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How to Heal With Crystals: Understanding Crystal Healing Power

INSIDE: There are many ways to heal with crystals but most people aren't aware of them. Let's dive into crystal healing power and all the different ways we can tap into it for a positive benefit.


Ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, and China relied on the healing properties of crystals to improve their health and well-being. They were much more in tune with the Earth and what it has to offer us than we are, but fortunately, we are beginning to awaken to a much more spiritual, natural way of life in this modern world.

The frequency of crystals have the ability to promote good energy flow and eliminate negative energy from the body and mind. 

Let's discover some of the most popular crystal healing techniques we have available to us.

What is Crystal Healing Power?

Crystal healing power is a tremendous resource for alleviating a plethora of mental and physical ailments. These days, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies to calm anxiety and relieve stress, so it's no surprise that crystal healing has steadily gained popularity.

Healing crystals won't make us feel better overnight or cure an illness, but they can be important allies in our journey to recovery.

Healing Crystal Sets

How to Heal With Crystals: 13 Ways to Access Their Power 

The easiest and most efficient way to access the healing power of crystals is to allow your intuition to guide you.

There are many proposed healing benefits of crystals, including increased tranquility, positivity, and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief. Crystals are also known to have their own specific energies that align to different areas of our lives depending on their shape, color, and type.

By tapping into our intuition, we can determine which ones will help us in each moment. Once you do that, here are some of the most effective ways to use them.

Program a Crystal With Your Intention

The effectiveness of healing crystals increases with persistence and routine use. The more clearly we can envision our intention while holding a crystal in our hands, the higher the chance of getting those desired results.

The power of the mind is an important ingredient that will aid in the process of healing with crystals. Using intention when programming our healing crystals can lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual abundance. 

Lay Them on Your Body

The healing properties of crystals are activated and energies are rebalanced when they are laid on the body. As the crystals are positioned on parts of the body, their healing properties will restore our chakras and promote wellbeing.

It is possible to attract abundance emotionally, physically, and spiritually through the use of healing crystals by simply laying them onto our body and allowing them to resonate with and raise our vibration.

heal with crystals

Hold Crystals While Meditating

Most of the proposed healing benefits of holding crystals while meditating relate to mental wellbeing, including improved tranquility, positivity, focus, and immunity, as well as natural pain relief.

When we hold a crystal while meditating, we activate the healing benefits of the crystal, which combines with our own energy, helping us to settle our minds and expand our consciousness.

Place One Under Your Pillow

A crystal can help us sleep, calm anxiety, settle our minds, and relieve physical pain. Try placing a crystal under your pillow at night to achieve these benefits throughout the night. 

Selenite or fluorite are great candidates that can help us heal with crystals while we sleep. Amethyst is one of our favorite crystals to place under our pillow because it helps to ward of nightmares.

Go to a Crystal Healer

If we have trouble tapping into the powerful energies of crystals on our own, we can always go to a crystal healer. Such healers know where to place crystals and which ones to use to produce the results we are seeking.

Usually used as an introduction crystal, Clear Quartz is regarded by many as a master crystal that can absorb any energy we put into it. A crystal healer will help channel mental clarity, inner peace, or powerful cleansing by using stones such as Jade, Selenite, or Amethyst.

Wear Crystal Healing Jewelry 

Wearing our favorite crystals for healing is a great suggestion due to their ability to positively interact with the body's energy field.

When it comes to wearing crystal healing jewelry, their calming and neutralizing effect on the aura promotes overall health and wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Wearing crystal jewelry on a regular basis will help us to remain balanced and calm, which produces the perfect energy for healing. Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and Tiger's Eye are only some of the best crystals to wear as jewelry.

Crystal Jewelry

Create a Daily Crystal Routine

While most of us are unable to physically grasp or observe it, energy is everywhere around us. Crystals are also known to have their own specific energies that align to different areas of our life depending on their shape, color, and type.

In modern times, we are all becoming more and more aware of the importance of starting the day in the right frame of mind, and being able to heal with crystals is one way to do that.

We can use crystals during our morning rituals and easily incorporate them throughout the day as well, even during busy schedules. One way to do so is to set our intention for the day after grounding and cleansing our energetic space with crystals.

Place Them Near You While You Work

To keep negative energy at bay, we can simply place stones such as Selenite, Amethyst, or Black Tourmaline in each corner of our office. Another method is to place a crystal by the front door or on our desk.

This helps to keep out negative energies and boost our productivity levels. We can also increase our level of concentration and mental clarity by bringing stones like Kyanite, Blue Quartz, or Lapis Lazuli with us at work. 

Use Them to Cut Cords & Cleanse Your Aura

A bad day or negative energy manifests into the aura that surrounds us. If we understand how to heal with crystals, however, we can easily overcome this setback.

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to treat the body holistically for various ailments, to cleanse our aura, and cut energy cords. We can also use them to purge evil spirits from our surroundings or ease symptoms of depression.

crystal healing power

Bring Them With You When You’re Out & About 

Crystal healing has existed for centuries, but celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr have recently become more vocal about their belief in the practice.

These influential personalities have often recommended placing tumbled stones in our pockets or using a crystal keychain, for instance. It's no secret that crystals make beautiful necklaces and jewelry items, but we can also carry small crystals with us wherever we go. 

Place Them in Your Plants’ Soil

Being able to heal with crystals doesn't have to benefit only humans. For example, we can help our plants thrive by placing them in the soil. Try stones like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Shungite, Citrine, or Smoky Quartz. Your plant will thank you for it.

Use Them for a Chakra Healing Meditation

It is possible to stimulate and balance the seven chakras or energy points of the body with crystals, especially those that match the color of the chakra.

Common and effective uses of chakra balancing include meditating with the corresponding-colored crystal or placing them where the chakras reside along our body as we lay down. To intensify the effectiveness of this process, we can choose to perform this healing ritual in nature. 

Give Them as Gifts to Assist Other’s Healing Journey

There are seemingly no limits to what crystal healing powers can do for us. Plus, positive energy is spread when we are happy, hearing good news, or engaging in a feel-good activity. Gifting a healing crystal to a friend or loved one will increase these benefits and create good karma.

Gifting bracelets, necklaces, or other healing stones and minerals serves as a form of crystal therapy, empowering others to creating and own their best lives. This is especially true for spiritual people who want to heal with crystals.

Spiritual Gifts

Final Thoughts

To heal with crystals, all we need to do is figure out the stones and practices that serve us best. The ability to perform crystal healing is defined by the energy we put into it.

From the depths of the earth, crystals carry the life force of Mother Nature, and each one brings subtle yet potent energies to the wearer. However, their powerful energy is not always visible to us. We must practice and form healthy routines that will help us decipher their vibrational code.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Heal With Crystals

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