you some great ideas!

 Spiritual Gifts

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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