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"Anger Management" Healing Gemstone Collection Bag

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"Anger Management" Healing Gemstone Collection Set

In these trying times, it is easy to blow your top when life gets too stressful. The people around you, the situations you have to deal with, and physical ailments are only a few of the many things that can weigh us down more than we realize. While it is impossible to use the energy you receive in a positive, productive way 100% of the time; it is very necessary to handle your everyday stresses in a level headed way.  Whenever you feel yourself getting too angry, meditate with these crystals in your hand and allow them to work their magic.

For this "Anger Management" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones: Green Quartz, Amazonite, Red Tiger's Eye, Leopardskin Jasper, and Labradorite. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 

Green Quartz


1st Crystal – Love & Empathy – Reduces Anger – Promotes Wholeness

Green Quartz is a phenomenal choice for managing anger. This gemstone helps you feel empathy, compassion, and love for yourself and others. It reduces controlling, selfish, and angry behavior. It inspires positive emotions, promotes wholeness, and transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Green Quartz:


2nd Crystal – Reduces Aggression – Promotes Harmony – Good Luck

Known as the “Stone of Truth,” Amazonite reduces aggression, promotes harmony, and inspires loving communication. It is also know to bring good luck! It calms and soothes the spirit and reduces hostility, fear, and worry. It moves the mind towards emotional balance. It also helps us create healthy boundaries in relationships


Red Tiger's Eye

3rd Crystal – Soothing Energy – Reduces Stress – Boosts Confidence

Known as the “Survival Stone,” Red Tiger’s Eye provides a beautiful balance of soothing and stimulating energy. It helps us accomplish great things without stress. It boosts confidence and ignites motivation, inspiration, and passion.

Red Tiger's Eye:

Leopardskin Jasper

4th Crystal – Stop Self-Defeating Habits – Light-Heartedness – Growth

Leopardskin Jasper is very good at helping us stop self-defeating habits that escalate into RAGE fits. It promotes a light-hearted attitude and attracts people and situations for the benefit of personal growth. This gemstone is even a common tool of Shamans to connect with the animal kingdom and to animalistic energy within all of us.

Leopardskin Jasper:


5th Crystal – Self Actualization – Authenticity – Magnification

The "Stone of Magic," offers protection from negativity, calms the mind, and promotes courteous and congenial work environments. It inspires self-discovery and drastically improves our intuition. It reduces behavior that is impulsive, reckless, or anti-social. It turns the aura into a shield, protecting against negative energy. Onwards and upwards out of this hellish facade!


Chakra Crystals

For this "Anger Management" Healing Gemstone collection, we have hand selected 5 healing stones, Green Quartz, Amazonite, Red Tiger's Eye, Leopardskin Jasper, Labradorite. The set includes one of each of these along with a bag. 

How to Meditate With Anger Management Crystals

Meditate With Chakra Crystals In Hand

These crystals help deepen and strengthen the results of meditation and chakra opening. Each crystal has a different energy, and some crystals work to enhance the energy of the chakras. When you meditate with crystals that share the energy of the chakras (chakra crystals), your meditation practice and your results will be more powerful. You might choose to place the chakra crystals in your palm as you meditate, or you can place them on the body in the area of each chakra while lying down (the clear quartz will be placed above your head). As you meditate, visualize the chakra crystals pouring their energy into your chakras one at a time.

Meditate With Chakra Crystals on Chakras

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