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Feng Shui Crystals: Transform the Energy in Your Home

INSIDE: Feng shui crystals transmute the energy in a space and can act as powerful cures for bad feng shui. They stimulate the flow of good chi, helping to create a positive environment, one where we feel joyous and safe. Let’s learn about the best crystals to use and how to use them...


According to Research Gate, when it comes to building homes, there's a match between ancient feng shui principles and modern architecture principles. As a matter of fact, being mindful of all the little details when building, furnishing, and decorating a home can change how energized or depleted we feel when we are there.

Feng shui crystals are powerful tools for helping us elevate the energy in our homes. Get ready, as we are about to discover the world of gemstones, their ability to change the frequency in a space, and how you can use them to "feng shui" your sanctuary.

12 Crystals for Feng Shui

Crystals have a positive impact on our lives and can be powerful tools for transforming energy. Here are some feng shui stones you can use to create and cultivate positive chi in your home...

Clear Quartz

Since it's one of only a few crystals that can help charge and amplify all other gemstones, Clear Quartz can be beneficial for all nine areas of your Bagua Map. Because of its calming energy, it can help balance fire- or water-predominant spaces, bringing more tranquility and peace into your home.

It helps eliminate residue negative chi, creating more space for positivity to flow through your living space. This is a healing crystal that can serve as a perfect remedy for bad chi or areas of the Bagua map you can’t find a cure for.

This multi-faceted gemstone matches well with Water and Metal feng shui elements, helping balance emotions and rational mind, making the space more serene.

Because it is so gentle, and healing, Clear Quartz can be a perfect choice for the Children & Creativity sector, and the sector of Helpful People, as it can restore balance, help create positive alliances, and protect children's purity.


Amethyst Geode

Amethyst, a highly spiritual stone that purifies a space of negative vibrations, can be a perfect choice for those who wish to elevate the energy of their space. Its energy helps heal both the conscious and the subconscious, removes blockages that keep us stuck, and prevents energy attacks.

Amethyst can be an energetic anchor for your home, as it absorbs heavy vibrations, stress, and worries, creating a serene, pleasant atmosphere. It matches well with the wood element, making for a more tranquil environment. 

If possible, opt for Amethyst clusters or Amethyst cathedrals, and place them in the center of your special private corner. Amethyst absorbs energy, and the bigger it is, the more potent its ability to absorb malefic energy.

Among feng shui crystals, Amethyst Geodes can be a great choice for the bedroom, lounge area, and any corner that you use for self-care, relaxation, and meditation, as it ensures quality sleep, helps us get in touch with the spiritual realm, and calms us after a long day.

Green Jade

If you're trying to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your home, look no further. Green Jade is a perfect stone for attracting the blessings of the Universe.

A powerful good luck charm, this crystal can change your fortune, especially when combined with other wealth and abundance feng shui symbols, such as Chinese coins or a bamboo plant.

It also stabilizes the energy in a home, and because it is so soothing, its vibration calms the air, making us feel blissful and serene. It is a great remedy for those areas that lack the wood element, as it naturally attracts prosperity and stimulates growth. 

Green Jade can help you make the most of your Wealth & Abundance corner, and the Family & Ancestors area of the Bagua map. Keep it near plants or on a wooden surface to help you manifest money and financial stability.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Incredibly grounding, Smoky Quartz can help you feel truly safe and rooted in your home. It resonates with the Wood and Earth elements and amplifies a sense of belonging, helping us feel more grounded and stable at home.

It works to cleanse the space from negative vibrations, while also amplifying the power of other crystals. It is an incredibly potent stress reliever that will serve as an energetic detox, helping you relax after a long day.

Ideal for the area around the entrance of your home, Smoky Quartz will serve as a powerful protector against negativity that tries to enter your home. It can also be a powerful protector for children, which makes it a perfect crystal for kid’s rooms.


