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How to Raise Your Vibration Instantly: 17 Techniques You’ll Want to Try

INSIDE: When you know how to raise your vibration, you can change your mood and your circumstances for the better. Try these 17 vibration-raising methods and see how they affect you!


If you’ve been going through a low patch that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, raising your vibration is a great way to give yourself a positive mood boost.

There are a countless number of ways to increase your positive energy and reap the mental and physical benefits of heightened vibrations, and we’ve rounded up a few of ideas on how to raise your vibration fast.

What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration?

All things are made up of energy, and they all vibrate at different frequencies. Low-frequency vibrations are associated with dark energy and negative feelings like sadness, anger, and fear.

The term "raise your vibration" refers to being aware of an unfavorable emotional state and taking steps to increase your energy.

When you take the time and effort to raise your vibration, you'll act as a magnet for other people and things with the same positive energy.

Amethyst Geode

Why Raising Your Vibration Is Important

High vibrational frequencies are pure, strong, and positive energy waves that can be sourced from the Earth, a higher power, or your own positive affirmations.

Knowing how to raise your vibration is a key to happiness and well-being. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to enjoy...

Overall Wellness, Enjoyment & Luck

Raising your vibration helps you to visualize and manifest the positive things you want to attain like love, happiness, and successful careers.

Vibration-raising exercises will also assist in improving your mental and physical health by lifting your energy and mood. In turn, that will improve your relationships with your friends and loved ones and your career prospects.

Improved Relationships

When you’re not experiencing the stress and anxiety caused by low vibrations, you have a greater capacity to love and be loved by the people in your life. Your relationships can improve tenfold just by managing your own frequency.

Enhanced Physical Activity

Greater energy brings with it a higher motivation for physical exercise, which is another natural mood booster.

Vibration and energy healing exercises are great to do before a long run or heavy weight lifting session, as the increased energy and stamina they provide help to promote strength and endurance. 

Since anxiety and distress are considerably reduced when you lean how to raise your vibration, your yoga and meditation practices will also benefit from these sessions.

Connection to Your Inner Spirit

Maybe the most important reason for how to raise your vibration is to deepen your relationship with yourself and the connection you feel with your own spirit.

Vibration raising exercises have been known to increase intuition and raise the mind to a higher state of consciousness, allowing you to explore pieces of your psyche you never had access to in the past.

With regular practice, they have been known to increase the occurrence of astral projections, allowing some with high enough vibrational frequencies to experience out-of-body sensations.

Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration Fast

Now that you know how much raising your vibration can transform your life, it's time to dive in and learn how to raise your vibration quickly.

With the following techniques, you have the power to improve your personal frequency in the moment so you can enjoy better outcomes.


Meditation is the best activity to start with if you’re wondering how to raise your vibration.

During meditation, your whole body quiets itself. Your built-up stress and anxiety is soothed and your body is given the chance to feel at ease. This stillness and relaxation is great for shifting vibrations to a higher frequency. When your soul becomes peaceful, it acts as a magnet for positive energy.


All you need to do is visualize what it would be like to achieve one of your dreams, whether it be a promotion at work, buying a house, or opening your own business.

When you allow yourself to feel the energy of the positive experience you’re visualizing, it lifts your mood and instantly raises your vibration. This is one of the simplest energy-raising exercises, and it's the first step in manifestation.


Healing stones can be considered magic minerals and they have a long history of being used in energy exercises. When you wear a high-vibration crystal or keep it nearby, your vibrations are raised so that your frequency matches it.

Do your research and choose the right crystal for you. The best ones for how to raise your vibration are those that increase love and connection, so try Rose Quartz or Rhodonite.

Tumbled Stones


On its own, music is a natural mood booster and energy heightener. Therefore, if you’re going through a rough patch, dancing to some music you love will automatically raise your vibration and help to reduce some of the negative energy you’re experiencing.

There is also music made specifically for when you’re feeling low-vibrational. Sound is frequency, so it's easy to see how much it can impact us.

Try searching for binaural beats on your music app of choice and let your brain enjoy processing the carefully curated frequencies while your vibration increases in the process.


Self-affirmations raise our energy by reminding us about our own admirable traits. Out loud or in your head, start with an "I am" statement and think of all of your own positive qualities.

Listing the things you like about yourself, even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable at first, will lighten your mood and spirit.

Try these 100 Chakra Affirmations too! 


