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Best Crystals for Immune System Support: Earth’s Health Remedy

INSIDE: Whether you feel fit and fancy or a bit rundown and sick, crystals for immune system support will give your body an extra pump of healing energy. Let's learn about how these little gems nurture and protect our wellbeing.


A strong immune system defends against illness and protects the body from taking on deadly toxins.

You might hear about all sorts of boosters for immune health – including supplements, powders, and medicines – but in reality, most of what you need to keep your immune system healthy can come totally naturally.

Things like proper hygiene, a healthy diet, regular exercise, elimination of toxins (like quitting smoking), and proper sleep can lead to an immune system that is able to protect the body and allow you to thrive.

What’s amazing about that list is that crystals can help promote every one of those steps! Crystals for immune system support provide another level of holistic healthcare to encourage health and wellbeing.

How Can Crystals Support Immune Function?

Think of the immune system as the supreme special force waging battle against all external influences that aim to breakdown our essential beings. Reinforcements, like an army of crystals, can help. 

Join Forces to Defend & Protect 

Crystals for immune system function can serve as members of the immune system special forces. Inherent in their nature, crystals emit frequencies that shield our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies from harm.

They fortify our aura and brighten our aura colors to bolster the immune system’s ability to withstand attacks from germs, viruses, and negative energies. If the immune system doesn't have to do all the work and can share responsibility with crystals, it is ready and able to take on the major battles!

Bring Emotional Balance

A major component of our immune health involves our mental state of being. Stress, depression, worry, and negativity chip away at good health. Bad emotions are like a disease to the brain that require our immune forces to respond and try to heal.

That might sound like the immune system taking on its responsibilities, but in reality, it means that the immune system has to expend energy on our emotions, leaving us vulnerable to physical ailments. 

By using crystals as natural immune support, we relieve the pressure that we put on our system to address every issue in the body.

This is where crystals and healing stones truly shine! Not only do they help neutralize our thoughts, eliminating negativity and bringing our minds into balance, but they also boost positive emotions that then feed vital energy to the immune system for it to do even better healing work.

Health and Wellness Crystals

Encourage a Positive Lifestyle

As crystals work to balance our emotions and thoughts, they also invite inspiration for us to transform the way we live. When we experience happiness and positivity, we tend to want to embrace ways of living that fuel our joy and good health.

The way we use crystals for their maximal benefits can introduce new habits that better nurture a healthy lifestyle. We’ll go over some great ways to use crystals for immune system support later, but some examples include incorporating crystals in meditation, exercise, and rest.

As we adopt new actions into our daily routine with the help of crystals, we can start to let go of habits and addictions that do nothing for us but drain energy and make us unhealthy. These positive changes can actually prevent us from contracting many illnesses and injuries that our old lifestyle might have attracted.

Our immune system will thank us for the shift. Rather than expending resources to constantly try to bring our bodies into balance to survive, the immune system now can build a reserve of defenses for when we really need healing and protection.

What Are the Best Crystals for Immune System Support? 

Now we have an idea of how crystals can provide immune system support generally speaking. But we’ve developed a list of crystals that have powerful properties to offer more targeted healing to different parts of the body.

Let's take a look...

Aura Crystals

Aura Crystals

Our bodies are incredible vessels. Our immune system has down right amazing abilities to heal us.

We also know that sometimes we need a little extra help – sometimes in the form of medicine and other times home-remedies, soothing teas, and calming ointments. We like to think of Aura Crystals like that. 

At their core, Aura crystals usually are a type of Quartz, often Clear Quartz, which are powerful master healers and energy amplifiers.

To invigorate the Quartz’s aura, artisans or scientists fuse the crystals with precious metals that feed the healing properties of the Quartz. For example, Tanzine Aura Quartz adds gold and indium to the potent vibrational mix.

Many Aura Crystals display iridescent sheens as the metallics and Quartz colors combine. They are especially attuned to support your intuition, to dissolve negativity, and to promote metabolic and hormonal balance.

