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How to Use Crystals for Physical Healing

INSIDE: It’s said that we can learn a lot about ourselves through pain. But let’s be honest – we'd much prefer to have healthy bodies that are free from pain. Use these crystals for physical healing promote pain relief and help protect you from future injury and illness.


In our society, we so readily allow pain to enter and rule our lives. That doesn’t mean we run around purposely injuring our bodies, but just take a look at our language.

The common idioms that come from our mouths when dealing with stress, annoyances, or challenges so often include pain:

  • A pain in the neck
  • Pain in the backside, butt, or whatever you term the derrière
  • Growing pains
  • No pain, no gain

These are just a few examples, and it isn’t surprising either. We live in a society that is bent on exploring new forces and technologies, sometimes to the detriment of our physical health.

We invite in new pollutants, toxic chemicals, biological modifications, and electromagnetic frequencies before we fully understand the physical consequences. These developments may lead to amazing applications and discoveries, but they often prove to cause pain and disease. 

We live lifestyles so overloaded with stimulants, responsibilities, and busy-ness. Eventually, we fall prey to stress and anxiety, and as a result, conditions manifest as chronic and psychogenic pain.

Researchers estimate that in the general population up to 40% of people suffer with chronic pain and up to 29% with diagnosed mental health disorders. And these conditions can have complex intersections that befuddle modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. 

That’s why many doctors emphasize the importance of combining medical and alternative treatments, including methods like acupuncture, Reiki, and meditation.

Healing Gemstone Collections

It’s important to understand that you should consult trained medical professionals about physical pain and illnesses. Do your research – many doctors respect and advise holistic treatment approaches with medication, therapies, and natural treatments.

What we want to share here are healing methods that can bring relief, fortify immunity, and guide the physical body towards recovery. With methods that incorporate crystals, you can strengthen your mind and resolve to handle pain and soothe your body as it incorporates medicine and healing techniques.

By sustaining positive energy and thoughts towards healing and offering your body love and attention for its amazing processes, you'll mentally challenge the idea that your body is physically sick and empower it to heal.

Ways to Use Crystals for Physical Healing 

We describe several ways to use crystals for physical healing, but keep in mind these are not cures – they are psycho-behavioral methods to support your body’s natural healing abilities.

Just as you want clean, sterile equipment in an operating room for surgery, you want to always start with cleansed crystals (rinsed in water, bathed in sound waves, smudged with sage, etc.) when you begin any one of these methods.

Meditate With Them

A powerful means for all types of healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual – meditation teaches us to calm sensations in our mind and body.

With the aid of crystals, you can target your meditation on thoughts of healing by visualizing the energy of the crystals circulating inside your body and sweeping away pain, germs, or other illness.

The best crystals for physical healing will also invite positive sensations and energy to replace areas of pain.

Rub a Tumbled Stone on an Area of Pain

Tumbled stones are shaped and smoothed to reduce sharp edges and provide a cool, soothing texture to the crystal. They are great to use on joint pain, headaches, and other surface-level pain.

Holding a tumbled stone against an area of pain and gently rubbing the stone on the skin will activate the crystal energy to penetrate the skin and envelope the area of pain. Massaging the crystal on your body conducts a light heat that can awaken even more healing power.

It’s always a good idea during crystal healing to recite or think healing affirmations to enhance the positive energy.

Physical Healing Crystals

Create a Crystal Grid

Another tool for physical healing involves building a crystal grid. A crystal grid incorporates the energy of sacred geometry and the frequencies emitted by crystal combinations.

To create one, you infuse the grid with intention, anchor and arrange the crystals, and activate the energy of the combinations. The grid will continuously target your intention until you dismantle the grid or deactivate it.

That’s why it's important to build a grid in a room or space where you can spend time in meditation and contemplation with your crystals. It's also important that crystal grids remain unmoved when activated so you don't have to start the ritual again.

Drink a Crystal Elixir

When we suffer from headaches, colds and flus, doctors recommend rest and lots of fluids. It is especially soothing to ingest warm liquids like teas, elixirs, or just water.

A way to amp up the potency of healing fluids is to make a crystal elixir. Make sure to use crystals for physical healing that are water insoluble (otherwise your crystal will dissolve away) and safe to consume. Check our Crystal Care Guide for more info.

Just like making a cup of tea, you steep your crystal or a combination of crystals in hot water. Carefully remove the crystals from the water and enjoy the liquid. To make it even stronger, reflect on a healing affirmation as you make the elixir and consume it.

Study Them

Once you add crystals to your first aid kit for physical healing, you'll begin to realize all of the unique ways these crystals target various ailments. It's important to learn more and more about what crystal energy can do and how different crystals heal based on various properties and resonances. 

Doctors recommend rest when we are sick as a form of passive healing – giving the body and mind a break so that the internal systems can rev up and fight infections, germs, and pain.

Crystals can serve as a passive tool for healing, but just as we might take medication to help our bodies along, we can get our crystals to do much more.

The more you learn about your crystals, their healing properties, and the different ways to extract crystal vibrations, the more your crystals will work even harder on your physical wellbeing. 

10 Best Crystals for Physical Healing

Equipped with new ways to use crystals for physical healing, check out these 10 stones that vibrate at just the right frequency to help your body feel good and encourage good health and healing.


