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Psychic Attack Symptoms & Protection: Know How to Guard Yourself

INSIDE: A psychic attack is an invasion of our energy and life force. It drains us, blocks the free flow of positivity into our lives, and its effects can even be physically felt. Let’s uncover what makes it so harmful and what you can do to protect yourself from this negative energy…


In this day and age, tiredness and fatigue are common, and many times, they it isn't linked with a clear cause. According to Healthline, causes of fatigue can be found in the lifestyle we chose or can be linked with underlying health or mental conditions.

However, did you know symptoms like fatigue and lack of energy can also be linked with a psychic attack? Let's find out if you might be the victim of one... 

What is a Psychic Attack?

A psychic or spiritual attack is done to energetically block and bind someone in order to prevent them from moving towards their bliss. It is performed by using the power of thought and the power of energy. Such an attack is possible through the energetic exchange and doesn’t require physical proximity, as energy transcends space and can be sent anywhere.

That negative energy lowers our vibration and is usually sent from a very low-vibrational source.

These attacks can come in various forms, they have different intensities and longevity of impact, and they can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Conscious attacks
  2. Subconscious attacks 

psychic attack symptoms

Conscious Attacks

Conscious spiritual attacks involve magic, rituals, or curses and spells that are meant to harm a target. This also involves intentionally wishing, writing, or verbalizing negative things toward someone or sending them "negative wishes."

Conscious attacks are done with an intention and with the purpose of sending negative energy to the victim. The purpose is to cause harm, create an obstacle, or block the flow of positive energy for the victim of the attack.

Subconscious Attacks

Subconscious attacks are maybe even more common than intended attacks. These unconscious attacks occur when we unintentionally send strong energy someone’s way, influencing their energetic state of being.

For instance, unconscious spiritual attacks can be a result of obsessions, or jealousy, and can even be sent to those we care for or are passionately in love with. In this instance, we don’t have a conscious intention of wishing someone harm, but we nevertheless send overpowering negative energy their way.

We simply feel strongly a certain way, and every thought is energy and can act as a spiritual attack. In this case, the attacker can simply be bound up in their own fears and low energy, afraid of losing or being left behind, etc.

Psychic Attack Symptoms

There are many ways this type of attack can impact a victim. That includes not only changes in energy but also physical and mental symptoms that are not related to a specific known cause. If you are suspecting you are under such an attack, here are the most  common symptoms to look for…

Negative Thoughts Coming Out of Nowhere

If you have experienced a sudden flood of dark thoughts, especially if you have been in a positive mood previously, you could be under a spiritual attack. We are all receptive to the energy around us, and when negative vibrations are sent our way, we are likely to pick up on that.

Under an attack, you can quickly go from optimistic to hopeless, from relaxed, to anxious, from content to tearful. When we can't attribute such change in mood or perception to any specific cause, it is possible that we are simply receiving "bad vibes" from someone else - that these are not our thoughts, but someone else’s low vibration sent our way. 

A loss of will and interest in things that usually bring us happiness, feeling gloomy or teary without a specific reason, and feeling like life has lost meaning and that all happiness is suddenly gone - all of these can be sure signs of a psychic attack.

Amethyst Geodes

Fears & Phobias 

Many times, when we are exposed to bad energy, we may start developing specific fears or phobias. Energy messes with our psyche and can penetrate our unconscious, creating disturbances that can resurface as fears.

These attacks can trigger very old fears or they can just make us more fearful in general, even when we’ve generally been stable and have worked on our healing. This can range from mild anxiety to unexplained or odd phobias, or even panic attacks. 

Feeling Completely Drained 

Spiritual attacks have an impact on our energy levels and can temporarily weaken us and our energy field. Just like a parasite, bad energy sent our way feeds off of our positive vibrations and vitality, and as such, they can leave us feeling drained.

This form of fatigue comes without a cause and isn’t related to our activity levels. When we are exposed to negative energy for a prolonged period, we are likely to feel these effects more intensely.