If you’re excited by the idea of these awesome Aura Crystals, then we have exciting news – we’ll carry them in our store soon!

Laser Crystals

Laser Crystals

Laser Crystals for immune system function really bring together the synergy of the earth’s natural elements – namely Quartz – and our amazing body systems.

Laser Crystals have a particular shape that promotes laser-sharp focus of a crystal’s healing vibrations. These long wands that taper to a point can target origins and areas of pain in rays of energy.

Given their shape, Laser Crystals give off extremely high vibrations that emit intense beams of healing energy. In addition to immune support, Laser Crystals can help root out problems and induce your body’s healing mechanisms.

Just like the Aura Crystals we mentioned, a stock of Laser Crystals are heading to our site soon!


What's in this crystal’s name is its target. Bloodstone encourages our blood circulation, which helps purify our blood cells. It has a strong resonance with what we might call our “life blood” – the maternal connection each human physically started from.

Its a wonderful crystal for women who need immune protection through conception or pregnancy. In turn, it can give protection to children as they learn to strengthen and use their bodies.

This crystal fends off infections and germs. Even when those get the best of us, Bloodstone helps revitalize our energy to build our body back to health. It draws our focus on health and goodness.





While humans have come up with some inventive ways to supplement the power of crystals, nature has had its own tricks to combine crystal forces. Ametrine is a prime example of one of the best crystals for immune system function.

A mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine packs the strengths of both stones to feed power to the immune system. This crystal defeats stress and turmoil by working in both the solar plexus and crown chakra.

It illuminates every person’s individual strength to overcome health scares and worries by imbuing confidence and joy through health action. Ametrine will make you want to release the bad habits that stand in the way of happiness and vitality.


It bears repeating that the immune system works best not just when we are in peak physical health, but especially when we have optimal mental and spiritual health. For this, Selenite delivers.

Sometimes referred to as “Liquid Light,” the radiant white glow of Selenite activates the spiritual aura and guides us through our inner layers to find consciousness and awareness. 

When we root into consciousness and our spiritual purpose, we can make peace with the challenges and illnesses that the world hurls at us. Selenite hones our ability to make decisions, like those related to our health, that will resonate for our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

It is also a supremely adept chakra cleanser, knocking away any blockages to let energy flow seamlessly.

Elite Shungite

Elite Shungite

There are minerals our body craves for optimum health. Elite Shungite can give us a dose of almost every mineral on the periodic table!

Called the “Miracle Stone,” the way you'll feel after introducing Elite Shungite into your routine might feel like a miraculous healing to all levels of your body. 

As a crystal for immune system support, Elite Shungite works a lot like Selenite to shine light that purifies, recharges, and stabilizes our body’s systems. This light helps bring focus and grounding that you need to feel balanced and tranquil in your body.

Another cool property of Elite Shungite is its ability to combat harmful electromagnetic frequencies and other toxins from penetrating our aura.


One topic we haven’t said much about yet but that is central to immune function is the thyroid and lymph nodes – the epicenter of our throat chakra. These organs produce the white blood cells that our body relies on for healing physical ailments, whether disease or injuries.

Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to activate the throat chakra and bring it into balance. Balance means an equal level of fighting ability along with stasis in the work demand that is put on the immune system. 

By maintaining a healthy throat chakra, we help our thyroid and lymph nodes remain strong and functioning. Plus, Fluorite can cleanse and detoxify throughout our body. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline carries protective energy to shield all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For the immune system, it aids in maintaining its balance and vigor to fight enemies in the body.

Black Tourmaline can target the lungs to keep them healthy and air flowing unobstructed. Like many crystals for immune system support, it has the ability to filter out excess EMFs from entering our cells. 


Amethyst has so many ways that it works on the body, so it's no wonder it has a place on this list. This crystal cleanses and tranquilizes the body to allow the immune system to do its best work.

Amethyst has properties that circulate cleansing energy throughout every system of the body to help eliminate any bad toxins and germs.

