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7 of Our Favorite Amethyst Uses to Inspire Your Mind, Body & Soul

INSIDE: There are tons of ways to use Amethyst to improve your life. Here are 7 of our favorite Amethyst uses to get you started, plus links to many more ideas.


The Amethyst stone is undeniably one of the most popular crystals in the world. Amethyst uses date back thousands of years to ancient civilizations, where they were made into jewelry for protection, healing, and higher consciousness. 

Since then, humans have discovered a variety of different uses for Amethyst, whether it be geodes, jewelry, or tumbled stones.

7 Amethyst Uses for Everyday Life

We've written a lot about many different ways you can use Amethyst, but we wanted to cover some of our favorites in this article.

Here are 7 different Amethyst uses for your day-to-day life: 

Take An Amethyst Ritual Bath

A ritual bath is perhaps one of the most sensual and mindful of the Amethyst uses. What better way to immerse yourself in Amethyst energy than by infusing your bath with it? 

Bathing in Amethyst has immense soul soothing benefits, from stress relief to strengthening the intuition.

Here’s how to take an Amethyst ritual bath:

  1. Run your bath like you normally would, adding epsom salts and essential oils, such as lavender.
  2. Set the atmosphere by dimming the lights and playing relaxing music.
  3. Charge your Amethyst with your intention before placing it in the water.
  4. Decide whether you want to journal, read, or meditate during the bath before entering.
  5. As you bathe in the Amethyst energy, take a minute or two to visualize the purple auric field taking over your body, healing you inside and out.
  6. To cleanse your Amethyst after your bath, place it in a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. 

Discover more ways to create an Amethyst Healing Spa here.

Amethyst Geodes

Use It During Meditation

Another one of our favorite Amethyst uses includes holding it or being near it while meditating. This will clear your head of unwanted thoughts and elevate your consciousness.

The Amethyst helps us open both the crown chakra and third eye chakra, making it one of the best tools for psychic attunement. It allows us to tune into our higher selves and access universal wisdom. 

Next time you go to meditate, lie down and place an Amethyst on your third eye chakra (between your eyebrows).

Let your mind wander into a meditative state and be sure to write down any images or colors you see when you’re done. It can be quite revealing!

We've outlined many different ways to meditate with Amethyst here.

Drink An Amethyst Elixir

Elevate your Amethyst uses with an Amethyst Elixir!

You can make an Amethyst Elixir very simply by placing an Amethyst tumbled stone in a glass of water for a few hours, allowing the water to absorb its energy.

While an Amethyst Elixir does not really have a specific flavor, just its presence is enough to heighten your senses.

You can also turn it into an Amethyst Moon Water Elixir to further enhance it.

  • To do this, put your Amethyst tumbled stone in a mason jar with water, cover it with the lid, and place it outside to sit overnight in the moonlight (try it on a full moon!).
  • You can enjoy the Elixir the next day or add a few drops to any drink thereafter for enhanced healing.

Amethyst Uses in Feng Shui

Wear It!

As mentioned earlier, the oldest and most common uses for Amethyst is simply wearing it. You can do this by purchasing Amethyst jewelry, or just by keeping an Amethyst tumbled stone on you at all times.

Not only will Amethyst jewelry absolutely improve your appearance, it will help to protect you from any negative energies you may encounter throughout your day.

You will notice that Amethyst does the following when used consistently:

  • Reduces our stress levels and anxiety
  • Balances out our moods and metabolism
  • Makes us feel physically and mentally stronger 

Improve Energy Flow in a Space With Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geodes improve the energy flow of any space they are in.

Some of the most popular Amethyst Geode uses in a home include:

  • Placing it at your front door for increased protection
  • Placing it on your spiritual altar to aid in your healing

Though an Amethyst can be placed in any area to improve the flow of energy, the most popular area to place it in is the Northeast area, known as the Knowledge and Wisdom area in Feng Shui.

Placing an Amethyst in this area will work to enhance your inner peace, strength, and intuition.

To do this, you simply need to:

  • Locate and declutter the Northeast area of your space (learn how by viewing the Bagua Map here).
  • Place an Amethyst in that area and charge it with the intention to bring you inner strength.

Amethyst Benefits CTA

Cleanse Other Crystals With Amethyst Geodes

One of the best Amethyst Geode uses we can think of is using it to clear your other crystals. Not a lot of people do this, and it may be one of the easiest crystal cleansing methods!

All you have to do is:

  • Place one or more crystals on the crystal points inside the geode.
  • Leave them there overnight.

The amethyst geode has the power to pull negative, stale energies out of the other crystals, bringing them back to their natural frequencies.

Better Sleep

Perhaps one of the more popular Amethyst uses is using it as a tool for a good night’s sleep.

Amethyst helps to quiet the mind, calm the body, reduce nightmares and make our dreams more vivid. Here's a simple bedtime ritual you can do:

  • As you prepare to fall asleep, hold an Amethyst stone in your hands.
  • Charge it with the intention of what you would like it to do for you (such as getting a good night's sleep), and let its energy engulf your mind, body and soul.
  • Express gratitude to the Amethyst before placing it under your pillow where it will work to help you relax, sleep, and ward of nightmares.

Here are some additional Amethyst Ritual ideas.

Amethyst Ritual Baths

Remember to Consistently Clear Your Crystals!

It should go without saying that the more you use your Amethyst, the more you should be cleansing it.

While we’ve uncovered a variety of Amethyst uses, it’s equally as important to know the different ways to cleanse them.

Here's everything you need to know about clearing and charging crystals.

Lots of Other Amethyst Uses 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Amethyst Uses

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