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Blue Apatite Healing Properties: Release Negative Emotions & Embrace Healthy Habits

INSIDE: Blue Apatite healing properties are motivational, soothing, and supportive. With their help, we can release negative emotions, embrace healthy habits, and promote better eyesight. Read on to learn more!


Blue Apatite is a gorgeous stone with a color that can range from icy blue to deep, oceanic blue, sometimes all within the same stone. This beauty’s name is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to deceive’ due to its close appearance to several other minerals.

But this powerful mineral isn’t just a pretty face. Its high vibrational energy makes it a great stone for motivation and confidence. Considered a ‘Stone of Manifestation,’ it is believed to promote intention setting, stimulate intellect, and clear away negative energy.

Blue Apatite encourages learning and the expansion of knowledge used for positive purposes, and it's a great stone to keep next to you while studying.

You can open up your throat chakra and feel the confidence that Blue Apatite brings during public speaking. Or you can keep it next to you at night to bring forth the subconscious thoughts from your dreams that you'll otherwise forget. 

Having a Blue Apatite stone nearby or placed on your body during meditation will deepen your spiritual experience. Its metaphysical properties are also known to create an environment of mental clarity and inner peace during self-reflection.

With all of these excellent uses, it may come as a surprise that the most popular properties of this stone are the mental, emotional, and physical healing it provides.

Blue Apatite healing properties clean the aura by eliminating pessimistic and defeatist feelings brought about by our own thoughts or the negative energies of others around us.

It is also an excellent healer of muscles, joints, bones, and teeth, and it is known for producing accelerated and enhanced results for the wearer when used in conjunction with other stones.

Blue Apatite Tumbled Stones

Our Favorite Blue Apatite Healing Properties

We've already discussed a bunch of the ways this amazing stone can impact your life. But here are our most favorite healing properties of Blue Apatite...

It Can Cleanse Your Aura

Do you feel like there’s way too much on your plate and it just keeps piling on?

That feeling is called burnout, and unfortunately it’s far too common in our chronically stressed-out society.

When this happens, don’t lose hope. Blue Apatite healing properties help to avoid mental exhaustion and restore the body to a peaceful balance.

By drawing out the chaotic energies that build up inside of us during trying times, it will renew your energy and help you to feel revitalized.

Its high vibrational energy also makes it one of the most positive stones.

If you have previous trauma or pain that is loitering uninvited in your subconscious, keep Blue Apatite around you. It will aid in nourishing your aura and help you to become whole again.

It Can Reduce Negative Emotions

Your mental health directly affects your physical health, so don’t let bleak or cynical emotions get the best of you. Anger and irritability can easily degrade into rage, destruction, and resentment, and these feelings are hard to pull back once freed.

Maintain control over negative emotions and treat them naturally. Keeping Blue Apatite on your person will soothe these emotions before they run rampant and cause harm to your psyche.

In addition to the negative emotional effects that this stone helps to keep at bay, Blue Apatite healing properties also assist with high blood pressure that is often associated with anger.

It Supports Healthy Habits

The high vibrational energy of Blue Apatite makes it ideal for intention setting and motivation. These sought-after qualities will keep you on track and make a difference in your health and fitness journey.

If your diet and exercise routine needs a boost, wear this stone on your person at the gym and you’ll be surprised by the pick-me-up it provides.

Blue Apatite healing properties are known for their hunger suppressing qualities and they help support healthy habits by reducing your appetite and increasing metabolism. This stone also works hard to remove cellulite that already exists.

Soothe Sore Muscles

If you’ve been hitting the weights, Blue Apatite will be your best friend. While it is an excellent stone for promoting weight loss and healthy eating, its motivational properties will aid in getting you off the couch and into the gym consistently.

Once the soreness from those squats and crunches sets in, grab your heating pad and lay down with your Blue Apatite stone.

For Blue Apatite healing properties to have their best results, place the stone directly on the muscle area that is experiencing soreness. Alternatively, place the stone over your third eye chakra while laying down and let the relief from your aching muscles wash over you.

Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

Promote Healthy Bones

Carry this stone in your pocket and let your physical healing begin! Blue Apatite healing properties encourage the strengthening of the entire skeletal system and will assist your joints and bones in thriving and feeling renewed.

Wear it as a necklace or a bracelet and you’ll feel your body become lighter with each step.

If you've felt the weight of the world coming down on your shoulders, Blue Apatite will help to heal and replenish your bones, teeth, cartilage and marrow with its incredible healing properties.

Before heading to the chiropractor, try the natural route first. The improvements you feel after adding Blue Apatite into your routine might amaze you!

Help Improve Eyesight

This might come as a shock, but the headaches, dizziness, and general discomfort you feel in the afternoon are most likely due to tension resulting from staring at a desktop computer.

Many of us work on a screen all day long, and then try to relax… also by watching a screen. Even if you don’t feel the effects right away, this places a great deal of stress on your eyes.

If you've been busy on a screen for 40 hours or more every week, Blue Apatite healing properties can help to heal the strain of the blue light. With its restorative attributes, this stone can help to stimulate eyesight and initiate the recovery process so that your eyes aren’t subject to long-term damage.

Though she may be little, she is fierce! Don’t let the small stature of your blue apatite fool you, as it is powerful and effective even in small doses.

The best results happen when used during meditation by placing it near the brow. You can also place a Blue Apatite tumbled stone in your pocket or decorate your desk with it to feel the positive effects all day long.

Final Thoughts

With all of these healing benefits, you can really get the most out of your Blue Apatite stone. Tell us what you love about this crystal in the comments.

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Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite Healing

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