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Black Onyx Healing Properties: Your Ultimate Spiritual Protection Crystal

INSIDE: Black Onyx healing properties have incredible power. Its frequency helps us dive deep into the unexplored parts of our psyche in order to elevate, rise above our limitations, and transform. This grounding stone can truly help us come home to ourselves. Let’s see what makes it a must-have spiritual tool...


Even the strongest individuals need to be protected from malice, negative energy, and toxic people. According to PsychCentral, research shows that it is often our own limiting beliefs about what we deserve that keep us chained in an unhappy relationship.

Self-reflection, shadow work, and healing work are some of the most powerful ways we can shield ourselves from negativity. Crystals like Black Onyx are incredible tools to help us along the way.

Here's what makes Black Onyx healing properties so effective...

Black Onyx Properties & Symbolism

Recognizable for its deep black color and sparse white, yellow, or brown inclusions, Black Onyx is a powerful and commonly used protection stone with a long history. Its name originates from the Greek word "onyx," which translates as a claw. It belongs to a family of Quartz Chalcedony crystals

During history, this dark stone was often incorporated into shields and weapon handles to serve as protection for soldiers going into battles. It is often linked with karma, karmic debts, and the physical realm.

It was and still is used for shadow work, healing trauma, and for assistance with banishing darkness from our lives, so it's no wonder that it was once believed that each Black Onyx stone has a demon trapped inside.

While this legend is far from true, Black Onyx healing properties can draw out our pain, sorrow, and toxicity from our mental and emotional wounds. This makes it a powerful therapy stone, offering great assistance for battling inner demons, bad habits, and cutting cords with energy vampires.

It offers protection from the "Evil Eye," and is a healing tool for increasing focus, self-mastery, discipline, and overcoming mental turmoil. 

In astrology and chakra healing, Black Onyx is the birthstone for Leo, and it is connected to the planet Saturn and the Root Chakra, since it is one of the most grounding, calming gemstones there are.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is one of the most powerful gemstones for the healing of lower vibration energy. Its healing properties help us work with different attributes and layers of our psyche, having a powerful effect on our mental and physical health. 

Shadow Work & Healing

Shadow work is a precursor for growth and expansion, but it is never easy. Black Onyx helps us dive deep into the unexplored corners of our psyche and face shadow aspects ourselves.

Just like a mirror, its energy helps us see ourselves with all of our wounds and blockages so that we can gracefully release them. Its energy eliminates the residual low vibrations that are stuck in our energy field, allowing us to release what doesn’t serve our growth. 

This is a stone that supports self-healing work and makes the process of dealing with the unpleasant easier. It is used to stimulate healthy introspection, bringing to the surface anything that needs to be healed. As such, it helps us recognize the root cause of internal struggles and thought patterns we’ve developed that hinder our growth and keep us stuck. 

Black Onyx healing properties help us face our shadow without fear, transforming heavy energy into mental strength and a source of empowerment.

No matter if it’s our own limiting patterns and beliefs, or toxic habits and addictions, this gemstone helps us find the meaning behind our suffering so that it no longer blocks our blessings.

Anxiety Relief

Black Onyx is a centering stone that helps calm the racing thoughts that cloud our judgment and make us feel unsettled.

In times when anxiety overcomes us, this is a crystal that can help us get grounded and find inner peace in the midst of chaos.

When we feel lost, helpless, and unable to cope with angst and fear, Black Onyx can bring us much-needed relief. It calms the mind and helps us release the compulsion to overthink.

As it settles the mind and grounds our energy, it helps us deal with racing thoughts and release the urge to catastrophize. As a result, we tend to feel more calm, collected, and at home in our own bodies.

Healing Properties of Black Onyx

Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever felt like your emotions are controlling you more than you control them? If so, Black Onyx is the crystal for you.

With its help, we can take back the reins of our lives and learn how to process emotions in a healthy, non-destructive way.

Black Onyx healing properties help us find healthy ways to deal with emotions, rather than trying to suppress them, letting them cloud our judgment, or getting the best of us. Its healing energy helps us see the cause of our suffering and recognize our triggers without feeling powerless.

When emotions start to run high, it helps calm us down, and take a step back to process how we feel. Because of that, this stone is used to help develop emotional intelligence and attain a new level of emotional resilience.

Its energy can also be of great assistance in releasing old, toxic ways of dealing with heavy emotions and adapting to new, constructive ways of handling our feelings.

