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How Ancient Cultures Used Crystals & What We Can Learn From Them

INSIDE: More and more, we are finding that we should be learning from ancient cultures, especially when it comes to working with crystals. Let's discover how our ancient ancestors used healing stones, shall we?


Even with all of the modern science we have at our disposal, so much of what the ancients did back in their day still seems complex. We are still learning about these ancient civilizations to this day.

For instance, BBC recently published an interesting text about satellite scanning research done over Egypt, which found that over three thousand ancient settlements we never knew about.

It seems the ancients were much more developed and advanced than we can comprehend.

One thing's certain, the ancients were pioneers of discoveries, and they did it without the internet. So much of the knowledge that originates from areas such as ancient astronomy, geometry, or ancient pharmacology is still valid and used today.

The same applies to meditation, spiritual practices, and the use of crystals for healing and ascension purposes.

Let's discover how ancient cultures engaged in spirituality and see what we can learn from them today.

Rare Specimens

Ancient Cultures & Crystal Healing

Archeological knowledge that is available to us today shows that the use of healing gemstones is not simply a New Age, mumbo-jumbo concept advertised by spiritual gurus.

Instead, gemstones carry history not only in their structure and how they are formed, but they were also ancient tools used for healing purposes and good luck charms.

20th and 21st century generations are not the first ones that were fascinated and drawn to them. As far as available knowledge goes, ancient cultures, such as the Ancient Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians were some of the first cultures to use healing crystals.

We don’t have the evidence as to how they knew about the healing powers of these gemstones without modern science, which makes the use of crystals in ancient times even more fascinating. 

As far as the history of healing stones goes, what we know today is that the use of crystals dates way back to into ancient cultures. As a matter of fact, some of our prehistoric ancestors were found buried with them.

Let's dive deeper and look at the important of gemstones to the ancients and how they used them...

Ancient Sumerians

The Ancient Sumerians not only valued gemstones for jewelry-making, but they also used them as part of healing rituals.

Their Goddess of love, Inanna, was depicted going into the underworld carrying a Lapis Lazuli necklace and a rod for protection. It was believed that this was the crystal of deities, and that it would bring light and joy to its bearer.

Puabi, a Sumerian princess was buried with gemstone beads covering her upper body to protect her soul and invite positive energies to protect her from the darkness. Some of those stones were Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli.

How Ancient Cultures Used Crystals

Ancient Egyptians

Egypt is one of the most popular ancient cultures that we learn from today. Queen Cleopatra loved gemstones so much that she had a full collection of Emerald and Lapis Lazuli stones.

In Ancient Egypt, crystals were ever-present and used both to enhance the health of the living and protect the soul of the dead.

As part of their burying rituals, Egyptians would place pieces of Quartz on the forehead of the deceased to illuminate their path in the afterlife.

As for the living, crystals were used to enhance personal allure and sexuality, bring good luck, health, and enhance intuition.

Gemstones were one of the favorite spiritual tools for balancing the Ka (the person's life force) and Ba (the non-physical traits of a person) energies.

They believed that each crystal had its own Ka, and therefore, the power to strengthen the Ka of any Egyptian.

Royalty even used ground Lapis Lazuli for their eye makeup to assist in opening the Third Eye and to achieve illumination and greater wisdom.

Ancient Chinese

Ancient cultures, such as the Chinese were ahead of their time and used crystals in what is known today to be alternative medicine. Crystals were used for healing the Prana and balancing one’s life force.

The Chinese used needles made of gemstones for acupuncture. Green Jade was their symbol of power.

It was incredibly precious to them and was used to attract and protect one’s wealth, so it is no wonder that many emperors were buried with these pieces. Some had their whole armor made of Jade.

This gemstone was also used for digestion and urinary tract issues, especially for the gallbladder and kidneys. 

Spirituality Stones

Ancient Japanese

In Japan, crystals were used for prophetic and psychic practices, which highlights their connection with human intuition. It was believed that gazing, or scrying, at a crystal could help the scryer foresee events and receive psychic visions.

Quartz, which was known as the heart of the dragon, was used to invite greater wisdom and knowledge. This is one of the purposes we use it for even today.

