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What is Subtle Energy & How to Sense It

INSIDE: There is a vibration of energy that transcends the limitations of the physical body. Let's explore the answers to, "what is subtle energy?" and "how to sense subtle energy."


Have you ever met someone in a coffee shop and instantly liked them? Or have you ever felt drained and depressed after a brief conversation with someone?

Subtle energy refers to the vibrations, forces, and frequencies that exist beyond our body and ordinary perception.

Developing the ability to sense subtle energy can strengthen our connection to our intuition, the inner compass that guides us toward our soul's fulfillment.

Let's take a look at what subtle energy is and how you can sense it in your daily life.

What is Subtle Energy?

There are billions of bits of information constantly surrounding us. If we could experience all of this information at once, we wouldn’t be able to focus on anything.

For this reason, the brain, together with our bodily senses, pay attention to just a very small portion of it so we can go about our day without hassle. 

However, once we are done with the practical side of life, we should be able to tap into our inner core and feel all those vibrations and frequencies that are filled with valuable information for our spiritual journey.

The problem is that our busy lifestyles keep us focused on our zillions of responsibilities, deadlines, work appointments, and the like. The result? We drift away from the stillness of our inner core, turn off our intuition, and live life on autopilot.

Subtle energy exists beyond our ordinary perception and cannot be easily measured by our limited senses or scientific instruments. It is the underlying life force that animates all living things and connects everything in the universe.

Enhancing our ability to sense subtle energy puts us back in touch with our higher selves and helps us attract people and experiences that bring us closer to a greater sense of fulfillment.

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How to Sense Subtle Energy  

Understanding and sensing subtle energy can open up a whole new realm of experience and insight. The following techniques and practices can help you develop your sensitivity to subtle energy and strengthen your connection to your spiritual self...

Creating Awareness & Relaxation

The first step to start sensing the subtle energy around us is to take a break from our hectic lifestyles and cultivate a state of awareness and relaxation.

Quieting your mind through practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or gentle movement can make you more receptive to subtle frequencies.

Developing Sensory Perception

Our senses can perceive subtle energy if we sharpen them beyond their normal function. You can do this by practicing mindful touch and focusing on the sensation of your hands on the surfaces you touch.

Take the time to notice everything that happens inside you when you touch a tree, a piece of fabric, or a book. Then gradually expand your awareness to feel the subtle energetic qualities of what you are touching.

You can do something similar with your vision. Soften your gaze when you look at someone or something and try to perceive the colors, auras, or energetic fields that surround them.

As you listen to the sounds of water running down the drain, the beat of a drum, or the voice of your loved one, train your ears to perceive beyond the obvious. Listen to the subtleties without forcing anything and see what happens.

Other great ways to develop your senses is through aromatherapy, cooking, and spending time in nature. Our sense of smell triggers our subconscious and intuition, and certain aromas can even affect our energetic state.

how to sense subtle energies

Energy Centers (Chakras)

Subtle energy flows through our chakras. These are the energetic centers in the body that allow our spiritual essence to flow.

Delving into the meaning of each of these centers and stimulating them with healing crystals or practices such as Reiki and yoga can help you feel subtle energy in your body.

Pay attention to the energy shifts and sensations that occur when stimulating each chakra to enhance your ability to sense subtle energy.

Intuition & Gut Feelings

Strengthening the connection with your intuition is one of the most effective ways to sense subtle energy. This is the inner compass of our mind that gives us information that transcends logical reasoning.

You can cultivate your intuition through meditation, journaling, or simply spending quality time with yourself. Trust your gut and pay attention to the subtle energetic cues that guide you in your daily decisions.

Cleansing & Grounding

Sometimes it's difficult to connect with your intuition and sense subtle energy when the negative vibes in your environment keep you drained and confused. 

It's important to regularly clear your aura and ground yourself in your spiritual core by using healing crystals such as Black Tourmaline or Clear Quartz to deflect any negative vibes.

Wearing crystal jewelry or keeping crystals on your desk or nightstand creates a protective force that can allow you to feel subtle energies no matter what. 

Alternatively, smudging with sage, taking salt baths, or visualizing roots grounding you to the earth can help maintain a clear and balanced energetic state.

Final Thoughts

Exploring subtle energy invites us to expand our perception, deepen our spiritual connection, and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie in the spiritual realm. 

We all have the potential to sense subtle energy in our surroundings, even if we live a hectic life in the middle of a big city. 

By sharpening our physical senses and using healing crystals, we can access these powerful vibrations. Once we tap into our intuition in our daily lives, we will be able to see the subtle information that our minds tend to miss. 

Then, we'll be on our way to spiritual fulfillment, emotional well-being, growth, healing, and a stronger connection with our inner selves.

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What is Subtle Energy & How to Sense It

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