The digestive system seems especially responsive to Amethyst healing as the crystal promotes healthy intestinal flora. That means nutrients you ingest have a better chance of fortifying your body.

Perhaps Amethyst’s truest talent lies in its effects on emotions. It helps balance thoughts and bring relief from stress and worry. This tranquilizing effect in turn can promote healthier patterns, like restful sleep instead of suffering with insomnia. 

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

Supporting the immune system isn't all about illness and weakness. In great health, we need to pay attention to our immune system to keep it energized and refreshed. Orange Calcite is like taking a multivitamin everyday – except it works even on the soul!

Orange Calcite is the crystal for the job! Known to encourage the body to absorb calcium, it gives the body a boost to grow stronger. It revs up our metabolism for greater absorption of crucial nutrients from our foods.

This crystal infuses happiness and optimism into our mental sectors. When we find peace of mind, we release stress and access greater stability in all realms.

Clear Quartz 

Let’s end our list with one of the best crystals for immune system function – Clear Quartz. We actually started the list with Clear Quartz, too, as it is often at the core of aura crystals.

This healing stone should be implemented in all healing techniques because it amplifies any energetic field it enters. And it has the ability to amplify while also maintaining balance.

In order to heal, we often need to be able to communicate the sensations that bring us pain or discomfort. Clear Quartz can help focus in on the root cause of our sicknesses and allow us to articulate what sort of relief we seek.

It stimulates the nervous system so that we can more acutely understand the origins of our problems and bring healing.

How to Use Crystals to Promote Immune Function?

These crystals aren’t necessarily cures to whatever riddles the immune system, but learning to use them to promote immune function will provide you with tools for a more holistic approach to healing.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use immunity crystals...

Rest Them on Areas of Pain

The potency of crystals truly comes from the energetic frequencies they release. Bringing crystals in contact with the body means that their energy can resonate through our skin and nerves to penetrate deeper layers.

If you feel pain or aches, lying down with a crystal placed on the point of tension or most intense sensation can offer some relief. This includes on the forehead, near the third eye chakra, for emotional or spiritual pain. 

You may also rub the crystal over a region of the body experiencing discomfort. This brings an element of massage into your healing practice. It’s probably best to use smooth or tumbled stones in this case.

best crystals for immune system

Place Them Under Your Pillow for Better Sleep

One of the best times for healing occurs when we sleep. The importance of sleep on our body’s overall health cannot be downplayed. If we don’t take rest, we don’t give our immune system the space and energy to do its work.

Using crystals to target your sleep patterns will bring incredible physical and mental relief. We mentioned above that Amethyst especially helps with insomnia. Many of these other crystals for immune system support can help too.

Just like when we let our immune system work by doing nothing but rest, that’s how simple it is to have crystals under your pillow. You can choose the crystal that corresponds best to whatever you are suffering from.

Set an intention before you turn out the lights, put the crystal under your pillow, and let its energetic aura flow freely through your body.

Drink Crystal Elixirs

This might sound a little "out there" at first, but it isn’t so different from drinking herbal tea to bring relief from a cold, headache, or exhaustion.

You need to be mindful with what crystals you use in your elixir because not every crystal is friendly with water. Some crystals have elemental properties that don’t make them safe to ingest, so do your research.

When you do amass a collection of safe crystals to make elixirs from, you can steep them in warm water like you might a tea bag or let them soak in water for a longer period of time to truly enrich the water. Then, drink a nice full mug or glass.

Final Thoughts 

To get the most out of life, we need to have a healthy body that can withstand the challenges that come our way and that can appreciate and relish the abundance that spiritual wellbeing brings.

Our immune system works so hard to give us time in our earth bodies and to empower us to enjoy and explore our physical and spiritual levels.

When we put crystals for immune system function into our regimens, we take an active step to put the Earth’s health remedies in sync with the miraculous functions of our body.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
Crystals for Immune System Support
Crystals for Immune System
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