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Self Care for Teenagers: 10 Activities They’ll Love

INSIDE: Taking a personal day isn’t just for adults and parents — young people need time for themselves too! Self care for teenagers is crucial for growth, development, and to keep stress and anxiety at bay. 


Self care for teenagers can look like many things, and just like adults, it requires activating our mind, body, and spirit through many different methods.

Not only can self care for adolescents provide a break for busy parents, it also ensures our kids are obtaining the life skills necessary for being a well-rounded adult.

The following self care tips for teenagers are an excellent starting point. Your teenager might not do them all, but it’ll provide a new perspective and overall understanding of what they like and don’t like.

Self Care for Teenagers: 10 Activities They’ll Love

From exercise to working our creative muscles, we all need to take time to process and appreciate our lives. These self care tips for teenagers do just that! Let's take a look. 

Collect Crystals & Wear Crystal Jewelry

Healing stones and crystals are a great way to maintain and promote positive energy.

During adolescence, there are a lot of new emotions, hormone fluctuations, and all around confusion to contend with. Wearing crystal jewelry is a great method of self care for teenagers because it helps provide balance through all of these life changes. 

A crystal collection not only helps with personal issues, but home life as well. Keeping healing stones throughout the house can invite in good energies and help diffuse tension. 

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Yoga is a benefit for everyone, but especially teens. It is a calming practice that allows us to slow down, relax, and find balance. And it's a great way to cool down and decompress after a long day at school or extracurriculars.

This activity involves stretching, breathing, and connecting the body and mind. As young people go through bodily changes, it can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. Yoga is an excellent form of self care for teenagers and there are thousands of free videos online! 

Get Extra Sleep

Sleep is crucial for mood regulation and brain development. Young adults and teens are going through so many changes, both mentally and physically, that running on little sleep can make day-to-day tasks much more difficult. 

Most young people need 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night in order to function properly. Instead of cramming for a test with an all nighter, they should be getting a good night's sleep instead! A regular sleep schedule helps with memory, cognitive function, and generally makes us much happier. 

Be Creative

Flex those creative muscles!

When we are young, we learn things incredibly quickly. Get your teenager into music lessons or let them participate in an art class. It's hard enough to express ourselves as we get older; learning this type of creative outlet at a younger age is a huge benefit to our overall health.

Self care for teenagers is about channeling inner emotions and translating them into actions. This can be by drawing, painting, music, writing or anything that gets us thinking in different ways. Not only is creativity a great skill for artistry, it improves problem solving, critical thinking, and overall self-expression. 

self care tips for teens

Spend Time With Friends

Hanging out with friends and making new ones is an important part of growing up. Learning how to properly socialize has many, many benefits. Spending time with friends can help communication skills, prevent burn out, and promote overall health. 

In today’s society, young people face huge amounts of stress with social media, follows, and likes. It can feel very lonely at times, but having a few close friends is all you need. This self care tip for teenagers helps provide a sense of community and allows them to learn how to build strong relationships.


Get up and get moving! Dancing and listening to a good album is self care for teenagers, adults, seniors, or anyone really.

Everyone can benefit from moving and grooving. Those feel good hormones like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine are released when we exercise, and even just by listening to our favorite music. 

This is a great way to burn energy, uplift your mood, and feel good all around. Starting your day with an upbeat album and dancing around is an efficient way to get the day started on a positive note. 

Watch an Uplifting Movie

Some days, watching a movie is all you need. Make it a happy, uplifting movie to ensure good feelings run through your mind.

All too often, we see sad, scary, or depressing things on social media, the news, and the internet. It is important to take time watching things that are positive and have a happy ending or that make you laugh.

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Have a Spa Day at Home

Taking time to relax and enjoy being at home may seem impossible for a young person, but this is a major part of self care for teenagers. Most kids can’t wait to get out of the house, but providing a relaxing home environment that makes your teenager want to stay home and have a spa day is important. 

Get out the crystal collection, run a hot bath, and just relax. Soak up the good energies after a long day at school or on a Sunday night as you prepare to take on the week.

This is a tip for parents too! Take time to relax at home. 

Write in a Journal

Writing in a journal is like a free therapist and we all should be utilizing this. Teenagers deal with a lot of day-to-day stress, just like adults, and they often need someone to talk to. This is another method of self care that allows them to express themselves, process feelings, and come to solutions. 

A lot of times, teenagers have experiences they have no idea how to talk about or deal with. It is important they have a safe and private place to decompress. It can be especially hard to talk to parents, so having a place to brain-dump without judgement is important for teenagers.

Try Something New

Part of being a kid is trying new things and gaining new experiences. Many of us grow up and stop experimenting, break routines, or just stop trying new things. Self care for teenagers is all about learning more about yourself!

Experimenting with different foods, adventures, and even forms of self-expression is a great way to grow, learn, and become a well-rounded adult.

It is important as parents that we don’t stop our kids from experimenting; we must provide them with enough information and tools to make their own decisions. 

Final Thoughts

Self care for teenagers is just like self care for grown ups. We all need to take time out of our busy schedules to step back, evaluate, process, and find stability. 

Not only is it important for the kids, but self care for teenagers can also help with parenting! Young people have so much going on and we may have forgotten what it's like to be that age. With bodily and hormonal changes, it gets confusing. Ensure your kid has personal time, and in turn, you’ll have time for yourself (and peace of mind)!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Self Care for Teenagers

Self Care for Teens

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