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A Concise Guide to Zodiac Birthstones for More Health & Happiness

INSIDE: Zodiac birthstones provide us with frequencies that assist us in living healthier, happier lives. Find your sun sign below and learn about the crystals that are particularly beneficial for you!


Our sun signs influence our career path, our love match, and our life lessons. Each sun sign represents the journey that we undertake to find the highest expression of our true selves.

Crystals and healing stones harness the power and lessons of our sun sign, helping us stay in alignment and express our most authentic self.

The Difference Between Zodiac Birthstones & Traditional Birthstones

Traditional birthstones correspond to the month you were born in, while zodiac birthstones are associated with your sun sign.

Zodiac birthstones have a long and rich history as healing stones, dating to ancient times.

The oldest record of crystal magic dates back to the mythical ancient continent of Atlantis whose people allegedly used crystals for telepathic communication, according to Katrina Raphaell.

These sun sign stones are not just beautiful; they help ground us and break negative patterns. They unleash the power of the zodiac, helping us realize our deepest dreams and purpose.


Birthstones by Zodiac Sign

Below, we've outlined the birthstones by zodiac sign. This guide provides a brief introduction to each sun sign and three stones that will help you unleash the power of your unique zodiac sign. You can group these stones together or purchase them individually.

Capricorn – Garnet, Black Onyx, Rutilated Quartz


Garnet is an important Capricorn crystal. Ruled by Saturn, this gemstone connects with Saturn, conducting the energies of this planet.

Known for their loyal, steadfast nature, Capricorns are ambitious, yet grounded thanks to their association with the earth element.

Garnet reflects these Capricorn qualities, enhancing and highlighting them. These stones are associated with purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship. Place them in challenging workspaces to remove negativity.

Garnet can also remedy health issues. Use it as a talisman, placing near wounds to help heal them.

Additional Stones for Capricorn Signs to Use:

  • As an earth sign, Capricorn can be risk adverse. Black Onyx promotes their personal power and allows this sea goat to overcome fear.
  • Similarly, natural Rutilated Quartz will help Capricorns balance their chakras and unleash their true authenticity.
  • Place Black Onyx and Ruitlated Quartz in a coat pocket for a boost before an important event.

Aquarius Zodiac Birthstones – Amethyst, Hematite, Lepidolite

Ruled by erratic planet Uranus, Aquarius can be unpredictable, if not revolutionary. Aquarians think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Aquarius crystals can help balance this energy.

While Amethyst is the traditional birthstone of Aquarius signs who were born in February, it is also the Aquarius zodiac birthstone, thanks to its extraordinary power to reveal truth and cosmic insights.

Buy Tumbled Amethyst to place under yours or a loved one’s pillow to promote healthy sleep. Larger Amethyst Geodes are perfect for office spaces or meditation rooms to help with healing or grounding.

Amethyst Geodes

Additional Stones for Aquarius Signs to Use:

  • As an air sign, Aquarius often overthinks things. Aquarius zodiac birthstone, Lepidolite, encourages the water bearer to change and overcome self-defeating behaviors. This stone can help calm the mind during mediation, helping move us into a deeper state of consciousness.
  • Hematite is another favorite Aquarius zodiac birthstone as it neutralizes negative energy and improves personal strength. Place it under your pillow or on a windowsill to help cleanse energy in the bedroom or house. 

Pisces Zodiac Birthstones – Amethyst, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz

As a water sign, Pisces is highly empathetic. Pisces often struggles to maintain boundaries with loved ones and co-workers. Their behavior can verge on hedonistic at times with their party-loving spirit.

Pisces zodiac birthstone, Amethystconnects with the crown chakra. Use this sacred Pisces crystal in meditation or place it under your pillow for restful sleep. Balancing the chakras will improve consciousness, health and Pisces’s relationship with the world and others.

Additional Stones for Pisces Signs to Use:

  • Aquamarine helps Pisces keep its childlike wonder, thanks to its mermaid blue hue, which invites Pisces to embrace the ebb and flow of life.
  • Clear Quartz clears thought, improving decision-making. Keep this favorite Pisces zodiac birthstone nearby when journaling or keep it in a coat pocket for optimism.

Aries Zodiac Birthstones – Red Jasper, Garnet, Black Onyx

Like Capricorns, Rams are loyal and consistent, which makes Garnet a natural choice as an Aries zodiac birthstone. Ambitious with a touch of fire, Garnet reflects these Arian qualities and their natural talent as business leaders.