Citrine is a perfect choice if you wish to bring more joy, energy, motivation, creativity, and vitality into your private space. It resonates well with the Fire element and will lift up the energy in your home and motivate you to make necessary changes in your life.

As one of the feng shui crystals that has a vivifying effect, inviting in more laughter and inspiration, it can help us with our creative projects and ideas, bringing excitement into our lives. Although not a typical stone for protection, Citrine can transform negativity into positivity, completely changing the atmosphere of your home.

Citrine is particularly beneficial for the Center area of the Bagua map, as it has a powerful revitalizing effect and supports our wellbeing.

It is also particularly beneficial when placed in the wealth corner, and Fame & Reputation sector, helping you gain greater trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities. It can be placed in the Children & Creativity sector to nourish your childlike spirit and imagination.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

A blend of Fire and Earth energy, Tiger’s Eye acts as a perfect remedy for areas that lack either of these two elements. It blends passionate energy with a powerful grounding vibration, helping us feel more confident and inspired to pursue our goals.

Its energy is helpful for those who are looking to find the right career path as it helps us find direction and make the right choices. 

When placed in the area of Family & New Beginnings, it can help us find the motivation to pursue our dreams, while in the Wealth & Abundance sector, it can help materialize the effects of our hard work faster.

Tiger’s Eye can be a helpful feng shui crystal to have on your desk when you need the endurance to help you bring projects to completion.


Hematite is one of the feng shui crystals that helps connect the physical and mental realm. In feng shui, its vibration can help neutralize negativity that has accumulated in a space, eliminating anything toxic from our environment.

It matches well with the Earth and Water elements, bringing peace and serenity into the space, and neutralizing Fire-dominant spaces.

Because it supports cognitive abilities and raises awareness, Hematite is a perfect match for the Knowledge & Wisdom area of the Bagua map. It amplifies problem-solving skills and helps with learning, giving us much-needed focus to finish any tasks we start. 

Its detox properties make it a great crystal for the Central area of Health, as it has a positive impact on both mental and physical health.



There's no better gemstone than Fools Gold for attracting wealth and money your way. Pyrite is a powerful attractor that can enhance the flow of chi into our money corner. Its frequency brings more creative ideas our way, helping us become innovative and find solutions.

Pyrite is a powerful confidence-boosting crystal. This is one of the feng shui crystals that helps eliminate fear, worry, and anxiety from our living space, making us feel empowered, collected, and more in control of our lives and our surroundings.

It makes our space more welcoming to guests and foreigners, while simultaneously protecting the energy from those who mean us harm. This makes it a perfect stone for the Helpful People & Travel area of the Bagua map, as it can bring great associates and friends our way.

It resonates well with the Metal element and can serve to neutralize heavy Earth or Water elements.

Rose Quartz

Calming and soothing, Rose Quartz brings loving energy into our space, making everyone feel seen, heard, and loved. Its energy soothes and helps overcome conflicts and hurdles, preventing arguments and cleansing the space from heavy emotions and thoughts.

This is an incredibly healing crystal that can help us find more balance and serenity, while helping us harness self-love.

Its loving vibration is healing no matter where it is placed, but it's particularly beneficial for the Love & Marriage sector, and the Family & Ancestors sector of the Bagua map, as these highlight family and partner interactions.

It can be used to attract new soulmate love for singles or solidify existing relationships, bringing more love into a partnership.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The greatest energy protector of them all, Black Tourmaline is a must for any home with WiFi. Not only does this crystal cleanse and protect the space from harmful EMF frequencies we are all exposed to, but it also eliminates all other forms of negativity and toxicity.

Its vibration is grounding, and this crystal can select what type of energy comes your way.

Because of that, this is one of the feng shui crystals that can be a great remedy for any area of your home that feels particularly negative and heavy, as it will absorb any difficult energy it comes in contact with.

It brings greater understanding and clarity, helping us reach new levels of awareness, which makes it a great match for the Wisdom & Learning area.


