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7 Daily Habits To Boost Your Spirituality

INSIDE: Many of us want to develop spiritually, yet we struggle to bring it into our everyday lives. With these tips, you'll be on your way to living a spiritual life daily.


It's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when so many things are happening around you. Given how exhausting it is, finding your place while everything keeps moving forward might seem impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to get back on track; one is by cultivating your spiritual side.

Spirituality is a vague concept that allows you to believe in something bigger than yourself or anyone else. Searching for answers to deep questions, such as the meaning of life or your connection with everything in the universe, is typically the goal when nurturing spirituality.

Since that sounds like a long trek ahead, spirituality-focused resource sites such Cosmic Cuts and as Journeys of Life can teach you different techniques that can help.

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How to Bring Spirituality Into Your Everyday Life

One of the best ways to nurture your spirituality is by incorporating it into your daily life.

Here are some habits you can try to cultivate it today...

Carry a Crystal With You Everyday

Crystals and healing stones carry certain frequencies with them and when we are near them, they can raise our vibration. This is a great way to easily bring a little spirituality into your life on a daily basis.

Choose a crystal each day based on either your mood or the mood you want to have. For example, if you're feeling emotionally distraught, carry a Rose Quartz crystal with you for some heart healing energy. If you need an energy boost, Carnelian is perfect for that.

Tumbled stones are perfect little companions to slip into your pocket.

Meditate Every Day

What makes spirituality a fascinating concept is how innate it is. There's no need to discover anything life-changing or go on a fantastical journey to attain spirituality. All you need is a little time and a quiet environment to find it in yourself.

Set aside time for yourself as soon as you wake up. Even a minute will do for those who are new to meditation. During this short period, empty your mind as much as possible. Release thoughts about problems you’re having or how stressful your day will be. Take deep, slow breaths and focus on your breath until the minute ends.

Keep practicing that habit day after day. Add one more minute every few days or each week. Eventually, it’ll get easier and you'll be able to relax your body and mind without exerting too much effort.

Although this can seem mindless, silencing your thoughts for a while allows you to connect with yourself, your real self, you inner self. Sites like say that this connection encourages you to find peace and shed some light on your positive emotions, especially for those who often suppress them due to stress and other exhausting factors. In doing so, you can start your day with positive intentions and a peaceful mind.

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Declutter Your Home

There's something about the act of decluttering that is magical. It is a powerful way to shift the energy in your home as it opens up room for new things to come into your life. 

Many find cleaning to be therapeutic. After all, there’s something satisfying about having a dirty room slowly turning spotless. And it helps you use this opportunity to break a sweat while keeping your hands busy.

Apply basic meditative techniques while cleaning to help you connect with yourself, even while your hands are busy with something else. That way, you’ll be much more refreshed once everything’s cleaned up.

Go For A Stroll

Consider going for a stroll. Ensure you leave early in the morning when there aren’t many people roaming around yet. After all, this is another chance to clear your mind and go within.

Use this time to reflect on your life instead of allowing your thoughts to drown you. Without the usual hustle and bustle around you, you can be more conscious of your emotions and your life, and you'll be surprised by the realizations you can have.

Practice Journaling

What better way to clear your mind than by pouring everything that goes on inside it onto a blank page? A journal is an excellent medium for tracking your thoughts. Set aside around ten minutes of your life every day for journaling.

Since there aren’t any formats you’re supposed to follow, you can write whatever is on your mind, whether it’s about a recent event that happened or what makes you happy. Whether you're writing random things that pop into your head, poems, or prayers to your angels and guides, reading them again much later can give you a new perspective.

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Cleanse Your Chakras

Chakra cleansing is an easy practice that you can do on a daily basis to keep your personal energy strong and positive. By ensuring your chakras are balanced and functioning optimally, you'll feel lighter and your life will flow with more ease.

You could try a chakra meditation or tune into which chakras are out of alignment so that you can focus on those chakras for the day.

Connect With Others 

Connecting with yourself and focusing on your growth is certainly important, but so is paying attention to the people in your life.

People lead different lives with unique experiences. Some may seem well-off on the surface, but once you take your time to get to know them properly, you might find out they’re suffering silently. Instead of letting anger or contempt cloud your intuition, take a deep breath and consider what they might be going through.

If you have time on your hands and want to connect with people on a much larger scale, consider doing some volunteer work. Choose a cause you'd like to invest in and use your spare time helping those in need.

You could also start a fundraiser or form your own volunteer group. On top of helping people, you can even learn new skills that way, and it can be quite an enlightening experience.


There are many reasons for developing our spirituality, but it all boils down to finding a deeper meaning in life. Fortunately, there’s no need to go on a pilgrimage or head out for a retreat to nurture your spirituality. Even doing something as simple as taking a stroll outside can do the trick. As long as you clear your mind and connect with yourself, seemingly everyday tasks can become a great opportunity for spiritual growth.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

7 Daily Habits To Boost Your Spirituality

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