Ruled by Mercury, Aries is highly ambitious, which is both a strength and a weakness at times. Aries crystals can balance this aspect of them.

Additional Stones for Aries Signs to Use:

  • With their fiery nature, Red Jasper can help Arians think before they speak or make a decision. It helps them stay on course, following their goals through to completion. Keep Red Jasper near when you're completing projects that requires physical strength or mental endurance.
  • Black Onyx is another great Aries zodiac birthstone. It promotes personal power by helping them face their fears, which is essential for any goal-oriented, ambitious sign.

Taurus – Emerald, Rhodonite, Carnelian

As an earth sign, sensual Taurus is looking for security. Emerald is one of the best Taurus crystals, and it is especially lucky for them thanks to the ruling planet Venus. The deep green hue harvests the energy of Venus, giving the bull luck and prosperity. Emeralds also connect with the heart chakra.

Keep emeralds close to the heart or place on a desk to invite in success and abundance.

Additional Stones for Taurus Signs to Use:

  • Rhodonite also resonates with the heart chakra. Meditating with tumbled rhodonite brings love and kindness to interactions.
  • Carnelian helps Taurus overcome fear, encouraging this sign to take the lead. Even though they are stubborn, they also possess a quiet nature. Carrying this stone can stop procrastination and keep the bull charging forward.

Gemini – Tiger’s Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Aquamarine

Tiger's Eye

As an air sign, Gemini is complex and dual in nature. Tiger’s Eye counteracts Gemini’s tendency to ruminate and get lost in thoughts. The beautiful golden rays clear the anxious thoughts that plague a Gemini’s gifted mind.

Tiger’s Eye healing properties also bring balance and unity to extremes and opposites, which makes it one of the best Gemini crystals for conflict resolution. Meditate with Tiger Eye to channel emotional strength for major life transformation.

Additional Stones for Gemini Signs to Use:

  • Natural Rutilated Quartz balances Gemini’s chakras. Keep this stone close to lift spirts and help make empowered decisions.
  • Aquamarine improves communication as a result of its healing connection with the throat and heart chakra. Hold Aquamarine over letters or written correspondence to defuse difficult interactions.

Cancer – Leopardskin Jasper, Emerald, Carnelian

Much like the crab, Cancers can appear hard and stoic on the outside, but inside they are soft and full of quiet wonder.

The moon rules the sensitive and sweet-natured Cancer. Emotions and empathy are often associated with this water sign. Cancer yearns to shed their hard shell and share their secret emotional world with others.

Leopardskin Jasper is the one of the best Cancer crystals. This amazing stone is excellent in detoxifying the body. It can also help Cancers express their true needs. Like all water signs, Cancers often struggle to discern their feelings.

Additional Stones for Cancer Signs to Use:

  • Carnelian benefits Cancer in the same way it helps Taurus overcome their fear and take the lead.
  • Cancers can take the words and actions of others to heart. Emerald stones worn close to the heart remind them to keep their heart chakra open to the healing and loving energy that exists all around.

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Leo Zodiac Birthstones – Black Onyx, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian

Fiery Leo is a natural performer with a penchant for royal treatment. Loyal and loving, Leo loves to be with others. However, if Leo feels wronged, they aren't afraid to unleash that famous roar.

Tiger’s Eye is a favorite Leo zodiac birthstone. The gorgeous golden rays evoke Leo’s feline power, helping tame their impatient nature. Tiger’s Eye also brings balance and unity to extremes and opposites, which makes it the best Leo crystal for conflict resolution. Meditate with Tiger’s eye to stay calm in the eye of the storm.

Additional Stones for Leo Signs to Use:

    • Just like Aries, Leo is an ambitious, goal-focused fire sign. Black Onyx promotes personal power and helps them overcome fear. Keep this stone in this Lion’s pocket before performances, speeches or any big event.
    • Leo zodiac birthstone, Carnelian, combats stage fright, putting the Lion in the spotlight. Carrying this stone encourages Leo to shine.

    Virgo – Zebra Jasper, Unakite Jasper, Clear Quartz

    Ever precise and conscientious, the Virgo friend, partner, and family member is dependable and loyal. Virgo cherishes his or her closest relationships.

    Their uncanny knack for detail means their recall is excellent. This is why Virgo loves personalized birthday gifts. The mythical virgin represents Virgo.

