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Best Spiritual Gifts for a Loved One

In recent years, more and more people are recognizing the many benefits of healing stones and crystals. In fact, nearly a quarter of adults in the United States now describe themselves as spiritual, rather than religious. You can support your friends and family members on their spiritual journey with our gift guide, which includes some of the best spiritual gifts for a loved one.

Here's Our Guide to the Best Spiritual Gifts

Healing Gemstone Collection

Healing Gemstone Collection Bag

Regardless of what your loved one is searching for in their spiritual journey, our unique collection of healing gemstones will help them find their path.

We’ve created different healing gemstone collection bags that provide an array of healing benefits. Our most popular one is the Chakra Crystals Healing Bag, which contains 7 crystals, one for each chakra.

Our Empowerment Gemstone Collection contains several tumbled and polished stones to help spur your spirit and encourage you to follow your dreams. This bag includes hematite to absorb negative emotions, sodalite to foster a sense of calm, and citrine to provide motivation, to name a few.

Some of our other collections include: Happiness, Wealth, Love, Restful Sleep, Fertility, Strength, Mental Clarity, Calming, Communication, Health & Wellness, Sobriety, Wisdom & Knowledge, Grieving & Bereavement, Pain Relief, Relationship & Friendship, Weight Loss, Good Luck, Anger Management, Sexual Health, Creativity, Depression, Transformation, Protection, Confidence, Balance/Grounding, Invigorating Energy, Chakra Healing, EMF Protection

We also offer specialized Zodiac Gemstone Collection Bags that contain healing stones hand-selected to better complement the spirit and personality of each zodiac sign.

Amethyst Jewelry for Spiritual Gifts

Amethyst Jewelry & Other Crystal Jewelry

Your loved one can carry their crystals everywhere they go with our Amethyst necklaces and jewelry. This gift is both beautiful and functional.

Amethyst is perhaps one of the most versatile healing crystals, as it’s said to relieve stress and promote a sense of calm while also providing a positive, protective, and loving energy.

When worn in jewelry, amethyst will align with your chakras to remove any energy blockages and allow you to better tap into your own intuition and communicate with the Divine.

We also have an ever-changing inventory of crystal jewelry in all different varieties, so check back regularly on our crystal jewelry page

Sage Energy Cleansing Set

Sage Energy Cleansing Set

Give your loved one the gift of a fresh start with our Sage Energy Cleansing Set. This set comes with an organic sage smudging stick and an abalone shell.

Sage is a versatile healing herb with many beneficial properties. In addition to warding off spirits and negative energies, sage also brings prosperity, health, and protection.

These feelings become amplified when sage is used in smudging, a process that removes negative thoughts and disruptive energies. Pairing this sage smudging stick with a beautiful abalone shell allows you to combine all four of earth’s elements and foster a stronger spiritual connection to the world.

Amethyst Geode Crystals

Amethyst Geode Crystals

For its extensive healing properties and immeasurable beauty, amethyst geode crystals are undoubtedly one of the best spiritual gifts for a loved one.

Our collection of rare geodes include amethysts in many shapes and sizes, which allows you to choose the perfect geode for your loved one. As we’ve stated above, amethyst is one of the most versatile healing stones and it provides multiple healing benefits.

These amethysts provide a sense of calm by neutralizing anxiety, reducing self-defeating thoughts, and releasing negative emotions. They can also provide relief from more physical ailments such as addiction, headaches, and hormone imbalances.

Specialty Crystals

Our specialty pieces are the most unique, one-of-a-kind crystals you can find, and they make incredible spiritual gifts for the people you hold most dear.

These pieces come and go and our inventory ranges from moment to moment, so if you find one you know that special someone will love, don't let it slip through your fingers! (Don't forget we have interest-free several payment plan options available.)

The following photos are not linked to the products because these items might already be sold when you are reading this, but it gives you an idea of what we offer. To view our current inventory, click here.

Here are some of our favorites...

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode

 Agate Tower Lamp

Agate Tower Lamp

Citrine Geode

Super Seven Cluster

Super Seven Cluster

Huge Uruguayan Amethyst Geode

Huge Uruguayan Amethyst Geode best spiritual gift

Pendulums for spiritual people


Pendulums make great spiritual gifts for people who are developing their intuition and who want more direction in their lives. Spiritual pendulums tap into our intuition and guide us to the answers we are seeking. 

We offer a variety of different crystal pendulums so you're sure to find one that your loved one will enjoy.

Learn how to use a pendulum here.

In Summary

Whether they are just dabbling in spirituality or if they have been practicing it for many years, these spiritual gifts will delight any spiritual person in your life. 

Remember, our inventory is forever changing and since all of our items are one-of-a-kind, you never know what we might have! If you have a special request, please pop us a note and we'll be sure to consider it for a future purchase.

Spiritual Gifts

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Best Spiritual Gifts

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