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Reasons to Start Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

If you're drawn to the idea of starting your own healing gemstone collection, it's because your body, mind, and spirit knows how beneficial stone energy can be.

From the beginning of time, people have used healing stones to help them with numerous aspects of life. A lot of that knowledge was lost over time as traditional medicine came more into the scene, but now we are seeing a huge interest in crystals and other natural health remedies.

Whether you hope to start your spiritual journey off on the right foot or want an alternate or complementary method to traditional medical practices, healing crystals can provide the help you are seeking.

Why You Should Start Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

There are many benefits to using healing crystals and stones in your daily life. Below are just a few reasons to start your own healing gemstone collection as well as the ways it can help you create a more well-rounded life.

Mental Benefits of Crystals & Gemstones

With the constant stresses of daily life, it’s easy to feel anxiety and depression creep into your mind. Luckily, certain healing stones can help reduce this stress.

Stones such as Amazonite and Lepidolite soothe our minds and help foster an atmosphere of peace and calm. Lepidolite is sometimes even called the Peace Stone, due to its incredibly calming aura and ability to remove energy blockages.

Other healing crystals, such as Ametrine and Citrine, possess a more cheerful energy. These crystals emit frequencies that can help you have a more positive outlook so that you can move through life with joy and happiness.

Spiritual Benefits of Healing Stones

Perhaps the best reason to start your own healing gemstone collection is the link these gemstones will create between the spiritual world and yourself. Incorporating healing gemstones into your meditation practice, for instance, can align your chakras and help you get in touch with your inner spirit.

Certain stones, such as Pink Opal and Rose Quartz, can open your heart and allow you to give and receive love more easily and frequently.

Additionally, healing stones can foster connections with your zodiac sign, further strengthening the link between yourself and the spiritual world. Our zodiac stone collections are expertly curated to include stones that will best benefit each zodiac sign. Through their use, you can awaken your intuition and better fulfill your destiny with them.

Zodiac Stones

Physical Benefits of Healing Crystals

In addition to the many mental and spiritual benefits, healing gemstones also provide an array of physical benefits. For example, some gemstones possess qualities that can help relieve migraines or balance hormone levels.

The ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst could even protect against drunkenness, perhaps due to its detoxifying qualities. This crystal not only cleanses your chakras and aura, but some believe it can also cleanse your bloodstream and remove toxins from your body. Because of this quality, Amethyst is a popular healing crystal among individuals recovering from addiction or hoping to lose weight.

Certain healing gemstones, such as Labradorite and Leopardskin Jasper, have also been shown to provide relief to individuals who suffer from sleep problems. These gemstones can provide a sense of protection and relaxation that are especially helpful for those suffering from insomnia or nightmares.

External Benefits of Gemstones

Not only are there many internal benefits of certain gemstones for health and well-being, there are also several external benefits to curating your own healing gemstone collection.

Amethysts, for instance, can be used to cleanse your home of negative energies. If your appliances break often, family members are routinely sick, or pets seems overly anxious, this may be a sign that negative energy is stuck in your home. Keeping your own collection of healing gemstones will help disperse the negative energy in your home.

Other gemstones can help improve your work performance, as well. Aquamarine and Sodalite will help relieve stress at work, while Yellow Jasper and Carnelian will give you the confidence to really impress your boss.

Start Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

How to Create Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

There are many different ways to go about creating a healing gemstone collection that will benefit you in your unique life circumstances. Let's look at three of them now...

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Our crystal experts have already hand-selected crystals to help with many different areas of life. At the time of writing this article, we have already put together 40 different Healing Gemstone Collections that you can purchase to help you with certain areas of your life, such as happiness, weight loss, wealth, protection, stress, and many others.

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Let Your Intuition Guide You

Often the best way to choose crystals for your healing stone collection is to let yourself be guided intuitively to the right stones. It's amazing how the intuition just knows which ones you need the most. Trust yourself and use the tips in this article about how to choose crystals to help you.

Learn About Gemstone Meanings

The more you understand about crystals and gemstones, the easier it is to choose the perfect one for each situation that comes up in your life. We won't go into it too much here because we've written a whole article about how to determine gemstone meanings here.

How to Use Healing Stones E-Book

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Start Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

Healing Gemstone Collection

Why Start Your Own Healing Gemstone Collection

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