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Symptoms of Third Eye Opening: What to Look For

INSIDE: Look for these symptoms of third eye opening so you can know when your consciousness is rising. The process can be fun and exciting, but is not without its hardships.


By opening the third eye, you'll be able to experience more inner calm, increased awareness, and improved psychic skills. The opening of this chakra, otherwise known as the pineal gland, can be done with a variety of techniques that range from breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, and the usage of specific plants or drugs.

Individuals who have opened their third eye are often referred to as "seers" because of their ability to perceive reality's subtle patterns while observing the auras, chakras, and spiritual energy of those around them.

If you notice any of the symptoms of third eye opening listed below during your spiritual practice, take that as a sign that you’re on the right track and Divine happenings are soon to come.

What Are the Symptoms of Third Eye Opening?

Activating and expanding the third eye can lead to heightened intuition, spiritual awareness, and extrasensory perception. As the third eye is opening, most people can expect to go through certain physical, emotional, and spiritual changes. These are all signs your third eye is opened. How open, however, is a matter of personal consistency, dedication, and opinion.

Psychic Stones

Third Eye Opening Physical Symptoms

Let's start with the physical symptoms you might experience when your third eye is developing...

A Sensation Between The Eyebrows

A feeling of being touched between the eyebrows can be classified as a physical change of third eye chakra opening symptoms. The Ajna Chakra, which is located in the center of your forehead, often feels as though it is being lightly touched. The feeling is often similar to a very soft amount of pressure from a finger in the area between the eyebrows or it can feel like a bug is crawling on you there.

There's no need to be concerned, even though it can be perplexing at first, particularly when you start to feel like you're being touched. You aren't imagining it; rather, it's just a welcome symptom of third eye opening.


Headaches are a common symptom of third eye opening. It's similar to how the body feels the day after a long session in the gym. The “ache” is really a side effect of beneficial exercise and practice, not of any problem or ailment.

This occurs when the all-powerful kundalini energy is becoming strong enough to trigger the last stages of third eye opening. Kundalini energy is our spirit energy - it's that part of ourselves that is reincarnating from one life to another and is normally positioned at the base of the spine.

Initially, the aches may occur seldom and be light, but with time, their frequency and intensity might increase. This symptom of third eye opening is a clear sign of progress and it not a reason to be alarmed (once you've ruled out medical conditions with your doctor, of course).

Third-eye headaches can often be relieved with meditation and energetic healing techniques like Reiki. Lots of water is also important.

Light & Sound Sensitivities

Increased sensitivity to light and sound is a very common symptom of third eye opening. If you find it difficult to tolerate, you might need to avoid locations with loud music or intense lighting for the time being.

You might also notice that some colors seem brighter than usual or that you can see a wider variety of colors than before. This is due to the fact that your consciousness is growing and you are able to perceive more, both in the physical and spiritual spheres. 

third eye chakra opening symptoms

Mental & Emotional Symptoms

Now, let's look at what might happen mentally and emotionally when your third eye is waking up...

Increased Intuition

When your third eye opens, it is very common for your intuitive abilities to become much more potent. You might find that you are suddenly able to predict what others around you will say, how they'll feel, and who will call you next.

Your intuition will direct you toward making better decisions. It will likely also guide you to connect with individuals who can help you advance spiritually, further enhancing the positive symptoms of third eye opening.

Vivid Dreams

Dreams are a very pivotal symptom of third eye opening. They are likely to become clearer and contain messages from angels and spirit guides. These dreams may include warnings about impending events, emotional wounds that need to be healed, or messages about what the future has in store for you.

When a situation that hasn't been addressed comes up in a dream, try to reflect on it and evaluate how it makes you feel, whom you need to forgive, or what discussions you need to have to make it better. When you have a dream about meeting someone or about upcoming events, make a point to go to those places and events so that you might have the opportunity to meet those individuals in real life.

Health Conscious

Food is energy, and it carries information and a certain frequency with it. Growing increasingly susceptible to these vibrations is a key symptom of third eye opening. Your body will undergo a process of vibrational balance and adjustment and as a result, you are likely to notice abrupt changes in how you are eating.

