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How to Use Healing Gemstones for Better Health

INSIDE: Discover how to use healing gemstones in your life so that you can achieve higher levels of health and happiness. Hear Michael Parrish's story and learn 5 ways to use crystals for optimal health. 

After being diagnosed with an excruciating and rare condition that only six other people in the United States have, Michael Parrish began a quest that led him to a place he never imagined.

In the midst of crippling nerve pain episodes that would intensify until he lost consciousness, Michael tried it all. He visited doctors and specialists across the U.S., and he tried numerous procedures and medications to no avail.

What did work?

Crystals! When all else failed, Michael finally turned to alternative medicine and tried some things he never thought he would even consider before. After just one crystal healing session, he experienced drastic results, and with regular crystal healing sessions, he began to reclaim his life.

The transformation was so drastic for him that he dropped everything, moved to North Carolina, and partnered with Michael Harrison at Cosmic Cuts to help others find the healing relief of crystals.

Michael Parrish
This is one man's story, but it's something that many people experience. When we open ourselves up to the power of healing gemstones, we can change our health and our lives in phenomenal ways.

Michael Was Not Your Typical Crystal Guy

Michael was the epitome of skeptical before trying crystal healing. He thought of it as outlandish and a little "out there." Thankfully, he was open enough to try it, and the results made him a believer.

Maybe you're like Michael - a little unsure about this "woo-woo" stuff. Well, let's help you work through that now. Healthline is a highly reputable website. All of their articles are medically reviewed before they are published, and they posted a recent article that compares crystal healing to the placebo effect.

Now, at first thought, you might say, "well duh, the placebo effect is fake." Well actually that's what makes it so interesting - it's people healing without any catalyst other than the belief that something may heal them. Harvard Women’s Health Watch even claims that "there is growing evidence that the placebo effect is at work in most successful medical therapies."

So if that's possible, how is it impossible that crystals and gemstones could improve someone's health? In this article about stone energy, we explain how healing gemstones work. And in this article about gemstone meaning, we provide more in-depth information about how different crystals offer different benefits.

Since we've explained in detail how healing stones work and the benefits they provide in other articles, we are going to focus on how to use healing gemstones to improve your health in this article.

What Crystal is Best for Me Quiz

How to Use Healing Gemstones for Better Health: Our 5 Favorite Methods

1) Meditate With Healing Gemstones

When Michael Parrish feels his pain intensifying now, he places crystals all over his body and meditates. By simply breathing in their healing energy and breathing out what is causing the pain, he is able to control his condition.

You can also meditate next to a large amethyst geode to benefit your mind, body, and spirit all at once. Amethysts are wonderful tools for holistic health and wellness, and you can learn more about them here: Amethyst For Mind Body Spirit.

healing gemstones and the body's energy system

2) Balance the Body's Energy System With Healing Gemstones

Since the mind, body, and spirit are all connected through the body's energy system, energy imbalances and blockages can cause health issues in ways that you might not expect. Here are some examples of how this tends to happen:
  • We feel emotionally stressed and end up with a headache as a result.
  • We are starving ourselves of the spiritual practices we need, which causes us to feel like we are out of touch with ourselves and irritable.
  • We over-exert ourselves physically and end up with an injury that brings us tremendous pain. Enduring the pain over time leads to depression.

As you can see, everything that we do and feel causes a ripple effect in every part of the self (mind, body, and spirit). Bringing balance to those aspects of the self is essential to ensure that we lead a happy and healthy life, and the way that we do that is through the body's energy system.

We all have seven primary energy centers in the body that are known as chakras. Each chakra provides energy to and promotes the health of certain organs and systems within the body. Health issues show up when one or more of our chakras aren't able to provide us with their radiant energy as a result of a blockage or imbalance.

