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6 Feng Shui Tips to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

INSIDE: Feng Shui is a 3,500 year old practice dedicated to the balance of energy that can increase positivity in and around our homes and workspaces. Try these feng shui tips to get started today!


Cleaning, decorating and sometimes even completely remodeling our homes are common ways that we change our living spaces with the intention of making ourselves feel better. However, the process of making those alterations can often cause more stress than the end result relieves.

But what if there was some sort of blueprint to follow when redecorating that increased our chances of emotional and aesthetic success? 

Feng shui tips are the answer. With this ancient practice, you can bring more positive energy into your space.

6 Feng Shui Tips for Positive Energy

We all have instincts that tell us what we like, as far as materials, colors, scents and sounds go, but we often don’t know “why” we like those things. What feng shui does is organize those seemingly random instincts into a repeatable system that can be tweaked and adjusted to fit anyone.

No matter your personality type, we all have at least one identical goal on all our lists: happiness. And being happy begins and ends with positive energy.

Implement some of these feng shui tips and put yourself in a prime position to be the best, most positive version of yourself.

Positive Energy Stones

Start With the 5 Elements

A basic understanding of the 5 elements is important when it comes to arranging your home according to feng shui principles.

We wont take a dive deep into each of them in this article, but we can give you a quick understanding of each one so that you can better balance the elements and maximize the positive energy in your home.


This element is related to prosperity, movement, and purification. To represent water in your home, use soothing shades of blue, along with curved, flowing shapes. Try to avoid stormy or violent water imagery.


Fire, and its red-orange colors, are tied to action and passion. It's useful in displaying confidence and symbolizes shining our light in the world. You can also use lighting and candles to bring in fire energy. 

Balance is essential when designing with the fire element because it exudes a strong creative energy, but can easily cause burn out. Overuse of this element can overwhelm people in the home, so be cautious of where and how much it is used.


Earth represents security and stability in all aspects of life. Earth tones (browns and creams) give off a safe and grounded feeling. Earth energy works really well to help balance the fire element.

For those not fond of neutral colors, crystals are another great way to add the Earth element into your home.


Clarity and focus are this element's characteristics, and it assists with health and the emotion of love.

The rise in popularity of the metallic sub-zero style fridge is a common use of this element in the kitchen. Brass-trimmed mirrors or gold figurines are simple ways to incorporate this element in a living room or bedroom.


While similar to the earth element, wood holds its own benefits, focusing on the growth of nature, creation, and new life. Any room can benefit from a piece of wooden furniture or a well-placed plant, but keep in mind fake plants are discouraged in feng shui, as they draw in stale energy.

Natural wood floors are an excellent way to incorporate this element in a subtle yet powerful way.

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

Design Rooms According to Use

When designing according to feng shui, determining how the room will be used is an important factor. Some rooms are meant to be places of activity, conversation, and interactions, while others are meant to be places of calm and rejuvenation.

Understanding the purpose of a room can help make your design decisions simple and straightforward.

Here are a few feng shui tips for how to arrange certain rooms...

Living Room

This room (along with the kitchen) is usually a common area for family and friends alike, so the energy here should flow comfortably and be inviting. To stimulate connections and maintain conversation, try placing the seats in such a way that they face each other.

Usually, the largest TV in the house is in this room, and natural instinct tells us to place all seats facing towards the screen, but this can greatly decrease eye-contact and the spontaneous nature of conversation between friends and loved ones. Try a semi-circle design with sofas and love seats.


Due to the fact that bathrooms have lots of drains, they can have a constant sinking or emptying of energy. When the intent is to use this characteristic to wash away stress or release frustration, bathrooms can be just as good of a place to recharge as your bedroom.

But leaving this energy unchecked can have the opposite effect, so try to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down as much as possible. In feng shui, water symbolizes the flow of money and wealth, so you’ll want to protect this symbolism. 


