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5 Best Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Crystals

INSIDE: Need some new ideas for decorating your home with crystals? There are plenty to go around as crystals very "in" these days. Here's some inspiration for you!


Decorating your home with crystals can be inspiring, fun, and somewhat challenging. Inspiring because of the great beauty of natural crystals. Fun to decide where to place items made of these dazzling, glamorous forms. Somewhat challenging to balance the bright, dynamic beauty of crystals with the other items in a room. 

Natural crystals have many facets that absorb and reflect light in multiple directions at the same time. In a dimly lit room at night, they twinkle and glow with a mystical, magical quality. Yet in bright daylight, these same stone formations can reflect overpowering streams of glittering sunlight. 

When you place the ideal amount of crystal accessories in an interior space, the entire area will be revitalized. It will come alive with lovely reflective energy and beauty. 

Tumbled Stones

Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Crystals

Let's look at some fun and creative ideas and tips for how to decorate your home with sparkling crystals...

Ornate Crystal Chandelier

By including an ornate crystal chandelier in your room decor, you can set a traditional yet glamorous tone for the overall atmosphere. Even if you add casual-chic or minimalist style furnishings, the elaborate chandelier with its myriad glittering crystal components rule. This luxurious ceiling lighting design will stand out as the most influential item of decor in the room.

Crystal furnishings and accessories like a chandelier can enliven and enhance virtually any style of interior design. Whether you prefer to enjoy them relaxing in a sleeper chair in a living room, a tranquil bedroom, or even a small one in a bathroom or stairway.

Some home designers like to create a rustic style of decor for a room and then add a shimmering crystal chandelier. You would think it would produce a confusing and mismatched visual effect, yet it can actually be quite charming. 

Crystal Bead Strands and Figurines

Any room can be made more attractive by adding strands of hanging crystal beads near a flickering fireplace. These glittery bead strands can also be very effective when used as a decorative border for window curtains. The individual crystals catch the colors of the curtains and reflect them around the room.

Try walking into a darkened room at night that is accented by crystal strands and figurines. Even though there's no visible lighting in the room, the crystals will still glimmer and glow. Each strand or cluster of crystals catches and reflects light from another. Figurines often produce the strongest reflections of light due to their individual crystal designs and clusters. 

They can even make small spaces with small furniture appear larger. Their ability to bend light and airy nature generally expand any space they are in.

Decorate With Crystals

Crystal Formations as Tabletop Decorations

Natural crystal formations used as tabletop decorations can be quite stunning. They capture the viewer’s eye and attention while adding vibrant elegance to the entire room.

Even a simple repurposed wooden table or a rustic distressed white credenza gain a fashionable look when decorated with these lovely crystal forms. Small geodes are perfect for this sort of thing.

Many interior designers and dinner party hostesses find that an entire dining table can be lit up by the addition of a few natural crystal adornments.

Glass goblets and flower vases with natural crystal embellishments around their basses add a definite luster and glow. Serving trays bordered in crystals and natural crystal candle holders sparkle pleasingly. 

Sparkling Quartz Crystal Fragments

Glistening quartz crystal fragments are often displayed in stylish clear glass bowls and vases. Table lamps are sometimes designed with these appealing, rough-surfaced crystal fragments inside their clear glass bases.

These rugged yet delicate looking fragments bring attractive natural elements indoors to decorate and intrigue.

Although some of these fragments tend to be clear, others are cloudy and opaque or translucent. When mixed together, they form a creative mixture of rough edges, countless facets and mysterious or transparent allure. These fragments are also in popular use in the basins of indoor fountains as extra accents of natural beauty. 

A simple bowl of tumbled stones is also a fun decorative choice that allows you to bring healing properties into your space.

Geodes of All Sizes

Sparkling Crystal Pendants

Stunning crystal pendants or pendulums that sparkle in the slightest bit of light are often part of vintage chandeliers, which are a great way to make any room appear larger.

They are also popular as separate ornaments to hang from ceiling fan fixtures and on the cords of window shades and blinds. Classic traditional style lamp shades also often display these lovely crystal pendants. 

Although the main purpose of these pendants appears to be adding sparkling beauty to the room, they do much more.

They were first designed for use in structuring ceiling lights and suspended chandeliers to brighten the volume of light produced. Even a rather dim chandelier could shine brightly when surrounded by a multitude of these sparkling crystal-prism pendants. 

Final Thoughts

You can choose to decorate your home with crystals in a traditional way or with innovative creative style. Using these luminous reflective accents will certainly attract and capture the attention of anyone who enters your home.

Adults and children alike are fascinated by the endless glistening reflections and brightening effects of these natural formations. 

Any era or mode of interior decor can be emphasized and embellished by the addition of crystal accents. Regardless of whether you add a crystal chandelier or crystal strands, figurines, natural formations, fragments, or pendants, they all predominate.

At the same time, they can lend subtle nuances of hues and textures to room furnishings as they reflect light.  

New crystals are constantly being formed by the earth's natural resources. It is fortunate that these formations will be here to brighten and enliven living spaces for many future years. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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