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How to Feng Shui Your Life: 10 Tips for Transformation

INSIDE: Feng shui is the ancient philosophy that helps us level up the energy in our home, and in doing so, we can change our lives. It helps us gain more control of the energy that comes in and out of our space. Let's learn how to feng shui your life now!


Energy is the real deal, and since everything is energy, that includes our thoughts. Each thought we have has a direct impact on our reality.

Interesting research on ScienceDirect has confirmed that simply visualizing positive outcomes can help us feel more serene, even if we are prone to anxiety and worrying.

However, did you know that the things we own and the space we live in also have an energetic frequency that impacts the quality of our lives? Just think about all the times a messy room has made you feel exhausted just by looking at it. You get the picture.

Did you also know that you can feng shui your life to boost the positive energy in your space? We're going to dive into what that means and how feng shui can improve the quality of your life. 

Sage and Palo Santo

How Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that combines five ethereal elements and interior decorating rules to create the perfect flow of energy. When wood, fire, earth, water, and metal are in perfect harmony, the energy in a living space becomes high-vibrational. 

To use feng shui principles is to make your home a beautiful space that encourages growth, creates peace, and attracts abundance. However, this philosophy is much more than simply beautifying the home. It's about changing its vibration and therefore changing your vibration.

Here are the main benefits of using feng shui in your home...

It Creates Balance

Feng Shui blends five different elements. When used properly in an interior, these principles help create harmony, both in terms of energy and the space you live in.

Because the five elements carry different vibrations, all of which resonate with certain aspects of our being, they support the flow of energy around you when carefully blended in a space.

This way, feng shui helps alleviate the effects of stress and tension and eliminate blockages in aspects of your life. On the other hand, feng shui principles also serve to calm the overactive energy, thus creating a perfectly balanced environment.

It Will Boost Your Mood

The fact is, everyone feels happier when a home is mindfully decorated. To feng shui your life means to use this ancient wisdom to create stunning interiors that are in alignment with who you are and what you need.

Because it improves the flow of good chi, feng shui helps invite joy and happiness into your life, so you can enjoy every moment spent at home.

When your Bagua areas are designed and decorated to invite positive vibrations, high-vibrational energy and people will naturally be drawn to you. Not only that, but this good vibration is more likely to stay with you and in your space, providing continuous nourishment for the soul.

Interior Decorating With Feng Shui

It Will Help You Attract & Manifest 

Because feng shui contributes to how aligned we feel, when used properly, these ancient rules can actually help rewire us to receive all the goods we desire.

Through working with objects and energy, feng shui helps us set clearer intentions, and even more than that, it can help us attract what we need and want to manifest faster.

Whether it's a relationship, a dream job, more friendships, or success, being mindful about decorating our space and how we use the five elements can work in our favor.

When the energy in the home or office becomes more high-vibrational, attracting abundance comes easily.

It Will Eliminate Negativity From Your Life 

When negative energy is removed from our space, miracles can happen. By finding ways to feng shui your life that matches your frequency, you're raising the vibration of the space you're in.

Feng shui clears up space from stagnancy and fears that prevent us from living the life we want to live and replaces them with hope and optimism.

This ancient practice is used to improve the quality of life, encouraging the flow of energy, and banishing negativity from your space.

No matter if negativity stems from limiting beliefs, external factors, past hurts, or memories, the five elements will work to unblock you, removing anything that weighs on you energetically.

It Creates a Healthy Environment

Some of the main rules of feng shui highlight how important it is to declutter, fix, replace, and get rid of the old.

Feng shui highlights the importance of having a clean space and letting fresh air and light into our homes. It magnifies how powerful the effect of beautiful, healthy plants and fruits can have on the chi in the room.

All of these principles, tips, and tricks do wonders for our energy, but they also do something else - they work to improve our health, creating a healthier space that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.

While light, fresh air, water, and clean spaces are crucial for our health, we sometimes unintentionally neglect how important such small changes can be, and feng shui is here to help us with that.

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10 Tips to Feng Shui Your Life

The best thing about this practice is that it is available to everyone. With a little will to make a change, some knowledge, and a few feng shui tips, any space can flourish.

Here's how you can change your life with feng shui and get the most of the mentioned benefits...

Welcome in New Opportunities by Getting Rid of Stuff

Energy manifests in physical reality, and everything that we have takes energy to maintain it.

Old, broken, creaky stuff, as well as things that have outdated their purpose, create incredibly heavy, stagnant energy in our space, leaving little room for fresh energies to come in.

This is a simple, yet powerful way to be more welcoming to positive changes that support our growth.

Things we keep are like emotions or thoughts. When we keep what is no longer serving us, we are clinging to the old. On the flip side, when we are able to let go of such things, we create space for new opportunities and experiences to come our way.

Using feng shui this way will freshen up our reality, open us to possibilities, and help us overcome any stagnation that’s been holding us back.

Go With the Flow by Reducing Clutter

Clutter not only takes up space, but it also accumulates bad chi. When we get rid of the stuff we don’t use, we make room for new things, people, and energy to come our way.

When we take the time to tidy up and organize the space, it cleans up the energy that has been stored there but doesn’t serve us anymore. Clutter invites chaos and creates distress and anxiety, and it's a fertile ground for blues and depression. 

When you feng shui your life, you mindfully select things that truly matter from those that just take up space. Dealing with the disorder in cabinets, giving away, and throwing out things that we no longer use helps chi to circulate.