Ancient Greeks

Krustallos in Greek means ice. Not only does the word crystal have Greek origins, but back in the days of this ancient culture, the Greeks believed that Quartz was a form of eternal ice given to them as a gift from the Gods.

They used a wide range of gemstones, many of which are some of our go-to stones today, including Amethyst for promoting mental clarity and sobriety

Rose Quartz was known as the stone of eternal love. In mythology, created from the blood of the dying Adonis and Aphrodite, as she held him.

Before going into battle, the Greeks would rub ground Hematite on soldiers’ skin, as it was believed that this stone would make them invincible. Sailors used a variety of crystals for good luck offshore, and Aquamarine was one of their first choices.


The Ancient Romans loved using crystals as good luck charms and in sculpture-making and jewelry-making.

Onyx, Jasper, and Lapis Lazuli were just some of the commonly used stones, while Carnelian and Garnet had great popularity and were used as amulets.

They carried the beads for protective purposes and used them to promote good health and attract wealth and prosperity. Crystals were used as protection during battles but were also part of their medicine.

Ancients Knew the Power of Crystals

Tribal America

Ancient cultures of Native Americans and tribes across Central and North America held crystals very dear to them.

Agate and Onyx were believed to have protective powers that would deter evil spirits. They were considered sacred objects, used for shaman and spiritual practices, as well as for diagnostic and healing purposes.

Tibetan Buddhists

It's no wonder that Tibetan Buddhists used crystals for healing and meditation purposes. Gemstones bring peace, harmony, and light, so they naturally found a place among them for these properties.

Quartz, particularly spherical Quartz was considered holy and was used to calm the mind and help them reconnect with the higher power.

Quartz crystal families in general, including Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst were all used for spiritual and awakening purposes.

The main crystal used in medicine was Lapis Lazuli. Meditation with this crystal was believed to enhance health and help heal the mind, the body, and the spirit. 


The Indian sacred texts, called the Vedas, included gemstones as tools for essential healing practices. They were used in spiritual rituals, cleansing, and even Hindu medicine.

Ancient Indians used crystals to heal the emotional self and promote good mental health. Kalpa Three, or Kalpavriksha, the Hindu three of life was believed to be made completely from gemstones. 

Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas

Ancient Incas were extremely protective of their Emerald mines and found them to be so sacred that they refused to reveal them to European conquistadors, even at the cost of their lives.

These ancient cultures were known for their advanced knowledge in many areas, and crystal therapy, as we now call it, is one of them.

Crystals were used to diagnose illness and detect potential health issues. They were used in shamanic ceremonies and divination practices, where Quartz was an ever-present ritual crystal in Mayan culture.

Mayan and Aztec lands were rich in Obsidian. Among other practical purposes, it was used for scrying and divination.

Tumbled Stones

What Can We Learn From These Ancient Cultures?

Nikola Tesla rightfully spoke about the importance of exploring vibrations and frequencies. In this day and age, we use crystals for healing work, and they are an important part of alternative medicine.

What the ancients couldn’t prove scientifically (or maybe they did?), we can today, and that is that each object has its energy field.

James C.Maxwell and others who have explored quantum physics have proven the existence of these fields. Not only are electromagnetic fields an important part of our reality, but they affect our whole being, from our health to our moods and emotions. 

Crystals are objects that have a very powerful energy field or frequency. In their making, they have absorbed and been affected by numerous physical and chemical reactions that make them such powerful healers.

In a sense, they contain this powerful, dense healing energy and ancient cultures used them for all that they offer.

Gemstones can change our vibration, realign our inner compass, and help speed up and promote healing. They directly affect our vibrational field and can ward off maleficent energy, which is exactly why some of the mentioned cultures used them for good luck charms and protection.

All of this speaks volumes as to how this ancient and potent alternative therapy actually is.

Final Thoughts

Ancient cultures seemed to have a much clearer understanding of the power of healing crystals. They cherished them and knew how to harness their power.

Cynics often look at them as foolish, when in reality, we are the ones who need to relearn how to work with energy. It's always important to learn from our ancient ancestors.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How Ancient Cultures Used Crystals

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