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13 Psychic Crystals: Expand Your Intuitive Abilities

INSIDE: Psychic crystals have the power to open us up to receive spiritual downloads, enhance foresight, and boost psychic abilities. They promote spiritual awakenings, illuminate the path forward, and are powerful tools for cleansing auras and blocking negative entities - and that is just a fragment of their incredible properties. Continue reading to learn more…


Intuition is the inner guidance we all have, even though most of us don't even realize it. According to the Association for Psychological Science, researchers suggest that intuition can be improved with time and practice.

Unlike muscles or mental abilities, intuition can only be practiced by tuning in and connecting with our higher self to obtain higher wisdom. And one of the most potent ways to enhance your sixth sense and level up your psychic abilities is to use psychic crystals. They can help us connect with our guides and Universal intelligence so that we can channel messages from source.

We're going to discover some of the most powerful crystals for psychic development and some ways to immerse yourself in their energy.

13 Psychic Crystals to Deepen Your Abilities

We all have intuition, and we all have latent or active psychic abilities. These abilities are meant to guide, protect, and help us tap into the world of higher wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

Psychic gemstones can help enhance these psychic skills and help us operate on a higher frequency. Here are some of our favorites…

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Known as the "Wisdom Keeper," Lapis Lazuli helps unblock the upper chakras and open up lines of communication with higher intelligence. It helps us reach for enlightenment and increase our awareness, so that we can get in touch with our higher-self.

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent channeling stone for decoding messages from spirit guides, helping to gain a deeper understanding of spiritual messages. It also enhances clairvoyant abilities, so that we can dive deeper into the realm of the unknown.


Amethyst brings clarity and peace, offers psychic protection, and boosts all psychic abilities. As a stone with a powerful cleansing ability, it removes low vibrations from our energetic field and enhances our intuition. It helps you expand our consciousness and connect us to sources of Universal wisdom.

Because it has such potent cleansing properties, it is often used in spiritual healing work to help eliminate negative entities. It helps banish dark thoughts, worry, and anxiety, especially when the source of darkness is unknown.



An incredible intuition booster, Labradorite is one of the psychic crystals that can help you reconnect and strengthen the bond with your inner guidance. It enhances the connection with the angelic realm and opens up the third eye so we can receive clarity from the Divine.

Labradorite improves telepathic abilities, helping us connect with others through the psyche. It is used for past life regressions and past life healing work and it can help release karma from past reincarnations. This stone is also a powerful prophetic tool, offering energetic support when channeling. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has purifying properties and is an incredible intuition booster. It promotes spiritual evolution and prompts us to level up by enhancing psychic abilities and unblocking the chakras.

It acts as a powerful cleanser, eliminating low frequencies from our energetic space and our aura. As such, it removes energetic clutter and can help us release old energies and accumulated negativity after performing spiritual rituals. It supports claircognizance, allowing us to tune into our higher wisdom and go beyond the limits of rational reasoning.



Selenite is a psychic crystal that supports channeling and can help us find much-needed clarity through improved foresight and connection with our guides. The energy emitted from these stones amplifies our connection with the spirit realm, making us more receptive to psychic messages and more alert to synchronicities.

Selenite helps us decipher messages from the Universe and offers energetic assistance and guidance to lightworkers. Being such a powerful tool, it can help you prepare the space for spirit work, while boosting clairsentience and clairaudience abilities.



A powerful source of light and hope, Angelite can help us get into a deep meditative state and elevate your frequency. It promotes a higher level of spiritual connectedness, allowing us to find answers that seem hidden from us.

By helping us connect and feel the presence of the holy spirit, it strengthens faith and promotes the release of heavy energy from the upper chakras

Angelite offers assistance when traveling to other dimensions and to connect with otherworldly energies, ancestors, angels, and guides. Additionally, it is known to elevate telepathic abilities, strengthen positive psychic connections, and enhance psychic communication.

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz

Magnificent Aura Quartz is here to help you release the bad karma you carry from past reincarnations and promote spiritual growth. By eliminating chakra blockages, it can help you feel more in sync with the Divine and more receptive to angelic guidance.

This crystal offers powerful assistance for reading auras and aura healing work. It promotes deep soul-level healing, expands consciousness, and improves precognition. During psychic work, Aura Quartz psychic crystals can also help you connect with your guides and angels. 

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an incredible crystal for working against dark entities and resolving negative karma. This gemstone is used not only to help us break free from the claws of negative influences, but also to heal the shadow self.

It offers assistance with cutting energetic cords and mediumship rituals. It enhances intuition and helps protect the aura from unwanted influences and psychic attacks. Besides energy reading and mediumship, it is also a powerful crystal for retrocognition and assistance during past life regressions.