This way, we're able to welcome in new beginnings, let go of the old, and simply go with the flow of life without having all of our old stuff holding us back. 


Restore Your Finances by Fixing Leaks

Whenever there is a leakage in the home, there is a potential for loss. Our material prosperity blossoms with fertile earth and healthy plants, but can be easily "washed away" if the plumbing in our home isn’t at its best.

In feng shui, it is believed that water leaks lead to money flowing away from us.

So, to prevent financial loss, make sure faucets, aquariums, and fountains in the home are functioning. Faucets need to be working perfectly and if possible, these items should not be facing doors or windows, as this will "drain" the money from your pockets.

Complete Unfinished House Projects

Unfinished projects create that nagging feeling that is hard to let go of. No matter if it’s an interior project, or a painting you started, the longer we postpone bringing projects to full fruition, the more frustration the space accumulates.

This ancient practice highlights that anything we have left unfinished is associated with stress and overwhelm and can be incredibly demotivating.

So, to feng shui your life, make sure you take the time to finish what you started. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and can invite in an incredible amount of positive chi.

Conversely, unfinished house projects demand our attention and will serve as a constant reminder of failure and stagnation.

Create a Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space where you can meditate, journal, and do much-needed self-care rituals can greatly affect your well-being.

To start, mindfully choose a corner of your home that resonates with you and makes you feel particularly happy and serene. Make sure this corner is well taken care of and add objects that elevate your mood and calm the mind.

Spending time in this corner will help produce the good chi inside of your home, raising your vibration and the vibration of the whole space.

Light, bright, happy colors, candles, incense, healthy plants, and crystals will help you make the most of this area.

Always keep your sacred space clean and fresh, and it will accumulate positive energy, helping you rewire, meditate and practice self-love.

Healing Gemstone Collections

Use Feng Shui Crystals

Gemstones can completely change the chi in the room. They are incredibly high-vibrational objects that absorb and ward off any kind of negative energy.

Because of their healing properties, feng shui crystals are welcomed in all Bagua areas of your home and can be used to increase and support the energy flow, remove toxic energy, and be the anchor of peace in chaos, bringing tranquility to your home.

Each crystal has its own specific properties and can serve as a powerful cure for any space.

If unsure which ones to use to help you feng shui your life, opt for crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Clear Quartz. They are incredible at blocking low-vibrational energy from coming your way while magnifying positive chi.

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Corner

Creating a Feng shui wealth corner is a powerful way to invite abundance and prosperity into your life. The upper left corner in a Bagua map is associated with the wood element and is believed to be the most auspicious corner for attracting and generating wealth.

Decorating this segment of your home with healthy, luxurious plants, and using some tips and tricks from our Feng Shui Wealth Corner article will help attract wealth.

Feng shui can help create a positive environment that can improve how we relate to money, but also make our home a magnet for financial prosperity.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Improve Sleep & Romance

Frequently, the bedroom becomes a storage space or a place for work and exercise, losing its main function. Instead, it's meant to be a place of relaxation and intimacy.

When there are so many things and thoughts in this space, the chi becomes chaotic, preventing us from ever waking up fresh and energized, or connecting with our partner.

When chi in the bedroom is positive and elements are in perfect harmony, the bedroom becomes a place for nourishment, relaxation, and cherishing intimacy. When you feng shui your life, this naturally invites balance and light energy into this special place, amplifying its natural function.

If you're curious where to start, take a look at our Feng Shui For The Bedroom article. It can introduce you to crucial steps that can transform your bedroom into a serene, loving place that supports closeness and improves sleep quality. 


Feng Shui Your Kitchen to Improve Health & Vitality

Just like healthy food and habits, if the chi in the kitchen is beneficial, this positive energy will have a direct impact on our wellbeing.

The nature of Qi in the kitchen impacts our vitality. When it’s negative, it makes us feel drained and weak. When feng shui rules come into play and are used wisely, this space starts accumulating positive energy that makes us feel healthy and fresh.

To feng shui your life, it's important to pay close attention to the kitchen, as it represents one of the three main energy points in the home (besides the bathroom and bedroom). 

To get the most of this practice, try these Feng Shui Kitchen Tips For Health, Wellbeing, and Vitality as they will help you detox the space energetically and support good health.

Spruce Up Unused Spaces & Watch Your Life Transform

When we have a lot of stuff we don’t use or only use occasionally, or if we don’t have proper storage, it serves as a massive blockage to the free-flowing circulation of energy.

More likely than not, we associate these things with mess and chaos, and this reflects directly in our reality. Hallway clutter and clutter that ends up in corners and unused areas can clog up not only the energy in our home but also in our lives.

Being mindful about how we organize our space makes way for free movement in the house. Most importantly, it also contributes to the overall feeling we get when we are in that space.

No matter how unimportant we deem these spaces to be, they still accumulate energy and prevent new, positive energy from coming in. When we declutter and spruce up, we clean residue energy from our past and invite in lighter chi and beneficial changes into our lives.

Final Thoughts

When we put things in order, declutter, and become more mindful of our living space, spending time indoors becomes much more rewarding. Feng shui helps create a balanced and serene environment that allows us to create the life we desire.

By using these principles and changing the nature of Qi in the space, our home becomes a refreshing and safe environment that supports personal growth and invites spiritual and material abundance.

When we feel comfortable and enjoy spending every minute at home, our space naturally repels negativity, supporting us on our path and transforming our lives.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Feng Shui Your Life

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