Sudden Headaches

When we are under the effect of an energetic, spiritual attack, not only does our soul feel it, but so does our body. Tension and pressure in the area where the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra are located, are common signs to watch for.

Our body registers changes in frequency, and psychic energy is no different. The pain and pressure can be so overwhelming to the point of impacting our focus, concentration, and memory.

It is not uncommon for attack-caused migraines to come and go unexpectedly, and they are often difficult to treat with medication, as they are not caused by a health issue.


Because psychic attacks have the power to penetrate our subconscious and unconscious minds, we may start having more nightmares. When we are the victim or on the receiving end of bad energy, we can feel like we are living our worst fears every night in our dreams.

Even if we are not consciously aware of the attack, our psyche will recognize that we are under such an attack, warning us as we dream that someone might be sending us the evil eye.

We may feel shaken up in the morning and can have bizarre horror dreams. Some common dreams that we are under energetic pressure are dreams that we are being stalked, attacked, haunted, or that someone is out to get us.

psychic attack protection

Having a Lot of Bad Luck

Being psychically attacked can feel as if we have been cursed in some way. Suddenly, the world may seem to be against us - our projects get delayed or we may start experiencing a chain of unpleasant accidents.

We may feel as if our love and family life or professional life have been cursed, like there is something blocking the flow of positive vibrations and good fortune from coming our way.

If anything like this seems familiar, there is a high likelihood that you are under a psychic attack. A bout of bad luck is a sign that someone has been sending us negative energy and attacking us on the psychic plane.

Both conscious and subconscious spiritual attacks can be overpowering and can derail us. Because they are extremely low vibrational, by sending us negativity and malice, people who attack our energy can affect our vibration, making us almost a magnet to incidents, and unpleasant events.

If we are not properly energetically protected, such energy can create a blockage that prevents positive energy from coming to us. 

Other Signs

  • Persistent anxiety
  • Paranoid thoughts
  • Sick or dying plants and animals
  • Feeling haunted or watched
  • Brain fog and forgetfulness
  • Blocked creativity and progress
  • Thoughts, visions, or intuitive messages from the attacker
  • Sudden unhealthy obsessions and self-destructive habits or behavior
  • Increased emotional reactivity and sensitivity
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts 

Psychic Attack Protection 

Everyone can be a victim of such an attack. However, while some may feel only milder symptoms, others, especially those who are empaths and incredibly sensitive to changes in energy can feel the effects more strongly.

Regardless of the intensity we feel, it is always a good thing to take the necessary precautions to strengthen our energy field and prevent energetic invasions.

Fortunately, there are ways to block such attacks and make our energy field more resilient for the future. If you suspect an attack, here is what you can do to protect yourself…. 

Use Your Intention to Shield Yourself

The best defense against psychic attacks is to raise your vibration. Sometimes, all we need to do is intentionally raise our vibration as a defense via setting the intention.

A powerful way to do this is to actually feel the negative energy or the symptoms of a spiritual attack and then set the intention to transmute that energy as it touches our aura.

As energy transmutes with intention, rather than being affected, we are likely to feel even more empowered and confident. To help you with this, you can focus on mindfully meditating on following the mantra: 

‘’May every energy that tries to harm me be transformed into positivity.’’

Everything is energy, and energy is also at the core of every negative psychic influence. Setting the intention changes our energy, helping us repel anything that threatens to harm us. 

Smudge Sticks

Visualize a White Orb of Protection Around You

Visualization is a powerful method of self-protection. To use visualization as a protection method, find a quiet place, try to get grounded, and calm your mind as much as you can. Focus on your desire to be protected from harm and envision the feeling of feeling safe.

Visualize bright white-yellow light radiating from your body and forming an orb or shield around your body. The shield is light, translucent, and gives you a sense of peace and serenity.

Envision all your symptoms as being outside of that shield. Imagine your symptoms touching the orb and slowly dissolving into dust particles. Then, as you breathe, envision your protection orb pulsating and getting stronger with every breath.