Sodalite enhances psychic abilities in multiple ways. It has a harmonizing influence that can help us get in touch with our intuition and learn to listen to what our higher self is saying.

An overactive third eye chakra can make us feel overwhelmed by spiritual downloads, and Sodalite can calm this energy down. Its frequency can help us channel messages from higher realms with clarity. Sodalite can also assist us when developing divination abilities, so we can gain wisdom through connecting with universal intelligence.


If you are seeking help from the angelic realm, try a piece of Lodolite. Being one of the best psychic crystals, Lodolite promotes higher learning and enhances a sense of interconnectedness with the world around you.

Thanks to its soothing vibration and ability to bring clarity into any situation, this crystal both calms and awakens the spiritual self. It boosts intuition and can help us connect with angels while heightening our psychic powers. Not only does it help us communicate with guides in the here and now, but it is also a potent crystal for past life regression.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is a powerful crystal for tapping into and developing our psychic gifts. It simultaneously helps us achieve higher states of awareness while offering psychic protection. It soothes the overactive mind, creating space for us to explore different dimensions of spirituality.

It acts as a powerful stone for manifestation and energy work and can keep our aura and psyche safe from low vibrations. Chevron Amethyst healing properties help to settle chaotic energy, bringing clarity and peace into our headspace and physical reality. 


Kyanite is one of the psychic crystals that is known for its ability to unblock the third eye and the throat chakra. It is a spiritual tool that can help us not only connect with universal intelligence but also convey that message to others. It brings clarity for those practicing mediumship and divination.

As an intuition booster, Kyanite can help us better decipher psychic messages that are coming through. It illuminates important issues that are hidden in the subconscious and promotes the development of spiritual intelligence. 



Lepidolite can help us develop a true sense of unity and connectedness with the Divine. Known for being both tranquilizing and awakening, it can help us contact the spirit realm while still feeling rooted in reality.

This stone is often used to boost psychic powers, particularly clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. It can instigate inner katharsis and help us reach new levels of understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

How to Use These Psychic Stones 

Psychic gemstones can be a huge help when it comes to boosting our intuition. They open up the crown chakra and the third eye, helping us tune into the highest frequencies.

There are many ways we can use and incorporate them into our rituals and spiritual practices. Here ere are some of our favorites...

Hold Them During Meditation

Meditation helps us enter into the realm of higher consciousness. Holding psychic stones during meditation is a powerful way to channel the energy from source and connect to higher intelligence.

To immerse yourself in their healing energy, sit comfortably in your lotus position, close your eyes, and set the intention to connect with the Divine. As you slowly enter into a meditative state, focus your attention on the crystal(s) you are holding. 

Connect with the sensations you feel as you focus on the crystals. Visualize light and positive energy spreading from the crystals outward and expanding throughout your whole body. Their frequency will help you ascend and find the clarity you need, heightening your sixth sense.

Place One on Your Third Eye

The third eye is associated with prophetic abilities, elevated awareness, and connection with the spirit realm. To elevate your consciousness using psychic crystals, pick one that calls out to you and lay down so that you are fully relaxed. Place the crystal on your third eye (slightly below the center of your forehead and close your eyes.

The crystal will gradually remove blocks in your chakras, calming an overactive third eye and eliminating confusion. This can boost your foresight, and open the channels of communication with your guides so you can tap into the psychic realm.

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Carry Them With You

What better way to increase psychic alertness and stay in tune with your inner guide than by carrying healing crystals with you? For this purpose, choose tumbled stones as they are a perfect fit for your purse, wallet, or pockets. When out of touch or if you feel like you need answers and guidance, simply reach for your chosen stone and let it do its magic.

These stones can be your psychic emergency tools, helping you stay connected to your higher self and source no matter where you are. 

Practice Tuning Into Them

All psychic crystals have their unique healing vibrations, and while they all resonate at extremely high frequencies, no two crystals are the same. Practicing connecting to the unique energy of your chosen crystal is a way to not only boost your intuition but also to practice and elevate your psychic abilities.

Make it a daily practice to observe, feel, and tune into its energy. Hold it in your hands and focus on its shape and color. Try to connect with its frequency by mindfully setting the intention to do so. Eliminate auditory distractions and just feel, touch, observe, and listen to the messages coming through.

Keep Them With You While Journaling

Journaling is a powerful way to channel thoughts and practice introspection. Placing your favorite psychic crystal next to you while journaling will help you gain clarity, see things from a new perspective, and find the answers you seek.

Paper is a medium of expression, and crystals that enhance psychic abilities will help you express yourself, connect with your guides, and do some soul searching.

Final Thoughts 

Crystals offer psychic protection, boost intuition, and promote spiritual growth. They help illuminate and awaken us and are an incredible source of positive energy. Selecting yours will help you tune into your psychic powers, higher wisdom, and Divine intelligence.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.


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