Discernment & Cognition

When we are at a crossroads or are postponing a big decision, not knowing which road to take, Black Onyx can help us find the answers we seek. By first grounding us, and then helping to clear our minds, it improves perception and discernment, so that we can find the right path to follow.

Black Onyx awakens the realist and the optimist within so that we can recognize our reality, but still see and seize the opportunity for growth. It helps us understand our real or imagined roadblocks to success, while also awakening the determination to find the right solutions.

This makes it a great stone for entrepreneurs, innovative souls, and business-minded people who need a little boost of courage to take a bold step towards success. 

It supports rational thinking and is a great assistance when we are faced with tough decisions or life choices. Its energy can help us see causes and consequences of events with greater clarity so we can create the right strategy to move forward.


Sometimes unhealthy attachments to other people can be much more detrimental for our mental and emotional wellbeing than our own blockages. It helps us see our relationships for what they are, and gives us the courage to leave behind connections that drain us, without guilt or shame.

Black Onyx is a powerful stone for establishing personal boundaries, making it easier to say no and stand up for ourselves.

Black Onyx healing properties are incredible for energetic protection, but this is also a stone that helps us see our relationships from a higher perspective. When our relationships become ridden with conflict, arguments, and tension, its energy can be a source of calm and balance for both parties. It helps settle energy between two parties, so they can find mutual understanding and resolution.

Spiritual Gifts

Inner Strength

Black Onyx awakens the inner strength we think we don’t have or believe we have lost long ago. In trying times, when the mind and the soul are too tired to continue, its frequency helps us gather the strength to get up once again, despite challenges and adversity.

It helps us wake up to our true strength, and gives us the motivation to move forward with dignity and ease. The strength it awakens is both mental and emotional and can help us cope with whatever life throws our way. As such, it is a great self-empowerment tool that can help us build up confidence

When we feel too tired to fight and feel like all hope is lost, a piece of Black Onyx can remind us of how capable we are. It teaches us to trust ourselves and stand tall, even when the world is falling apart. Its energy is comforting, helping us to be at ease when we feel weak and alone.

When all our battles seem in vain and our will is tested, Black Onyx will help first restore our energy and then empower us, so that we can bravely continue on our path, one step at a time.

Physical Healing Properties of Black Onyx 

Being such a calming and grounding stone, Black Onyx healing properties can also be used to improve our overall physical wellbeing. Its frequency helps calm the body so that we can feel healthier and more balanced.

Let’s see how we can use it to improve our health…

Eye Health & Hearing

Black Onyx has a positive impact on our senses, helping us better tune into the environment. It supports healthy eyesight, hearing, and helps minimize sensory damage.

No matter if you are farsighted or nearsighted, Black Onyx can help with unpleasant symptoms, such as blurred vision, increased eye sensitivity, eye pressure, and sight-related headaches and head tension.

Black Onyx helps us receive visual and auditory stimuli without feeling discomfort or pain. It also supports glaucoma and helps preserve the functioning of the optic nerve.

Nervous System

Incredibly soothing, Black Onyx healing properties have a positive impact on the brain and nerves. It stimulates the self-repairing process of brain cells, contributing to faster replacement and repair of cells.

Through calming the mind and protecting our energy, Black Onyx supports the growth of brain fibers, helping us stay mentally alert and focused. It can offer relief for those with epilepsy, helping to balance the electrical activity in the brain. Keeping it nearby in stressful times and when we feel triggered assists the mind in calming itself and works to balance brain activity. 

Black Onyx Properties

Hair & Skin Health

Black Onyx is not only great for the inner work, but it can also help us get that outer glow. Its energy provides nourishment, regenerating skin and hair cells. It promotes hair and nail growth and helps strengthen the hair follicle while promoting collagen production and restoring the natural skin barrier. 

Including a piece of it in a self-care routine can help soothe skin and relieve symptoms related to various skin conditions, such as eczema, rashes, or psoriasis. It is known for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin, helping it become more resilient to free radicals and toxic influences from the environment. 


Childbirth causes a lot of stress on the body and lower stomach, and Black Onyx healing properties can help alleviate pain, aiding delivery. It has a relaxing effect on lower stomach muscles activated during childbirth and is a powerful energetic shield both for the mom and the baby, protecting their health. Its healing vibration helps calm the body as contractions occur, making delivery easier for the mom.

Bone & Muscle Health

This is a crystal that not only aims to strengthen our energetic core but also the body, improving our resilience, endurance, and physical stamina.

