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"Creativity" Healing Gemstone Collection Set

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"Creativity" Healing Gemstone Collection Set

Need some inspiration to reignite your creative spirit? Dreading a work assignment or feeling life getting a little monotonous? These 5 gemstones are some of the best to bring out the inner artist in you. Reignite your passion for life!

For this "Creativity" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, Sodalite, and Citrine. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 


1st Crystal – Orange – Creativity - Improves Sex Life


Known as the “Stone of Motivation,” Carnelian is included in this set because it also enhances determination and courage. It is known to provide good luck and ignite feelings of love and passion. It is truly one of the best stones for enhancing creativity.



Tiger's Eye

2nd Crystal – Yellow – Courage – Personal Power 


Often called the “All-Seeing, All-Knowing Eye,” this gemstone provides confidence and plenty of positive energy. It balances and grounds the user which is often necessary to look at your projects from a new perspective. It provides the courage to bust through creative blocks and relinquish fear.

Tiger's Eye: 

Red Jasper

3rd Crystal – Red – Passion – Strength

Red Jasper helps us to stay on course and follow our goals through to completion.  It assists us in doing tasks we don’t want to do by offering a feeling of stability and relaxation. It promotes passion, both in what inspires us and in sex. Finally, it sends negative energy back to the source.

Red Jasper: 


4th Crystal – Blue – Calming – Love & Healing

Known as the “Harmonizer stone,” Sodalite enhances intuition and logic.  Its energy is extremely calming, even serving to calm scattered and negative thoughts so we can think rationally. It activates our intuition and helps us understand ourselves on a much deeper level.













5th Crystal – Yellow – Abundance – Personal Voice

Natural citrine is the stone to use when you want to improve your motivation and manifest your desires. It brings the energy of the sun into our lives, and promotes vitality, joy, and warmth. Its inspiring energy provides us with fresh beginnings and a love for life itself.


Chakra Crystals

For this "Creativity" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, Sodalite, and Citrine. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 

How to Meditate With Creativity Crystals

Meditate With Chakra Crystals In Hand

These crystals help deepen and strengthen the results of meditation and chakra opening. Each crystal has a different energy, and some crystals work to enhance the energy of the chakras. When you meditate with crystals that share the energy of the chakras (chakra crystals), your meditation practice and your results will be more powerful. You might choose to place the chakra crystals in your palm as you meditate, or you can place them on the body in the area of each chakra while lying down (the clear quartz will be placed above your head). As you meditate, visualize the chakra crystals pouring their energy into your chakras one at a time.

Meditate With Chakra Crystals on Chakras

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