For instance, you might find it difficult to consume meat from animals raised in inhumane conditions because the meat holds a lower vibration. Or you might feel the desire to consume more unprocessed, natural foods. Many people consider the desire to eat healthy a third eye opening symptom.

Your body will utilize this as a means of screening out meals that harm you physically and energetically while driving you to select foods that boost your vibration and are nourishing. Consider choosing foods that balance the third eye.

Being Drawn to Dark Blue/Purple Colors

Since indigo is the color of the third eye, you might find that you are drawn to deep blues and purples as your third eye is opening. You might feel drawn to crystals like Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst, or find yourself seeing these colors when you close your eyes. 

Amethyst Geodes

Spiritual Symptoms

Now, let's look at the symptoms you might experience spiritually as you open your third eye...

Synchronicities Increase

Although synchronicities have always been a part of our lives, someone who is not spiritually awakened may find it difficult to see them because they are often just blown off as coincidences.

The Universe always has a plan that will play out in a certain way, so when your third eye opens, you will see that there are no coincidences. You begin to realize that some people cross your way or specific occurrences take place at just the right moment to direct you along your spiritual journey.

After your spiritual journey has begun, you will likely to become more aware of these coincidences and you'll be able to comprehend their significance.

Gratitude Increases

An increase in gratitude is also a sign your third eye is opened. When someone is filled with appreciation, they may demonstrate a multitude of actions, both within and publicly. Those who are feeling grateful may show their appreciation to others through words, deeds, or gestures.

Noticing the blessings that have always been there but tend to go unnoticed is often a very early sign that your third eye is opening. Those who are grateful often have a happy view of life. They tend to concentrate on their blessings and discover methods to enjoy life's little pleasures. They are often also tougher and better able to handle hardships.

This symptom further extends into lending a hand to others because when our third eye is opening, we tend to make decisions that would have a beneficial effect on the world around us, such as giving to charity or volunteering our time.

Being present in the moment and being thoughtful are both enhanced by gratitude. That's why a symptom of third eye opening also includes paying greater attention to the present and relishing our experiences and connections while we are feeling grateful.

And, when we are feeling grateful as a result of third eye opening, we often have more empathy and compassion for other people. We find ourselves being more accepting of different viewpoints and more willing to show kindness or help to those in need.

signs your third eye is opened

You Take Ownership

Taking responsibility for your life means accepting responsibility for your choices and the results of those choices, and this is another one of the symptoms of third eye opening. 

When we accept personal responsibility, we have a high level of self-awareness. We actively attempt to understand how our choices affect our experiences because we are aware of our own ideas, feelings, and behaviors.

To assist us in achieving our goals, those of us who take ownership of the situations in our lives create action plans and set specific targets. We become skilled problem-solvers who regard difficulties as chances to develop and learn, and look for innovative ways to get through them.

When we are behaving in this way, we feel empowered to make adjustments and take action to better our circumstances. Instead of waiting for others to fix our issues, we actively participate in bringing about good change in our lives. 

Final Thoughts 

Symptoms of third eye opening are very real. It's a notion rooted in spiritual and metaphysical traditions; yet, one's personal beliefs and experiences will primarily determine whether or not these symptom of third eye opening are significant or just random happenings. It's crucial to approach it with an open mind and a critical eye and avoid placing undue weight on any one technique or claim of paranormal prowess.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Symptoms of Third Eye Opening



Hi Kathy, that is very interesting! It seems to me something is happening. I would try placing a blue crystal on your third eye when you feel those symptoms come on while envisioning your third eye open and healthy.

Kathy Minderman

Hello. I am hoping you can help me with a question I have about opening my third eye. I have been working on opening it for a few months (mid summer) and for the last month, at least, I have a pressure headache in the middle of my eyes (I normally NEVER get headaches,) and a bizarre humming, or buzzing sound. It almost feels like a vibration because it does seem auditory, more like something energetic. I’ve always dreamt and most always remember my dreams, so that hasn’t changed, but other than those two (sometimes annoying) things, I haven’t noticed anything else.

Thank you for your help.


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