Leopardskin Jasper

Jasper is useful to address digestive and endocrine issues. It brings relief to abdominal pain and indigestion, and it can help heal bladder issues.

Jasper comes in so many colors and forms and can be found in many different places around the world. Each type has incredible abilities to bring healing energy to the body.

Black Jasper, for example, increases mineral intake to the body that can promote good digestion and circulation. Yellow Jasper works on the pancreas, liver, and kidneys for detoxification. Net Jasper is a useful stone for recovery from surgery or long-term illness.


Garnet, in its most popular form is a deep glassy red and works hard to detoxify the body as it promotes smooth circulation throughout the blood.

Targeting the body’s metabolism, Garnet enhances mineral and vitamin absorption from healthy foods. It helps the blood flow steadily while encouraging proper clotting when the body needs it and avoiding over-clotting that can lead to deadly situations. 

Another important aspect of health that crystals for physical healing can address is sexuality, and Garnet is here to help with that. Garnet invigorates sexuality and sexual appetite so that we can practice and gain the physical and mental benefits that sexual intimacy can bring.



Carnelian is an important stone for women’s health because it promotes fertility and aids in menstrual health. In tune with the sacral chakra, Carnelian resonates our body’s life force energy. This can fuel passion for both men and women and increase physical vitality

Carnelian also works on the liver to help filter toxins from the body. It can also relieve the pain and stiffness brought on by arthritis and inflammation.


Undoubtedly, we have to include Amethyst on a list of crystals for physical healing! Amethyst has so many uses that its moniker as the Manifestation Stone fits even when we're talking about manifesting physical wellbeing. 

Amethyst has strong ties to the immune and sympathetic nervous systems. It pulsates energy that can help alleviate headaches and offer relief from migraines. It tries to balance frequencies that affect the hormones, which can have a major impact on how we feel.

Amethyst also targets many of the emotional influences that can damage our physical health, like stress, insomnia, and addiction.



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a crystal called Bloodstone has great energy for physical healing. Its dark green overall color comes from Chalcedony, and it is flecked with bits of Red Jasper.

Bloodstone works like blood flowing through our bodies. It detoxifies and fortifies many of the body’s systems, like the immune, circulatory, and reproductive systems.

Working from the root chakra, it offers grounding balance and physical motivation to persevere through your healing journey

By clearing negative energy from in and around the body, Bloodstone accelerates the healing process by giving the body invigorating vibrations to carry you through health crises.


Selenite certainly ranks among the best crystals for physical healing. It captures the pure light of the moon, which is supremely useful to pinpoint healing intentions and areas of pain, specifically back pain and musculoskeletal issues.

It can amplify the healing power that comes from other crystals, too. 

It is one of few crystals that doesn’t need charging or cleansing and can actually cleanse other crystals. Thus, Selenite can be a first responder crystal when you receive a medical diagnoses.



Hematite is packed with iron, which gives its blood-like, reddish-brown color (before being polished into it's metallic shine). As a crystal for physical healing, it’s incredible for the circulatory system. 

If you haven’t noticed, we have mentioned circulation a lot in physical healing, and that’s because energy needs to be carried to all parts of the body for true holistic healing.

Hematite’s work on the blood helps bring regularity to menstrual flow and blood pressure to calm nerves and anxiety.

Hematite brings us an important reminder through its connection to the root chakra: pain is a part of our existence but doesn’t have to define us or overtake us.

Green Jade 

Green Jade has been a potent healing stone since ancient times, working on the immune, reproductive, digestive, and endocrine systems. It has soothing energy that can reduce joint pain as well.

Through its effect on the kidney and bladder, Green Jade can help detox harmful waste from the body while filtering important nutrients to carry into the blood. 

Green Jade is a wonderful healing stone to use during the pain of childbirth, and as it is also a crystal that calls forth wealth and abundance, helping to usher in a new life when trying to conceive.


Elite Shungite

A fascinating crystal, Shungite has made waves because of the rare fullerene molecules that make up the stone. These are molecular carbon cages in the shape of dodecahedron, and scientists are still exploring the use of fullerene molecules in healthcare. They have found certain biological effects that these molecules can bring.

More specific to Shungite, this crystal fights bacteria and pain, reducing inflammation and addressing allergy symptoms.  

It helps combat the over-absorption of electromagnetic frequencies into the human body and promotes processes in the immune system that nurture natural healing.

Super Seven

We’ve perhaps saved the best for last this time – Super Seven. Technically not just one, this rare stone contains seven crystals for physical healing: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Geothite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Rutile.

Super Seven is a crystal cluster that combines all of the healing abilities of its component parts. It is worth placing this stone in your home where family members spend significant quiet time to resonate healing energy.

While Super Seven attracts healthy positive energy to us, it also helps reduce infections and improve our healing functions.

Final Thoughts

In healing, it is crucial to remember that a holistic approach incorporates modern, Western medicine with natural, ancient healing techniques. A holistic approach also addresses not just physical symptoms, but mental, emotional, and spiritual influences on our wellbeing.

Crystals for physical healing can kickstart a full body transformation towards good health. This will lead to a much deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and its incredible influence on how we feel.

How to Use Crystals for Healing

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Use Crystals for Physical Healing

Physical Healing Crystals

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