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What is Voodoo? Is it Bad and How is it Practiced?

INSIDE: Let's answer the questions, what is voodoo?, is it bad?, how do you practice it?, and what tools are used? You might be surprised by what you learn!


You probably have an idea of what voodoo is in your mind. But, is it correct? 

Often, we are introduced to one aspect of something and we think that is all there is to it. By learning more about voodoo, you will probably realize you've only heard about a small portion of it, and the part you don't know about is the good part.

Let's dig in!

What is Voodoo?

The name Voodoo, or Vodou, means “spirit” or “deity” in Fon; a language from The African Kingdom of Dahomey (present-day Benin). It is a religion that encompasses philosophies and religions from Western Africa and was later infused with Catholic elements, to mask its true divine principles that may have actually been Anti-Catholic in nature.

Its purpose is to serve deities in the spiritual realm, in exchange for Earthly and Spiritual benefits, such as protection, restoration of Justice, financial reward, peace, etc.

Voodoo is the medium that bridges a fleshly person with the intangible forces of this plane by allowing one to focus their intent on an object derived from nature.

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Is Voodoo Bad?

Voodoo does have a bad rep, mostly due to inaccurate depictions in Hollywood. Practicing Voodoo, however, is not synonymous with poking a hand-stitched doll to punish your enemies.

While negative behaviors exist in all cultures and religions, the principles in voodoo are much more profound and rooted in positivity.

Those who practice voodoo believe that our world is a physical realm that is intertwined with the unseen (spiritual) realm. Amidst this, there are spiritual deities that offer protection, material reward, love, peace, and guidance throughout this life and as we transition to the other side.

How to Practice Voodoo

Anyone can practice voodoo, although it will obviously yield better results if you have more experience. You need ingredients and tools to exercise your will and see it manifest your wildest desires.

It is also more effective when you resonate well with what you are working with. You wouldn’t want to buy something that you cannot stand to look at, for example.

If you are picking out incenses or oils, when blessing your candle, choose a scent or aesthetic that you really enjoy. Shop voodoo and as you browse, start to feel yourself get excited and engaged in the items that someone devoted their time and heart into making.

These materials also contain everything that most spells require in accordance with traditional Voodoo practices, such as jasmine and lavender essential oils, while also praying over the items.

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Common Voodoo Supplies

If you want to get materials for common use, or you want to ease into practicing rituals, Love Oil is a very good start. If you had a long work week, a self-love ritual is powerful, cleansing, and can increase your powers of attraction.

Running a hot bath, while adding drops of Love Oil in the tub, and indulging, while murmuring ancient affirmations are sure to promote self-love, attract that partner that ignites your soul, or just bring the energy of love altogether.

Rituals that provide protection from intruders or malice can easily be executed by chanting, lighting candles that are associated with protection spells, and using protection crystals.

It is advised that you wear a pentacle or crystal jewelry for protection, something agreed upon by many occult practitioners. Being safe from harm doesn’t require an expensive ceremony. Just be pure, be connected, and obtain simple tools that allow you to channel your intentions. Then, watch them manifest!

Final Thoughts

You might be surprised to have learned that there is much more to voodoo than most people realize. In life, keeping an open mind is always the key.

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What is Voodoo Is it Bad and How is it Practiced

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