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How Hypnosis Therapy Can Help Break Old Habits

INSIDE: Have you ever wondered if Hypnosis Therapy is for you? In this article, Christina Dam from Liberate Yourself provides a brief outline of how it can help you overcome bad habits and how it works. 


All humans are creatures of habit. From an early age, we start to learn behaviors that serve certain needs and we then repeat those behaviors when those needs come up. That is how habits develop.

But sometimes the habits we develop are bad. Can we break them?

Yes. With hypnosis therapy, it is possible to break bad habits. This is important because some bad habits are bad for our well being, health, self image, career, etc.

Why Hypnosis Therapy Works

The subconscious embraces the known and rejects and fears the unknown, so it is common for people to stick with bad habits. We also know the bad habits serve certain needs so we do not want to give them up, such as smoking, drinking, caffeine, and sugar.

Hypnosis therapy is a good, natural, and safe way to affect the subconscious, which is where our bad habits develop and endure if we do not treat them.

With the assistance of certain hypnosis techniques and tools, you can attain more awareness of and control your bad habits. You can develop new patterns of behavior that will replace your bad habits with positive, good habits.

However, breaking a bad habit with hypnosis is only possible if you want to make the changes. You also need to believe you can make those changes. Further, you should be open to using necessary tools and techniques consistently. 

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What Should You Expect?

The first stage in hypnosis treatment is for the therapist to gain a better understanding of your problems and habits. They also need to determine if you have the right acceptance and motivation to be successful with hypnosis.

Next, the therapist will start the hypnosis with you, which is a state of intense, deep relaxation and inner focus when the subconscious mind is accessible and intensely suggestible to commands, visualizations, and associations.

At this point, the therapist will use techniques of hypnotherapy to support and instill positive attitudes, beliefs, and feelings to correct the bad habit.

Some of the methods that therapists may use to correct bad habits and instill new ones are:

  • Cognitive inquiry
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Post-hypnotic suggestion
  • Resource state discovery
  • Guided imagery
  • Inner child work
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive memory revival
  • Positive suggestions for self-empowerment

Final Thoughts

If you have the right attitude and do want to change and improve your habits, it is possible for hypnosis therapy to be a tool that can put you in the right direction.

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