It promotes faster recovery from injury and offers great assistance when we are starting with a new exercise or diet regimen. Black Onyx helps us reach new levels of flexibility, tone our body, and fight post-exercise fatigue. Its frequency has both a soothing and strengthening effect, protecting our muscles, joints, and tissues.

A piece of it can speed up muscle and tissue repair after sports injuries, while simultaneously keeping our bones healthy. Black Onyx is also a powerful stone for improving the health of teeth, helping to minimize the negative effects of agents that cause corrosion and cavities.

Chakra Crystals

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Being one of the most powerful spiritual tools offered by nature, Black Onyx supports spiritual growth, encourages reflection, and helps us find insight and guidance on our spiritual journey.

Root Chakra

The energy of Black Onyx corresponds with the Root Chakra. As such, its frequency is beneficial for unblocking or balancing an overactive Root Chakra. Unexplained anxiety and fear for one’s safety are always closely linked with this chakra. Worry, trauma, detachment, overthinking, and depression are often related to bottled-up negativity stored here.

Carrying or meditating with Black Onyx helps release heavy energy and dissolve pent up tension in this energy center. As a result, we feel lighter, more grounded, and able to let go of past traumas. This way, Black Onyx healing properties help create more space for new, better experiences to come our way, as we begin to feel more aligned and in touch with our bodies.

It is a powerful tool for those who have the tendency to reject or neglect their needs, as it helps us practice self-acceptance, especially when it comes to our physical body.

Inner Transformation & Awakening

It is often the darkest of times that spark the most growth, and there are few tools that can help us rise from the ashes as much as Black Onyx. This is a crystal that makes it easier for us to work with our “demons,” fears, and trauma, prompting us to embark on a true healing journey.

When we are in pain, especially when we feel like our very soul is hurting, a piece of this stone can help alleviate the pain so that we can begin our transformation and growth.

Black Onyx helps us face what we were afraid to see and are running away from with a sense of confidence and deeper understanding. It helps us use negative experiences for empowerment by helping us face them and use them for personal transformation.

Its energy is liberating, and it stimulates deep awakenings and sheds light on important issues we have trouble coping with. With its help, we can start seeing blockages as necessary pauses and learn self-mastery in difficult times.

Black Onyx can help us rise above obstacles by awakening us to higher truths and perspectives. It helps us rise above our limitations and start finding meaning and strength where we previously couldn’t.

Manifesting Abundance

Because it is so connected to the earthly realm, Black Onyx is a powerful tool for manifesting our dreams into reality. It has the power to attract abundance, money, and prosperity and is generally a great stone for helping us create the physical reality we desire.

Black Onyx healing properties amplify the power of our intentions to multiply our resources, helping us achieve success, attract a dream job, or manifest a raise. It is regarded as a money magnet, so keeping a piece of it in a wallet is a great way to level up your finance game.

Black Onyx Meaning

Spiritual Protection 

Black Onyx is just as beneficial for providing energetic protection as it is for helping us release our own toxic patterns and energy. Its frequency does not only help raise our vibration, but it also deflects any unwanted energy, preventing unhealthy energetic exchanges. 

This is a stone that helps us release what is not ours to bear, which is especially helpful for those who tend to easily absorb others’ negative energy.

Its energy makes it easier to have a healthy detachment from turbulent energy, protecting us from and helping us recognize manipulation and deceit. It helps sharpen our instincts, heightening our ability to sense or spot anything or anyone that can cause us harm.

Connection With Higher Intelligence

Being a stone for the Root Chakra, Black Onyx can help us root ourselves and stimulate the energy flow starting from the first chakra upwards.

By helping us feel more rooted and centered within ourselves, it helps us connect with the higher realm and become more receptive to receiving guidance. It brings us into a state of calm so that we can hear the messages we receive. This makes it a great stone for helping us awaken to and then ground ideas into physical reality.

Metaphysical Uses for Black Onyx 

Considering how powerful it is in energetic protection, it comes as no surprise that Black Onyx is also used in metaphysical practices for various types of psychic protection.

It serves as an amulet for psychic attacks and is used to protect us from the paranormal. In divination, it is used as a symbol of good fortune and protection from evil. It is used for scrying and was often included in burial ceremonies to protect the soul in the afterworld.

Final Thoughts 

Healing gemstones have so much to offer. All we need to do is tune into their energy and let their magic show. Black Onyx is a powerful crystal for protection and a grounding stone that can help you transform your reality at cellular levels.

Even a single stone can change the flow of energy, so make sure you always have one by your side to keep you safe wherever you go.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Black Onyx Healing Properties

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