This is a quick visualization practice and can be repeated anytime you feel psychic attack symptoms flooding you. 

Cleanse Yourself & Your Environment

Did you know that incense, palo santo, and sage are incredible first aid for banishing negative energy from your space? Negative energy sent by an attacker can easily stay stuck in our living space and accumulate over time.

The smoke of sage purifies the room, and because it is associated with the fire element, it brings light into darkness, removing residual energy that disturbs your flow.

When under a negative psychic influence, simply light your sage and let it smudge away the bad vibes. Be particularly thorough in the corners of your home, as that is where most of the negative energy accumulates.

Sage "burns" negativity and allows fresh, beneficial energy to come your way. As you cleanse the space, finish the purifying ritual with an open window to invite fresh energy in, allowing you to raise your vibration.

Wear Crystals

Crystals and healing stones are incredibly potent when it comes to healing and protection, especially those that are known for their ability to deflect and counteract negative energy. Gemstones are powerful as they help us become a better energetic match for blessings, and worse of a match for malice sent our way.

Some crystals, such as Black Tourmaline are known for their ability to specifically block psychic attacks and minimize the impact of low vibrations on our energy field.

Black Tourmaline Necklaces use the power of the natural crystal to create a form of energetic shield around us, while also eliminating anxiety, fear, and paranoia caused by an energetic attack. Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones are also incredibly grounding and will help us stay centered and strong, amplifying the power of our natural defense. 

Black Tourmaline not only transmutes the negative energy and shifts it into positive, but it is also a very stabilizing stone and it will help you stay sober when someone starts interfering with the flow of your blessings.

Black Tourmaline Stones CTA

Another way to stay protected is to choose and carry a tumbled stone of your choice wherever you go, in your pocket, or in your purse.

To choose the one that works for you, take a moment to identify the symptoms of psychic invasion you are feeling and then choose a crystal based on intuition. Opt for the one that makes you feel loved, safe, and secure, and reach for it any time you feel the need to protect yourself.

Take a Crystal Cleansing Bath

Water has an incredible cleansing effect, and crystals have the power to heal and raise the vibration. Together, they make a perfect match for purifying both the body and the soul, eliminating negative energy that’s found its way into our aura.

To perform a crystal cleansing bath, choose a crystal (or crystals) that do not interact with water and can be safely immersed in it. Select one with your intuition and prepare your bath as you normally do, but add the crystal(s) to the water. 

As you are bathing, you can meditate holding crystals in your hands to absorb their positive energy and envision all tension, confusion, and internal chaos being drawn out of you. Or, you can simply immerse yourself and let the water and crystals wash away the negativity inflicted on you.

Final Thoughts

We are all exposed to various types of energy thrown our way. When that energy is negative and we are the victim of a spiritual attack, it can easily affect our wellbeing, unless we take the necessary precautions to protect our energy from it.

It is only when we master techniques of energetic-self defense, cleansing, and protection that we become protected and resilient so that no negativity can interrupt our flow.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Psychic Attack Symptoms & Protection Know How to Guard Yourself



Hi! Thanks for the article – it’s like you could read my mind! I was (physically) attacked 8 yrs ago and have had ptsd ever since. I believe I am extra sensitive to others’ thoughts even if they mean well (or think they do). No techniques are helping me. Prayer is not good either especially if done by someone who is using prayer for other motives. I’ve read about and tried therapies (sHamanic or pop psychology) that involve physical movement to replace the negative event and ‘bring you back to your body’. Those worked ok at the time; it helped, but the practitioners were political and that exacerbated the negative effects over time. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say except that I’m not sure what to do. Losing lots of time in my life. I’m just really not sure if at this point all I can do is endure. Thank you for your blog post.


Excuse me, I belong to the subconscious but not intentional want to attack other people, but sometimes I can’t control myself, causing some friends around me to stay away from me, what should I do in this situation?

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