Because healing gemstones resonate at the same frequencies as the energy centers in the human body, they can be used to shift the body's energy system and bring any imbalances and blockages back into balance. You can learn more about balancing the chakras with crystals here.

chakra healing crystals kit
3) Use Healing Gemstones to Channel Universal Life Energy

Spiritual health is an aspect that cannot be left out when you want to achieve a healthy state. No matter what shape that spirituality takes on for you, starving yourself of it will eventually lead to a health issue.

Crystals can be used to channel universal life energy; therefore they are incredible spiritual tools. Whether you want to improve your intuition, connect with higher beings, or even just bring more peace into your life, healing gemstones can help you.

Here are some of the best crystals for spiritual health (click on the links to learn more about each stone):

4) Use a Crystal Grid to Support Healing

A crystal grid is a placement of crystals in a sacred geometric shape to amplify the stone energy and assist you with the attainment of a specific goal.

Crystal grids can be laid out yourself, or you can use a crystal grid cloth for easy placement. The crystals that you use on your crystal grid will depend on the goal you are trying to attain. For example, you might use rose quartz to improve your love life or carnelian for its energizing effects. Placing a clear quartz crystal in the center helps to amplify the benefits of the other healing gemstones around it.

Learn how to make a crystal grid here!

Healing Gemstones & Intentions

5) Infuse Your Crystal With an Intention

One of the really cool things about crystals and healing gemstones is their ability to hold your intentions for you. When properly cleansed and programmed, a crystal can help us reach our goals by providing us with energy that matches our intentions.

Follow these steps to infuse your crystal with an intention:

  1. Cleanse your crystal under warm water or clear it with any of the methods in this article: Everything You Need to Know About Clearing & Charging Crystals.
  2. Hold your crystal and imagine energy that is the color you think your intention would be surrounding your crystal.
  3. Repeat your intention several times.
  4. Send appreciation to your crystal for holding your intention and helping you attain your goal. 

After you've infused your intention into your crystal, you can enjoy an energy that pushes you to realize your intention. Carrying it with you in your pocket or your purse, or keeping it in a place where you spend a lot of time can help you get the most from that energy.

Try These Gemstones for General Health

Here are some of our favorite healing gemstones for general health and well-being. You'll benefit from simply carrying these stones in your pocket, placing them on your body, or meditating with them.

Amethyst - This is our go-to stone because it is so versatile. You won't ever find Michael Parrish without it! It transmutes everything negative (including emotions, energies, and physical imbalances) into loving, positive energy. It helps promote emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. We love amethyst so much, we've compiled a ton of information about it on our Amazing Amethyst Geode page.

Clear Quartz - This healing stone is known as the "Master Healer" because of its incredible ability to heal and restore the body back to optimal health. It absorbs negative energies, strengthens the aura, and brings the body back into balance. It also enhances the effects of all other crystals.

Amazonite - The amazonite stone brings us courage, truth, and harmony. It is also known for promoting good health in general, and it provides faster recovery from illness or injury.

Hematite - This amazing stone supports physical healing, cleanses the aura, and offers us a deep sense of stability and personal strength. It helps relieve pain, improves circulation, and detoxifies the body.

Garnet - The garnet stone is referred to as the "Stone of Health" because it offers us strength, balance, and vitality. It also transmutes all negative energy in the body into positive, healthy energy.

Make Healing Gemstones a Part of Your Life

Crystal healing is one of the easiest solutions to health and well-being because they do all the work. We just need to keep them around us, and they'll promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit for us. Today, you won’t find Michael Parrish without several crystals in his pocket at all times.

You can check out our tumbled stones to see which one you feel called to keep in your pocket. If you need a little help, check out these articles:

How to Choose a Crystal That Will Rock Your World

How to Determine Gemstone Meanings

There is a reason why crystals and healing gemstones have been used since the beginning of civilization for health and healing. Afterall, they have frequencies that resonate with the energy centers of the human body, and as such can be used to bring the body into balance and optimal health.

Michael's life changed when he started using healing gemstones, and we want to hear how your life has changed as well. Please comment below and tell us your story. It just might help change someone else's life!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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