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Healing Properties of Unakite Jasper For Heart Chakra Balancing

INSIDE: The healing properties of Unakite are abundant. Its peaceful and gentle energies can be obtained simply by keeping it in your pocket. Let's learn all about this loving force of nature.


With its beautiful swirls of green and pink, this is a stone of kindness and compassion. It has an uplifting spirit that can rejuvenate any energy, release pent up emotions, and find balance within your relationships. The healing properties of Unakite Jasper provide tranquility and positivity. 

Unakite Properties & Symbolism

This stone has two other names: Epidotized Granite and Grandodiorite. It has a recognizable green and pink appearance, which makes it a great stone for matters of the heart.

It gets the name Unakite from the Unakas mountains where it was first discovered. It can also be found in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. This stone has a very special and sensitive energy that makes it nurturing and helpful. 

Symbolizing love and innocence, Unakite healing properties are compassionate and exceptional for when we want to grow or develop.

Unakite Jasper

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Unakite

Unakite helps with healing of all kinds, especially when it comes to the heart and love. When we use this stone, we are shown understanding for not only others, but ourselves as well. It is an efficient crystal for healing emotional and mental stress that affects us in deep ways we may not even realize. 

Promotes Healthy & Happy Relationships

Due to its connection with the heart chakra, it is a source of love and healing, especially for relationships, as it gently encourages us to release resentments. Unakite healing properties help us get rid of toxic behaviors that can affect and ruin relationships, so that we can enjoy our partners, friends, and family. 

Releases Emotional Trauma

Unakite is a very tender and supportive stone, making it useful for when we are suffering from deep-seated traumas. It allows us to get to the root of these personal issues. Due to its gentle nature, it is a great crystal for working through repressed feelings in a calm and empathetic way. 

Provides Strength & Vitality

Lean on this stone when you need stability. It heals our inner wounds and allows us to emerge stronger and more vivacious than before. Unakite healing properties can help us make decisions we might not have made because of fear. Additionally, it allows us to navigate through challenging situations with ease and balance. 

Helps With Matters of the Heart

Unakite is a loving stone — its pink and green colors promote sympathy and tenderness, both of which make it ideal for when we are suffering from any type of heartache. Additionally, it promotes harmony and can help us find the joys in life.  

Physical Healing Properties of Unakite Jasper

Unakite healing properties promote healing of all kinds. It is extremely supportive and gentle, like a little nurse in your pocket. Take this stone wherever you go to fight off disease or protect against injury.

Cleanses & Detoxifies the Body

Due to its impressive healing abilities, Unakite is excellent at cleansing and detoxifying the body of harmful energies. It is especially useful for when we experience the physical effects of depression and anxiety. When our bodies are tense and full of bad energies, Unakite can provide some relief.

Reduces EMF Pollution

EMFs are the electromagnetic fields that comes from our electronic devices. This type of pollution is sneaky and dangerous. It has been linked to certain kinds of cancers, depression, anxiety, and often causes headaches. Unakite’s cleansing abilities are helpful for reducing EMF pollution. 

Promotes a Healthy Heart, Lungs & Reproductive System

Unakite’s restorative and supportive nature helps promote a healthy heart, lungs, and reproductive system. It assists with circulation, balance and metabolism. It is a wonderful stone to keep near you during pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, it has been said to ease the pain from labor

Assists Healing From Injuries & Illness

This healing stone is highly rejuvenating. It aids in scar tissue deterioration and treating diseases and illnesses. It is also said to help with breathing irregularities and hyperventilation. 

Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Unakite Healing Properties

Unakite’s green and pink colors resonate with the heart chakra, located in the center of the chest. It helps us regulate our emotions and provides us with more balance and control. The healing qualities of this crystal also work to align the emotional body to our spirituality.

Provides Balance

Unakite healing properties provide balance and stability to ourselves, especially when navigating through unfamiliar territory. It also brings the heart chakra back into balance when we are struggling to understand ourselves or others. 

Enables Us to Embrace What We Usually Resist

Many of us struggle with relinquishing control and living life on life’s terms. Unakite can allow us to see the world through a different lens, gently pushing us to new experiences.

When the heart chakra is out of balance, we can feel out of control or reversely like we are being overly controlled. Unakite allows us to become less critical of others and go with the flow more easily. 

Promotes Understanding of Ourselves & Our Environment

Unakite healing properties regulate our interactions with others, the environment, and ourselves. When our inner dialogue is negative and harmful, this stone can restore us back to positive thinking patterns. Additionally, it can help us with patience and being overly judgemental.  

Encourages Tolerance & Gentleness

Due to its extremely gentle and kind energy, Unakite is helpful for when we need an extra dose of that energy in our lives. It can be easy to be overly critical and cynical, however this crystal can enable us to think in a much more empathetic way. This is important for us, especially in relationships that are going through rough patches. 

Brings Rebirth & Insights

Unakite is beneficial for when we need to change our way of thinking or see things from different perspectives. It takes past experiences that cause blockage and releases them in order to bring about rebirth and growth. It is sometimes called the "stone of growth" and is beneficial for past-life healing and getting to the source of a problem. 

Unakite Healing Properties

Metaphysical Uses for Unakite Jasper

Obtain Unakite healing properties simply by wearing a necklace of this stone. Keeping it close to your heart will provide harmony, peace, and understanding. Try placing it on your third eye chakra to help promote insightful thinking and healing. Another way to use Unakite is during meditation — this will help open and balance the heart chakra.

If you have a child, place a piece under their pillow or in their pocket to keep them safe, strong, and happy. Or, if you're pregnant, keep a stone in your hand during labor. Additionally, keeping a piece of Unakite with you when you feel overwhelmed or disappointed will help bring you back to center. 

Final Thoughts 

Wherever you are in life, Unakite healing properties can be beneficial to you. It is wonderful for children or women who are pregnant. This loving and compassionate stone not only provides deep understanding, it also brings peace and harmony.

It is an excellent stone for matters of the heart. That includes finding security in relationships, overcoming emotional trauma and obtaining patience. Simply mediating with this stone can enhance your practice and deliver you to a place of growth. 

In addition to its abilities to help the heart, Unakite also efficiently helps us activate our third eye. When we need insight into complex situations or to heal from past-lives, this crystal can help us. 

Unakite healing properties allow us to connect deeply with ourselves, others, and the environment. When we need a gentle push in the right direction, this stone is there to help us.

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Healing Properties of Unakite Jasper

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