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Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Your Everyday Life

Crystals and gemstones can be a beautiful and functional addition to your life. Whether placed on a windowsill or popped in your pocket, keeping a gemstone with you can have significant benefits on your general health and well-being. While crystals do make dazzling decorations, there are also many other ways to use healing crystals in your everyday life.

4 Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Your Daily Life

Let's look at four of our favorite ways to use healing crystals on a daily basis so that you can bask in their benefits every day...

Incorporate Them Into Your Meditation Practice

Perhaps the most common way to use healing crystals in your everyday life is incorporating them into your meditation practice. Almost any healing stone can be used during meditation to promote a more fulfilling practice.

The healing stones you choose to incorporate into your meditation practice will be greatly influenced by your desired outcome and goal for the meditation. For instance, if you desire to find anxiety relief, you may choose to meditate alongside a Lepidolite or Amazonite stone, while White Howlite can help those seeking a connection to a higher realm.

Regardless of the intent and chosen healing stones, meditating with Amethyst can help clear your headspace and prepare you for your moment of quiet introspection.

Crystal Jewelry

Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry

There’s no better way to bring your favorite gemstones and crystals with you throughout the day than by wearing them as jewelry. Wearing your favorite healing gemstone as a necklace or ring is a surefire way to always keep your crystals close to your heart.

Unlike some other pieces of jewelry, natural crystal jewelry serves both a functional and ornamental purpose. Natural crystal jewelry helps connect you to the spiritual realm as you move throughout your day, giving you a deeper connection to yourself and the divine world.

Healing Crystals Serve as Feng Shui Cures

While crystals can serve as lovely decorations throughout your home, placing them in a feng shui fashion can bring intention and purpose into your décor.

Every crystal emits a unique frequency, and placing them in your home according to feng shui meaning can help emphasize their individual energies.

Crystals can help balance opposing energies in your home, referred to as Yin and Yang, and should be placed according to the feng shui bagua map. This map separates the home into areas based on energy, rather than function. Placing accompanying crystals in each of these areas can help enhance these energies.

Infuse Healing Crystals Into Your Self-Care Routine

Healing crystals and gemstones can have an extremely calming effect and can be incorporated into your personal self-care routine to great success.

If you find comfort in a quiet room and a warm bath, you can use your crystals to infuse your bathwater. Placing a water-safe stone into the bath infuses the water with its vibration and energy, enveloping you in its calming aura.

Crystals can also be used in religious or spiritual rituals to further enhance your connection to the divine world and bring you a greater sense of peace.

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In Conclusion

There you have it! These four ways to use healing crystals in your daily life are extremely effective and they can transform your life if you engage in them on a regular basis. 

No matter how you choose to use your healing crystals, Cosmic Cuts is here to help. With a wide collection of healing stones, amethyst cathedrals, and large geodes for sale, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to help you along your spiritual journey.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Ways to Use Healing Crystals

How to Use Healing Crystals

Healing Crystal Uses

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