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How to Use Crystals for Energy Healing

INSIDE: Spiritual masters have used crystals for energy healing since the beginning of times because they have a unique vibration and properties that make them great allies to our healing journey. Let's learn about how to use energy healing stones to enjoy a more harmonious life.


Healers and spiritual masters throughout history have used the healing properties of crystals for health and happiness. These powerful stones work with our energy field, helping us increase our positive vibrations and eliminate the negative emotions we are harboring.

If you want to remove an inner blockage and become more attuned to your spirit, you can use crystals for energy healing and enjoy a more natural body rhythm.

Read on and find out about the best energy healing crystals...

Why Use Crystals for Energy Healing?

Crystals have healing properties that can affect our body's vibrancy. Every healing stone has a specific property that can improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here are some of the reasons why crystals make a great choice for energy healing work...

They Keep Us Grounded

Energy healing stones help us find our inner balance during times of stress and uncertainty. Keeping your favorite crystal near your body can absorb negative energy and protect you from harmful vibrations.

When anxiety gets out of control, crystals for energy healing can help us feel grounded and trust our inner resources so we can overcome our obstacles.


They Address Our Spiritual Self

Our physical and mental illnesses and symptoms stem from emotional and spiritual roots. However, most doctors prescribe us medicines that conceal the discomfort and do not go to the source of the problem.

Crystals for energy healing work with the subtle energies of our bodies, addressing the spiritual side of our diseases and symptoms. This allows us to heal deeply and have more lasting results.

They Unblock Our Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body that allow physical, mental, and emotional balance. When they are blocked, we experience pain, fear, insecurity, inability to love, low self-esteem, etc.

Using crystals for energy healing is an excellent way to unblock your chakras and align them in order to restore our well-being.

Discover which of your chakras are blocked here.

What to Expect When You Pay for a Crystal Healing Session

During a crystal healing session, the practitioner places crystals over your body to transform any harmful energies into positive ones and restore balance in your life.

A healing session with crystals lasts around 60 minutes, and the practitioner will use as many as they feel is necessary.

Here's what you can expect during such a healing session...

Crystal Healing

The practitioner places a set of healing crystals on your body or near it to effect healing transformation.

The unique vibration of the selected gemstones works to clear out negative emotions and energy blockages, allowing you to reach your true potential.


During crystals healing sessions, the practitioner might also use hands-on healing (Reiki) or another energy healing modality to promote emotional and physical healing. In the case of Reiki, this transfers Universal Energy into your energy fields.

Chakra Balancing

The use of energy healing stones helps to unblock and align your chakras so that you can achieve a complete balancing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

energy healing crystals

How to Use Energy Healing Stones on Yourself

If a professional crystal healing session isn't your cup of tea, you can use crystals on yourself at home to experience their effects.

Here are some different ways to use crystals for energy healing...

Put Them in Your Pocket 

An excellent way to benefit from the healing properties of crystals is to carry one in your pocket.

By doing so, the crystal will be in close contact with your body, so that your aura can absorb its positive energy for the rest of the day.

Hold Them While You Meditate

Holding a healing crystal while meditating can help you enter a more profound state of relaxation while releasing toxic thoughts from your mind. You can especially enjoy the healing properties of the crystal if you focus on it and dive into its energy.

Place Them on Your Desk

If you have a demanding job, you are likely to experience anxiety throughout the day, leading to long-term health problems.

Place one of the following crystals for energy healing on your desk to clear your environment from negative energies and keep yourself grounded.

Top 5 Crystals to Use for Energy Healing Work 

There are numerous types of healing crystals with specific properties that can be used for different circumstances. However, these five healing stones are the ones most commonly used by healing experts...

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

This is one of the most effective energy healing crystals. You can use it for balance and clarity of mind or to clear your body of toxins.

If you are a sensitive person, Clear Quartz can help you deal with emotionally intense situations without losing your peace of mind. It promotes emotional stability, and it is great for meditation and therapeutic work.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This beautiful healing crystal balances the heart chakra and enhances our self-esteem. It supports emotional healing, inspires compassion, and boosts feelings of calm and peace.

If you have recently gone through a bad breakup or if some unfortunate experience has closed your heart, you can use this healing stone to welcome love back into your life.

Rose Quartz attracts people who are compatible with our preferences and who will protect our heart from harm. 

It can also support our immune system, balance blood pressure, clears the heart chakra, and enhances self-esteem.



Amethyst is useful for relieving stress, balancing sudden mood swings, and releasing feelings of insecurity and fear. It also enhances intuition and psychic gifts.

If your inner compass is broken or you feel disconnected from your spiritual self, this stone can open your crown chakra and help you contact to the divine source of creation.

Concerning your physical well-being, Amethyst aims to improve our endocrine function, reduce headaches, and regulate hormones.



Selenite is one of the most efficient crystals for healing energy as it promotes calm and peace while clearing blocked energy. 

This gemstone helps us enhance our intuition and it supports deep relaxation. It also boosts mental clarity during times of confusion, enabling a positive mindset.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is used for grounding and can help us release emotional baggage. It absorbs negative energy, clears harmful toxins from the body, and relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This grounding stone prompts optimal function of the digestive system and protects against electromagnetic smog. It works to keep negative emotions and harmful tendencies at bay when we are going through rough patches.

Smoky Quartz strengthens the spine, alleviates cramps, and assists in communication issues. It's also particularly supportive of the hips, legs, and abdomen.

Final Thoughts

Using crystals for energy healing is an alternative way to relieve your symptoms of physical, emotional, and mental discomfort by addressing the subtle vibrations of the body and balancing our different energy centers. 

After a crystal energy healing session, your blocked emotions will surface so you can finally heal them and restore the balance of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How to Use Crystals for Energy Healing

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