    Virgos have a tendency to overthink. Clear Quartz is considered one of the best Virgo crystals because it can help them keep their thoughts as clean as they keep their house.

    Keep this stone nearby in the office when journaling. Clear Quartz can also boost optimism in challenging moments.

    Additional Stones for Virgo Signs to Use:

      • Gorgeous Unakite Jasper helps Virgos gently release emotions. With a blend of pink and green hues, it is associated with love, compassion, kindness, and emotional balance. It is great for meditation to help open the heart chakra.
      • As an earth sign, Virgo can restore its senses by spending more time in nature. Zebra Jasper can help Virgos tune into nature. Bring it on camping trips or outdoor walks. Zebra Jasper makes a beautiful accessory for the house, bringing harmony and better understanding. Place a bowl of tumbled Zebra Jasper stones in a bowl in your kitchen, living room, or entrance hall to greet visitors.

      Libra – Labradorite, Citrine, Black Tourmaline


      Lovely Libra with dimples on his or her cheeks has a natural affinity for beautiful shiny things, which is why Citrine embodies the Libra’s sunny outlook, making it one of the best Libra crystals.

      However, Libras struggle to maintain their optimism when life becomes difficult or they become unbalanced. Like its symbol, the scales, Libra can oscillate from one extreme to the other. Citrine transmutes negative energy, thoughts, and feelings into positive, showing Libra there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

      Place a gorgeous citrine stone on Libra’s desk to promote wealth and optimism. Meditate with Citrine to improve confidence, cleanse spiritual experiences, and bring about feelings of joy and radiance.

      Additional Stones for Libra Signs to Use:

      • Keep tumbled Labradorite stones nearby to protect Libra from negative energy and promote balance.
      • Carry Black Tourmaline everywhere to eliminate unwanted energies in Libra’s aura.

      Scorpio – Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine

      Mystical and mysterious Scorpio is a deep thinker. When it comes to feelings, it would be fair to say Scorpio feels more deeply than other zodiac signs. Like all water signs, Scorpio can be highly attuned to others’ emotions and feelings.

      Aquamarine is a birthstone of Scorpio and it is certainly one of the best Scorpio crystals. The stone’s name refers to sea water, and as such, Aquamarine can cool the fiery temperament of Scorpio.

      Aquamarine reminds Scorpio to release control in times of change, adapting to the natural flow of life. It is also great to carry during travel, especially when it involves water.

      Additional Stones for Scorpio Signs to Use:

      • Buy smaller Amethysts to place under Scorpio’s pillow to promote better sleep. Larger geodes are perfect for office spaces or meditation rooms to help with healing or grounding. Amethyst helps Scorpio deepen their understanding of themselves and others.
      • Scorpio isn’t afraid to look at the darker aspect of life. Citrine will remind them to let go and enjoy the lighter aspect of life, boosting feelings of joy during meditation.

      Sagittarius – Bronzite, Amethyst, Black Onyx

      Sagittarius is often the life of the party. Their jokes and childish antics hide a serious and searching personality. Fiery Sagittarius is a truth seeker. This archer wins many close allies.

      However, not all signs can appreciate this sign’s penchant for candor. This is why it’s important that Sagittarius surrounds itself with positive energy from Sagittarius crystals at all times.

      Black Onyx protects the archer from negative energy and black magic. Keeping it in the pocket shields this sign from negative people. It boosts physical and emotional energy. Place black onyx in charged workplaces to protect against criticism, manipulation, and arguments.

      Additional Stones for Sagittarius Signs to Use:

      • Bronzite repels negative energy and sends it back to the source. Meditate with your Bronzite stone to see the bigger picture. This stone will inspire Archers to spring to action and make positive changes.
      • Amethyst balances the crown chakra, allowing Sagittarius to connect to their intuition and higher consciousness, which gives them insight in the world. Keep this stone in the Archer’s pocket or place it in the bedroom, boardroom or any space for better balance.

      Final Thoughts About Zodiac Birthstones

      While zodiac birthstones have shown throughout history to assist people who share a certain sun sign, any crystal that you feel drawn to can be an energetic match for you, promoting greater well-being and health.  

      Explore our collection of healing gemstones, healing crystals and gorgeous geodes. 

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      * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

      Zodiac Brithstones

      Zodiac Brithstones

      Zodiac Brithstones

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