To raise your vibration with food, stick with plant-based meals for best results and drink lots of water to flush out toxins that lower your vibration.

Broccoli and blueberries are two delicious snacks that are both known for having high vibrations.

Be careful not to fall into a diet trap and pay attention to how foods make you feel. If, one day, you feel like having a candy bar, trust your intuition, but think how you can replace it with something better, such as dark chocolate with almonds.

Try to avoid foods treated with chemicals or wrapped in plastic, as they are traditionally low-vibration. Consider eating foods that balance the chakras.

Wear High-Vibrational Crystals


Smudging is the act of burning herbs or sage in order to clear negative and old energy from a space. If your home or office is feeling heavy and dull, try smudging as a way to renew the energy in the room and make the space feel refreshed.

For best practice, open all your windows to give the negative energy a way out. Light your sage at the front door and move through every room in your home. By the time you reach the last room, the energy in the space should feel lighter.


Energy healing practices like acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and Reiki are all ways to give your body additional stores of energy.

When you undergo any of these techniques, you help your body build energy reserves in order to maintain a high vibration in case of traumatic or distressing events. 

Space Clearing & Feng Shui

Clutter has a low vibration, so if you’re living in a chaotic space, minimizing your surroundings can really help your vibration. Get rid of the physical items that serve no purpose other than taking up space. If they’re still in good condition, raise your vibration even higher by donating them to someone in need.

Try some feng shui space clearing techniques or some feng shui space clearing ideas. We have compiled a wealth of knowledge in this department on our Feng Shui page.


Practicing gratitude helps to raise your vibration immediately. When you wake up in the morning, list your blessings instead of focusing on what you feel is missing. This will help to start your day on a humble and positive note.

Here are some tips to help you develop a gratitude attitude.

Chakra Stones

Read or Watch Inspirational Things

If you've been feeling too low-vibrational to try any of these exercises, kickstart your motivation by watching or reading something that you find inspiring.

This can be a book written by an author you admire, a movie set in a place you’d like to visit, or a TV show centered around your dream career.

It can be an incredibly personal experience that takes little effort on your part, and the mood boost you'll enjoy can do wonders for raising your vibration.

Do for Others

Think of how amazing it feels when you do good for others. The emotions of tenderness, humanity, and kindness are all high vibrational.

At your next opportunity— and they appear frequently— perform a random act of kindness for someone else and let yourself feel the positive effects of doing for others.

Express Love

Expressing love raises your vibration via positive actions. This could be spending time together, doing for someone else without expectations of receiving something in return, and generally being sensitive to another’s needs for the sole reason that you care about them.

Supporting someone and making them feel confident and secure are both ways to express love that raise your vibration.


Most of us don’t often stop to take a look at the beauty that surrounds us. When you are feeling low-vibrational, take the time to go for a walk in an outdoor place you love, or explore somewhere new.

If you're feeling rushed and don’t have time for a walk, stand outside in the sun for a few minutes. Even listening to nature sounds through your headphones or while driving in your car are great alternatives for how to raise your vibration. 

Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Positive Words

The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Work hard to be your own biggest supporter and remember to speak kindly to yourself.

Avoid participating in gossip about family members or coworkers, no matter how tempting.

And remember that saying "no" can sometimes be a positive word, no matter how counterintuitive it may seem. Constantly ignoring your own needs in order to say "yes" to others can drain your energy and will in turn drain your vibration.

Look for the Good in Everything

Remaining optimistic, even in dark times, keeps our vibration high. Instead of allowing the negative thoughts and opinions of others to bring you down, try to help others see the good in their surroundings.

Searching for the positive stops negative emotions before they have a chance to rear their ugly heads. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

Release Chakra Blockages

If you’ve been feeling down and depressed lately, you may have a blocked chakra. These blocks lower your vibrational energy and make you feel dull and negative.

Yoga and meditation, especially paired with high-vibration crystals, are great ways to realign your chakras and release blocks that cause negative emotions.

It’s easy to remain in a cycle of negativity because low vibrations are made to make you feel stuck. Remove the blocks and you will likely feel a lift emotionally and physically.

Final Thoughts

Fight against these sad and frustrating emotions by taking action and trying any of the exercises above. Incorporating your favorites into your daily routine is sure to have a positive effect on your life and keep your vibration high.

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How to Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration With These Techniques

Techniques for How to Raise Your Vibration

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