Your bedroom is a direct representation of you, so this is one of the most important places to let the art of feng shui do its work.

First, make sure your door is easily visible from your bed, but never directly in front of it. Another helpful tip is to not use the space under your bed for storage.

At least a third of everyday of our lives is spent in bed, so anything around or under it can and will affect our energy. If this space must be used for storage, be sure to have only light things, like sheets, pillows or blankets underneath.

Storing old clothes and shoes under the bed is a sure fire way to introduce unwanted negative energy from all the dirty streets those shoes have walked on.


The stove is the focal point of this room, and should be treated as such. Keep it clean and in working order at all times. Food carries a lot of energy and the place where the food is cooked can aid in the creation or destruction of good energy.

The refrigerator is just as important as the stove because it symbolizes how you nurture yourself and your family. Increase this nourishing energy by placing a Clear Quartz crystal inside with the aim of amplifying the nourishment that your food provides. This will keep your fridge full of light and positive qi.

NOTE: Be sure to first clear the energy of the crystal by way of a full moon ritual or by smudging with sage before setting your intention.

Spiritual Gifts

Color Balance is Key 

In regards to color in feng shui, there are some that say there isnt anything in the classical texts that reference this. On the other hand, there are those that say feng shui colors are just as important as the elements themselves, and therefore didnt need to be emphasized in the texts.

We believe color has a big role to play, so here are a few feng shui tips to balance and combine colors...

Red & Yellow

This bright combination can be too strong for most, and should only be used to boost the yang energy in an environment. It is suggested to use this combination for small paintings that are out of the way and not in any direct line of sight. 

Black & White

These two colors represent the ultimate balance of yin and yang, with black connected to the element of metal, and white symbolizing water. This balance works best in bedrooms or any room that youd want to be neutral.

Keep in mind that too much black can be overwhelming, so the addition of grey is a great way avoid overuse.

Purple & Silver

This is an interesting mixture of colors that looks like a conflict of fire and metal. The purple fire combined with silver metal represents the most valuable of precious metals. This unique combination should be used sparingly, and never covering an entire, large room. 

Clearing Clutter

Old Memories vs. New Energy 

Are there any pieces of furniture in your home that you inherited from parents or grandparents, but dont necessarily like? Do you have pictures or sentimental items that remind you of parts of your life that youd rather move on from?

When looking at these things, your subconscious remembers all negative feelings associated with them. If their overall energy brings more negativity than positive memories, be honest with yourself and remove them from your space.

If you want your home to feel fresh, getting rid of old items is one of the quickest and easiest feng shui tips to start with. 

Follow Your Nose 

All of the elements can be combined with certain scents to create some powerful combinations of energies. Feng shui is based on the principles of nature, so it goes without saying that the aromas you choose should be natural or derived from essential oils, as opposed to synthetic fragrant oils.

  • Lavender is an excellent scent to promote calmness and relaxation, while vanilla brings back happy childhood memories and creativity.
  • Peppermint is associated with vigor and freshness, and is useful in improving performance when completing tedious tasks.
  • Jasmine is a very popular traditional Chinese scent that increases feelings of confidence and optimism. 
  • The balance of fresh and floral scents can attract good energy and love into your home and family.

Dont Overdo It

Last but not least in our list of feng shui tips is to remember that, as with anything, too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.

No matter how correct or traditional the feng shui principles are that youve chosen to use, a crowded and cluttered room will never achieve the correct energy balance. Spacious and uncrowded rooms allow the principles to do their work, without working against one another.

Final Thoughts

There's no magic color or scent that will instantly make us happy when we’re upset. Feng shui tips don’t work like that. But what they do is help put us in a position to navigate through what life throws at us with the most encouraging outlook possible.

Whether you focus on scents, materials, colors, or placement of furniture, there are unlimited ways to incorporate the art of feng shui in your life. Be true to yourself and find your own idea of balance.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

6 Feng Shui Tips

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