Gentle and spiritual, Selenite will restore our faith and hope. An incredible crystal for meditation and soul-work, it will make our home a zen sanctuary. Its energy is relaxing and invites peace while removing any energetic blockages.

It enhances psychic abilities, and raises awareness, helping us to be more in touch with things around us, rather than feeling disconnected in our own home.

Selenite resonates with the Metal element and purifies everything it touches, be it our physical body, the energy of our space, or our mind.

It does wonders in the Wisdom & Learning sector, as well as the Career & Life Path sector. It helps us stay focused on whatever task we set our minds to, clears the mind, and helps us absorb new knowledge. Selenite will also work as powerful spiritual protection for the Children & Creativity sector, protecting virtue and innocence from negative influences.

How to Use These Feng Shui Stones 

No matter what your intention is, crystals are always high-vibrational and beneficial, and they can be used in various ways to elevate the energy in your home. Let’s see how... 

Protect Your Home

Because their vibration is so positive, feng shui crystals act as natural energetic shields. To use them for protection, choose one that draws you in and makes you feel most safe. Select your protection crystal intuitively, or based on your Bagua map.

Bless it with an intention to protect your home, cleanse space the with sage or incense if you feel called to do so, and then place the crystal on your spiritual altar.

An altar can be any place in your interior that you deem to be suitable for protection. Some of the best spots for this purpose are near the front door, or in particularly prominent areas of your home where there is a high circulation of people and energy.

Crystals for protection will keep your space protected from malicious influences. The altar can serve as a meditation or prayer spot. To amplify the power of the crystal even more, you can write a protection prayer and place it under the crystal.

Amethyst Geodes

Remove Negative Energy & Bring in Positive Energy

Feng shui crystals are powerful tools for transmuting energy. They activate positive and remove negative chi from your living environment. While some ward off negativity and work as a shield from unwanted energies, other crystals simply absorb negativity from your space or bring in joyous energy, lighting up your home. 

For this purpose, you can blend two or three crystals that work together. If possible, palace a chosen crystal or crystals in the Central Bagua area, which will allow positivity to spread throughout your entire home. If you have more crystals, you can place them in a few key areas of your home to maximize their effect.

To create the ultimate high-vibrational field in your home, chose five crystals and organize them in such a way that they create an energy field touching the center and all four corners of your home:

  • The upper left
  • The upper right
  • Bottom right
  • Bottom left
  • Center area of the Bagua map

Depending on which crystals you chose, make sure you cleanse them on a regular basis. This will help eliminate accumulated negativity the crystals have absorbed and ensure they can keep protecting your home at their maximum ability.

Ground the Energy

Feng shui crystals are especially useful for grounding the energy in a space. They are a great remedy for any area of the Bagua map that requires a balance of elements or lacks Earth and Wood elements. These are especially ungrounded spaces, and simply placing a gemstone in those areas can change the chi for the better, making your living space more serene. 

Although they have a grounding effect no matter where they are placed, it is helpful to know which area of your home requires grounding the most. You’ll know this intuitively by feeling fidgety, nervous, or particularly anxious and restless when you're in a certain room.

Energy is especially unbalanced in rooms that contain a lot of technology. In that case, place a crystal of your choice near your electronics to neutralize the effect of radio waves, as this will help settle the energy.

It can be helpful to have a natural base for the crystal that represents the Wood or Earth element, such as a wooden table or a ceramic plate, as these will further help ground the energy.

The same applies to healthy, beautiful decorative plants, as keeping feng shui gemstones near a plant can help amplify the calming effect they have, while helping them thrive at the same time.

Used this way, crystals will not only help you feel more centered and peaceful at home but also promote feeling of being rooted, improving your focus and concentration.

Final Thoughts 

Crystals are powerful tools for transforming chi, healing negativity, and raising the vibration in a home or space. When handled properly and combined with feng shui rules and principles, the effect of having them in your space can be truly miraculous.

How to use Crystals for Wellness

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Feng Shui Crystals Transform the Energy in Your Home

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