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Celebrities and Crystals: How They Are Using Them & Why

INSIDE: Have you been wondering about celebrities and crystals? What do they think of them? How are they using them? In what ways are the benefitting their lives? Find out here!


Crystals are famous -- or infamous, depending on who you ask -- for their many powers.

Whether you are a firm believer that their power comes directly from the spirit of the earth, simply from our psychology through placebo, a mix of both, or something totally different, crystals can be a powerful tool. 

They soothe anxiety, help with stress, calm our digestion, benefit our communication, make us kinder, aid in love, and so much more. While a study pointed to the placebo effect as the reason crystals work, there is much science that goes beyond that as to how crystals work.

Sometimes the trends of the masses begin making their way up to celebrities. Other times, the famous start a trend and it cascades down like a waterfall to us simple folk down below. With crystals, a little bit of both is at play.

Celebrities and Crystals: Why They Love These Little Gems

Celebrities and crystals aren’t a new trend; it goes back forty years to the first waves of the New Age movement. However, it seems as though every day, more and more celebs are stepping out using crystals, some for the beauty and some for the powers they swear by.

Here are a handful of the rich and famous who swear by their crystals!

Kate Hudson

The star of Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is well-known for her belief in crystals as a mood stabilizer and a conduit of positive energy. Kate Hudson posts about them on social media and talks about how she uses them fairly regularly in interviews.

In 2018, she posted on her Instagram that she places her moisturizer La Mer on top of crystals to infuse them with the positive energy she wants for the next day.

She also said in an interview that she carries a Rose Quartz heart, given to her by her mom. For her, it represents love and gentle power. Apparently her mom is even more into crystals than she is; Hudson must get it from her!

As celebrities and crystals go, Kate is a middle-of-the-road sort of girl. Kate continues using crystals. While her Rose Quartz simply represents love to her, her moisturizer is certainly taking in positive energy. You don’t have to hold to all the claims of crystals to get their benefits!


Victoria & David Beckham

At the top of the celebrities and crystals craze are the English football star and “Spice Girl” fashion icon, David and Victoria Beckham. These two are the heavy hitters.

David is definitely getting the crystal vibe. Since moving into LA, he’s said that they’re both really enjoying the crystals, and enjoying the spirituality of Los Angeles.

Victoria is even more into them than he is. In a 2019 interview, she talked all about her beliefs in crystals.

Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are among the crystals Victoria uses. She keeps Tourmaline in her bathroom for good positivity when she wakes up and when she goes to bed. Clear Quartz, though, is her most recommended for new crystal users, as it is the “master healer.”

While Kate is a partial believer, it seems Victoria is on the all-in side of the celebrities and crystals scale. She’s all in to the power of crystals, believing that their natural vibration aligns with your body’s, and their placement and type can affect all sorts of things for you depending on your body.

She also says to be very careful where you get your crystals from because we don’t want to ruin the earth as we take a little of it to benefit us. Cheap doesn’t mean good for you or good for the earth.

The interview has a few of her other recommendations:

  • Tiger’s Eye, with its confidence-boosting and clear thinking powers is good for a job interview.
  • Blue Kyanite is good for marriage. It rearranges ingrained beliefs and thinking patterns to help someone get used to a new normal. In a marriage, you never know what “the way we do things” will become!
  • Carnelian can support the uterus if you’re looking for help to get pregnant.

Some celebrities are all over their crystals and fully believe in their healing properties. If you do, great! But whether you go all-in like Victoria and David, or do less like Kate, you can still reap the benefits.


The music icon, Adele, has a lot to say about crystals and how they’ve helped her. As celebrities and crystals go, her beliefs are about where Kate’s are -- these crystals got power, but why she’s not sure. 

"I mean, literally, I'm turning into a walking cliche but I’m proud of it—if it means my shows are good, then I don't mind," she said. As long as they work!

When she was on her comeback tour after leaving for motherhood, she was wracked by stage fright. Using crystals, she felt herself calm down and give one of the best shows of her life.

At her next show, though, she lost them, and she claims it was one of the worst shows she ever did!

Adele is still meditating and using crystals pre-concert. She uses Citrine to calm herself and get in the zone, as she calls it.

Hey, if it works for Adele, try it out yourself! Don’t be afraid to try different crystals and different setups and styles of meditation to get that perfect balance.

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Now here comes the surprise. While you might expect fashion icons, singers, and actresses to be celebrities with crystals, Oprah also joins the ranks of the influential who use crystals!

One of the best living guides there is, Oprah isn’t afraid to indulge. Though it’s unclear what her beliefs all are, she loves to put crystals in the water when she takes a bath. Apparently, luxurious baths are one of her “guilty pleasures,” and she is more than willing to take advantage of the power crystals offer to calm her down and soothe her anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Celebrities and crystals aren’t exclusive to these five. Angelina Jolie, Andrew Keegan, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, and Katy Perry are among the names that are tapping into the spiritual power of crystals every day.

Together, with each other’s recommendations and help, we can find the crystal lifestyle that works for us.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Celebrities and Crystals


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