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Blue Quartz Healing Properties for Mental Blocks, Mindset Shifts & Endocrine Support

INSIDE: Want to enjoy the benefits of Blue Quartz healing properties? Whether you're looking to release mental blocks, shift your mindset, or support your immune and endocrine systems, this stone can help!


Associated with the ability to express yourself and communicate confidently with the world, Blue Quartz is a beautiful crystal that is linked with the throat chakra. It has a calming effect on the mind and body, with a high energy frequency, best for expressing yourself, overcoming your fears, and connecting spiritually. 

Before jumping to the Blue Quartz healing properties, let's look at the physical properties and symbolism of Blue Quartz. 

Blue Quartz Properties & Symbolism

Belonging to the most commonly found crystal family in the world (Quartz), Blue Quartz is a rare stone to find because of its color. Although rare, Blue Quartz is found throughout the world in the form of tiny deposits. It is a beautiful crystal with pointed faces, ranging in many different shades and colors from transparent and opaque to bright and vibrant hues of blue. 

The Quartz family has significant healing properties as a whole, which amplifies one's power and removes surrounding negative energies. Blue Quartz's meaning is also unique, due to its color and components. Furthermore, the energy that Blue Quartz emits is capable of elevating the effects of other stones it is paired with. 

Blue Quartz represents tranquility and calmness, and it brings positivity into the world, giving us the strength to change our lives and lift ourselves up. 

Let us now move to the Blue Quartz healing properties in the areas of mental, physical, and spiritual healing. 

Blue Quartz Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Blue Quartz.

One of the brightest shining Blue Quartz healing properties is the emotional and mental impact it can have on our lives. Just like the ocean's tranquility and calm waves, Blue Quartz brings calmness to our mind while inducing serenity. 

Cooling Your Mind

The healing properties of Blue Quartz can ease your mind and bring it to a peaceful state even in the most chaotic and challenging phases of life. It can help to rejuvenate your aura and replace negative and fearful feelings with peace and serenity.

Changing Your Mindset

One of our favorite mental Blue Quartz healing properties is its ability to help change our perspective and the thoughts we have about certain challenges in our lives. It can help to get us out of negative patterns, readying us and bringing confidence to the scene, even as we face rough phases in our lives. It boosts our self-confidence and enables us to find purpose regardless of the surrounding negativity. 

Unblocking Mental Blocks

With this healing crystal, you can learn to take things at a slower pace and give yourself time to ease into things. That's because its energy can remind us that our top priority should be self-care, well-being, and our own sanity. It unblocks our numbed mind and pushes us to find peace within ourselves in rough times. 

healing properties of blue quartz

Physical Healing Properties of Blue Quartz

Though Blue Quartz is known for its mental benefits due to its high-frequency energy, that doesn't mean there are no physical Blue Quartz healing properties. Some of the main physical healing properties of this crystal are as follows...

Rejuvenating the Immune System

Physical Blue Quartz healing properties include its ability to boost the immunity of the human body so that it can naturally fight off illness. By befriending this stone and keeping it with you on a regular basis, you can help to keep your body strong and healthy. 

The Endocrine System

Blue Quartz crystals are also famous for speeding up and strengthening our metabolism while supporting the endocrine system so that it can be healthy and active. Many people also seek to use Blue Quartz for stimulating the thyroid and thymus glands. 

In addition, Blue Quartz is said to balance our hormones and enhance our biological functions to keep the body in its best and healthy shape.

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Blue Quartz crystals are excellent healing stones for spiritual healing. Associated with the Throat Chakra, Blue Quartz acts as a bridge connecting the upper chakras and lower chakras.

This middle chakra has many significant roles, ensuring that the upper chakras are well-balanced with the lower ones. For instance, the higher chakras are associated with lucid dreams and otherworldly connections, while the lower chakras keep us grounded and connected to our inner self. Therefore, the throat chakra brings harmony. 

Spiritually, Blue Quartz helps in enhancing our personal growth and development. Using a Blue Quartz crystal will connect you with elevated consciousness levels for those who desire to explore deeper into the world of spirituality.

The high-frequency energy released from the rock will enable you to find a vital purpose in life and illuminate the right path to follow and fulfill your goals. Hence, Blue Quartz absorbs negative energy that surrounds us and connects us with our spiritual self by absorbing toxic energy and electromagnetic smog. 

Furthermore, the Blue Quartz healing properties mainly focus on affecting the way we express ourselves in front of the world, enhancing our communication skills and inspiring us to speak the truth. It relieves the fear of showing who we really are and releases mental blocks caused by pressure and stress. 

Chakra Crystals

Metaphysical Uses for Blue Quartz

It's common for all the credit of this stone to go to its attractive and vibrant appearance, but as we've seen, there are plenty of Blue Quartz healing properties that make it extremely useful as well.

Here are some of our favorite metaphysical uses of the Blue Quartz crystal...

  • Wear it as Jewelry - Blue Quartz is pretty famous among artists and jewelers. Hence you'll often find gorgeous pieces of the stone embedded in bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, amulets, etc. 
  • Bring it With You Wherever You Go - To incorporate Blue Quartz into your daily life for maximum healing benefits, you should keep the crystal close to your body by carrying a Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone in your pocket or wearing Blue Quartz jewelry. That way, you can work with its energy constantly to positively affect your aura. 
  • Use it as a Worry Stone - In times of chaos, you can rub a Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone with your thumb to bring peace and calm into your being and to help you make wiser decisions. 

Final Thoughts on Blue Quartz Healing Properties

Regardless of who you are or what school of thought you follow, Blue Quartz healing properties are something everyone can benefit from. We all face challenges and rough phases in our lives, where getting back on our feet seems difficult or nearly impossible.

Seeking help from healing crystals like Blue Quartz can be an excellent supporting partner in your tough times, providing the right assistance you need while bringing you peace and serenity.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Blue Quartz Healing Properties

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