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6 Different Types of Self Care and How You Can Pamper Yourself

INSIDE: By practicing various types of self care, we learn to be more compassionate and kinder to ourselves. These acts of self love are so frequently overlooked and should find their place in our busy schedule every day. Let’s see what we can do to improve our wellbeing by practicing simple, yet revitalizing self-care rituals.


Too frequently, we take ourselves for granted, forgetting that self-care isn’t selfish, but necessary. According to Everyday Health, research suggests that self-care can not only improve quality of life but also longevity of life.

When you stop and think about it, without taking proper care of our needs, we can’t even deal with everyday tasks, let alone thrive in our full glory.

There are 7 key types of self care, all of which are deserving of our attention. We all need to find time to relax and pamper ourselves, so, let’s talk self-care and what you can do to recharge and blossom...

What is Self-Care & Why it Matters?

Self-care is an act of love towards oneself. It is an act of appreciation and nourishing who we are at the cellular level. It is a frequently underestimated and under-practiced act.

It can be anything that is healthy and feels good. The ultimate goal of any practice of this sort is to make us feel replenished and revived.

We are a living engine or a living battery that needs to be recharged. Practicing different types of self care is a way to do it.

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Why is Self-Care So Important? 

Self-care matters because without it, not only does it affect our performance and perseverance, but it also stunts our growth and progress, as a lack of it leads us to feel too burdened and tired to continue even with the simplest daily tasks.

When we neglect our needs, we end up feeling tired, depleted, anxious, or even ill. We start being hard on ourselves and try to overcompensate, over-perform and overdo everything, which leads to more exhaustion. 

When we practice different types of self care, we become more grounded and more in sync with our inner compass and the Universe. We feel more balanced, our productivity increases, and we feel more energized. Our energy is replenished and we start vibrating higher. 

Ultimately, when we practice self-love, we send the Universe a message that we value what we are given and that by loving ourselves, we are open to receiving more loving energy into our lives. It's also a reminder that we matter, and that there is no role or external factor that is more important than our health and wellbeing.

Not to mention that these rituals and acts, when practiced regularly, drastically improve our quality of life, prevent illness, and improve general health.

Different Types of Self Care

What Are the Types of Self-Care?

Because we are such multi-faceted beings, there are a few types of self-care, all of which are equally important for our wellbeing. They all have one common goal, and that is to help us learn to love and accept ourselves - our emotions, our mind, spirit, and body - as it is, and then to nourish every aspect of our being.

Emotional Self Care 

Emotional self-care is all about being kind to yourself and accepting of your emotions. This is one of the types of self care that includes acts and little rituals that help us feel our feelings when we need to and then process them, instead of judging ourselves.

Emotional hygiene rituals are here to help us get in touch with our emotional self and to learn to understand the value of each emotion. 

These rituals bring balance and help us digest emotions in a healthy, constructive way. They also help us bridge the gap between the rational and the emotional mind, allowing us to flow with how we feel in a way that helps us grow instead of tearing us down. 

Emotional Care Activities to Try:

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Physical Self-Care

Physical self-care starts with the realization that our body is our temple and needs to be treated as such. Because yes, we absolutely deserve it!

Such rituals and activities include being mindful of what you do to your body and for your body.

These types of self care practices are meant to help us learn to appreciate our body, activate it, and give it a break when it needs it the most. It is a blend of tiny choices that, in the long run, are not only beneficial for our health but also directly impact our energy and frequency.

Taking time for these rituals can help us recharge and eliminate toxins from our body, while also helping the body function at an optimal level.

Activities That Nourish the Body:

  • Enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Move your body the way it feels right, be it dancing, running, or a simple stretch or a walk
  • Take a well-deserved spa day or book a massage
  • Cleanse your body from toxins by staying hydrated and washing away negativity in a shower
  • Get proper sleep
  • Say positive affirmations about your body in the mirror
  • Wear something comfortable and cozy 
  • Use crystals for physical healing

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Mental Self-Care

Mental hygiene is one of the types of self care that highlights the power of our mind. The first part of mental self care has to be attaining balance and peace of mind.

Mental hygiene is there to help us find serenity and release accumulated stress and anxiety. Doing what makes our soul sing more often and what inspires and stimulates the creative thought process is one way to do it.

The second part of mental-self care is all about the information we feed our minds and the thoughts we allow to consume us. Wisely choosing content that gives you constructive food for thought and stimulates personal growth is a way to nourish your mind.

Ponder the quality of content you spend time thinking about. Does the information you are exposed to make you feel better and uplift your soul, or does it drain or trigger negative thought processes?

Mental Self-Care Reminders:

  • Unplug, take a digital detox, or minimize your screen time
  • Find inspiring content or read a book
  • Be crafty or get creative
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Try grounding exercises and meditation for gaining clarity of thought
  • Use crystals for mental health

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Spiritual Self-Care

Reconnecting with your higher self is incredibly important, and spiritual self-care practices and rituals are there to help you. They can help you become more receptive to receiving blessings, help you elevate spiritually, and awaken you to your true purpose and potential.

When we cherish our spiritual self, we become open to synchronicities and more in sync with our true life path. The purpose is to help us release burdens, control, fears, and personal limitations, while also restoring faith and hope that things will work out for you.

Spiritual practices are the types of self care that are there to help us stay optimistic and trust in the Universe and the grander scheme of life.

Some Spiritual Self-Care Activities to Try:

Spiritual Self Care

Sensory Self-Care

Sensory self-care stands side by side with spiritual self-care. These rituals are there to help us reconnect with our senses and the material world, without being consumed by it.

They bring us back to nature and feed our soul through touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste. They help us get grounded and learn to appreciate the beauty of things around us.

Sensory self-care also includes sunlight and fresh air and it is closely related to all other types of self-care as it can can dictate and enhance their effects. If we are selective about the sensory input we take in, pleasant stimuli will change our frequency, help us focus, and relax us, as it will make us feel more connected to the earth.

Some Types of Self Care Rituals That Nourish Our Senses:

  • Open the window to let in fresh air in in the morning
  • Sunbathe or enjoy a warm drink under the sky
  • Listen to relaxing music or the sounds of nature
  • Practice mindfulness by observing and feeling things around you
  • Hug someone
  • Try a walking meditation on the grass or sand, barefoot 

Grounding Stones

Social Self-Care

We are who we spend most of our time with, at least energetically. People are energy, and when we surround ourselves with those who are negative, pessimistic, and toxic, our energy is easily drained.

These people affect our self-esteem and our frequency, making it even more difficult to attract positivity and abundance into our lives.

Connecting with people who are good for us, who are supportive and uplifting, directly impacts how we feel about ourselves and life in general. Social self-care is one of the types of self care that is about being discerning about who we let in our lives, and to whom we give our time and energy to. 

When we feel accepted and loved for who we are, with all of our quirks, virtues, and flaws, we shine and grow. Cherishing positive connections and spending quality time with our soul tribe strengthens our social support system and contributes to our wellbeing.

Social Self-Care Activities For Your Wellbeing:

  • Say no and set a boundary to protect your precious energy
  • Spend quality time with loved ones
  • Surprise someone
  • Share your thoughts, fears, and worries with someone who loves you
  • Speak your mind without judging yourself

Final Thoughts 

Self-care matters because we matter. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so taking the time for yourself and catering to your own needs first is not only a form of self-love, but a recipe for a happy, fulfilling life and relationships.

Put yourself first; you deserve it!

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6 Different Types of Self Care and How You Can Pamper Yourself

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