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How To Discover Your Lucky Feng Shui Direction & Find Prosperity

INSIDE: Almost every ancient civilization knew the importance of, and utilized knowledge of the natural world for their benefit. Knowing your favored feng shui direction can aid you in drawing success and positivity into many aspects of your life.


There are a great deal of people who love to use the notion of an unlucky and lucky feng shui direction, probably due to it being direct and simple to understand once you know your Kua, sometimes called Gua, number.

A lucky Feng Shui direction is the the special direction that provides the best energies to benefit you when doing something related to one of the four groupings of different aspects of our lives.

Those four groups are:

  1. Gaining more wealth (Success)
  2. Bettering your physical condition (Health)
  3. Improving relationships (Love)
  4. Personal growth (Wisdom)

Each individual has their own most advantageous feng shui direction that can be used, as well as four ill-fated directions that should be evaded.

Regardless of whether you’ve arranged your home or work space according to Feng Shui principles, knowing your lucky feng shui direction can certainly be of use in helping you attract all you desire in life.

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So let’s get into what these directions are, their benefits, and how to figure out your personal numbers...

What Are Feng Shui Directions? 

Your personal Feng Shui directions are four auspicious directions and four unfavorable directions attributed to each person according to their Kua/Gua number.

Your Kua number can be calculated in a few steps by using your year of birth. This is not to be confused with your House Kua, which is based on your home’s sitting and facing direction. Instead, your personal Life Kua number differs from person to person, even those with the same birth year.

There is an East Group and a West Group, each containing four Kua numbers. The numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 belong to the East Group, and 2, 6, 7 and 8 belong to the West Group. Depending on your number, you’d follow the directions in this group to find success in the categories of Success, Love, Health and Wisdom

Based on your Kua number, there are also four unlucky Feng Shui directions you should avoid. They are:

  1. Bad Luck, referring to accidents
  2. Five Ghosts, which has to do with robbery, quarrels and fire
  3. 6 Killing, linked to illness and death
  4. Total Loss, which is based on bankruptcy and money losses

Many feng shui practitioners swear by these directions and even if none of the advantageous directions can be followed for whatever reason, sleeping in an unlucky direction should be avoided at all costs.

How to Find Your Lucky Feng Shui Direction 

To discover which Feng Shui direction is most lucky for you, you first need to know your Kua number. This special number is found by calculating your birth year and gender. Using these two pieces of information, you can find your most advantageous directions to increase your luck in Love, Career, Health and Prosperity.

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What is My Kua/Gua Number?

Finding your Kua Number is simple but can seem a bit complicated at first. There are two methods, with one using all four numbers of your birth year, and another method using the last two. We’re going to use the simpler, second method that uses the last two digits.

Here's an online calculator for determining your Kua number should you not want to revisit math class. But, for those of you who like to do things the original way with good old pen and paper, here you go...

Chinese New Year

Since this entire system is based on the Chinese calendar, which has an alternate New Year’s Day than Western calendars, calculating your number can get a bit tricky if you don’t keep that mind.

The Chinese New Year starts around February 4th (search “Chinese New Year dates for 19xx or 20xx” to find the exact day for your birth year), so if your birthday was before the Chinese New Year, you were actually born in the year before your Western birth year.

For example, if you were born January 12, 1983, you would use 1982 for your calculations. (If your birthday falls on February 3rd, 4th, or 5th, you’d definitely have to do a quick Google search for the exact date of Chinese New Year for that year).  

Step 1: Add the Last 2 Digits of Your Birth Year

The first step is to add the last 2 digits of your birth year to get what we’ll call your ‘starting’ number, which should be a single digit. If your starting number is two digits, add them together again until you get a single digit.

For example, someone born in 1990 (9 + 0), would have a starting number of 9. And someone born in 1983 (8 + 3) would have a starting number of 2 (8 + 3 = 11, and then 1 + 1 = 2).

Step 2 for Women

Women Born Before the Year 2000 - Now moving on to the next step, for women born before the year 2000, add 5 to your starting number to find your Kua number. Similar to Step 1, if the resulting number is double digits, simply add them together and then, you have your Kua number.

Women Born After the Year 2000 - For women born after the year 2000, add 6 to the starting number. Again, if it is double digits, add them together and you'll have your Kua number.

Step 2 for Men

Men Born Before the Year 2000 - For men born before the year 2000, subtract the starting number from 10.

Men Born After the Year 2000 - For men born after the year 2000, then subtract the starting number from 9. 

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For Numbers 0 and 5

If your starting number is 0, then your Kua number is 9.

For those who came up with 5 as their Kua number, you have one more step...

Men will swap 5 for 2, and women will change to 8, due to 5 being a non-existent number in this method.

What Do My Numbers Mean & Which Directions Are Lucky?

Now that we’ve gotten the hard work out of the way, it’s time to see what this all means. Here's a chart with each Kua number and your lucky (and unlucky) directions as they relate to the categories...

Kua Chart

How Do I Use My Lucky Directions?

Now that you know your Kua number and lucky directions, it’s time to put them to good use. Utilizing these directions in the correct way is just as important as knowing them.

A few natural questions may be...

  • "Should I face towards my lucky directions or have my back to them?"
  • "Do I sleep with my feet or head towards my direction?"

To give a few examples, it is always beneficial to sleep with your head pointing towards one of your good directions, depending on what you’re trying to manifest in your life at the moment.

Do you have a big decision to make surrounding your work or finances? Then, sleep in your Money & Success direction for extra clarity on the decision.

Or maybe your current focus is on changing your eating habits and improving your physical condition. Then, you can exercise in your Health direction.

And this aspect may be difficult to change, but it is believed that personal Feng Shui is most potent when your bedroom entrance is facing towards one of your lucky feng shui directions or is located in an auspicious direction.

As a general overall rule, you should attempt to sleep, work, eat, and enter your house in either one of your auspicious directions so you can be energized by the good energy.

Final Thoughts 

Each personal Feng Shui direction can be used separately or in conjunction with general Feng Shui principles that many already be in use in the rooms of a home or office. But it isn’t necessary to use both of them to gain the benefits that they offer. 

Seeing as how the most important component of this practice is the Kua number, we’d suggest using an online Kua calculator to double-check your number if you figured it out by hand. The benefits and unlucky aspects of any Feng Shui direction is far too important to be mistaken.

If we ever hope to recapture the brilliance of the best civilizations of the past, or maintain what is current, ancient practices such as these that move us back into living more in accordance with nature must be relearned and put into use. Enjoy!

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how to discover your lucky feng shui direction & find prosperity

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