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12 Free Ways to Use Feng Shui for Money: Get Money Flowing When You Have None

INSIDE: When looking up articles on feng shui for money, it's very common to find tips that require money to make them work. Instead, this article provides free and inexpensive ways to increase money with feng shui.


Many "Feng Shui for money" cures involve spending money on items, which seems counterintuitive for those who need more money. That can be a bit of a letdown for those hoping to improve their financial well-being and attract wealth and prosperity into their lives.

But don't worry; we've got you covered. In the information that follows, we'll look at some low-cost and free money cures based on Feng Shui techniques to help draw in wealth and more money-making opportunities.

12 Free Ways to Use Feng Shui for Money

There are many tricks or tactics to manifest wealth, but few are as old as Feng Shui. Let's find out how these concepts can be used to attract money, giving you the key to opening the door to a successful future.

Remove Broken Things From Your Home

When utilizing Feng Shui for money, clearing out damaged items from your house improves wealth and prosperity by eliminating the sluggish, unwelcome energy that these items emit. Keeping too many of these items around prevents the positive energy in the home from moving freely.

By getting rid of these damaged items, you'll create a peaceful environment that promotes energy flow, which is necessary for attracting and retaining riches.

Broken objects can also represent difficulties with money or failures in your life. Their presence can unintentionally foster a feeling of scarcity or restriction. By getting rid of them, you make room in your life for new opportunities and new blessings.

A clutter-free atmosphere enhances the potential for wealth and prosperity to enter your home. Prosperous financial outcomes must be invited into our lives, by matching our surroundings with the spirit of success.

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Arrange Your Workspace According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui for money concepts can also be used in your workstation to create a more prosperous and wealthy environment. 

For those in a traditional office with a door, Feng shui advises setting up your workstation so that you are seated in the "power position,” which is farthest from the entrance, facing the door. For cubicles, this concept can be replicated by creating a strong backing behind your chair. Position your seat in such a way that allows for plants to be set behind you, creating a sort of energetic wall. For a visual representation of financial objectives, print out a wealth animal, such as a golden turtle to hang above your desk.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that a neat workstation encourages productivity, mental clarity, and attention, all of which are necessary for building wealth. 

Ensure Your Front Entrance is Clean & Unblocked

When using Feng Shui for money to create success and wealth, making sure your front door is clear and unobstructed is very important. It is the main point of entry for energy, or chi, into your home. A tidy and well-kept front entry creates a good first impression and makes it easy for good energy to enter your home.

As the first point of contact for the positive energy that permeates the entire area, this tip can be one of the most effective free money cures, similar to the way a great morning routine can be the one thing that allows for a productive day.

In addition to a neat entrance, a beautiful, well-lit entryway with a harmonious, inviting design attracts prosperous opportunities. A lovely doormat, potted plants, or a wind chime all do their parts to draw in all sorts of good energy.

Declutter Your Home & Work Space 

One of the most important steps in adopting the use of Feng Shui for money to improve wealth and success is to declutter your house and workspace. Focus and mental clarity are encouraged by a clean atmosphere. Your mind can work more effectively when your surroundings are structured, resulting in better decision-making and increased productivity. For attracting and benefitting from wealth-generating possibilities, this clarity of mind is essential.

But even more than that, clutter is symbolic of stagnated energy and a sense of deficiency. By clearing it, you make it known to the universe that you are allowing room for promising new prospects. It shows that you are open to receiving and appreciating riches when they enter your life.

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Place a Bowl of Oranges on Your Kitchen Table

In Feng Shui, oranges are viewed as symbols of wealth, luck, and abundance. The color gold, which represents riches and success, is connected to oranges and serves as a visual reminder of wealth, communicating your desire to draw in and actualize financial success.

In addition to the visual aspects, oranges have a vivid and revitalizing aroma that boosts the vitality in the area. A cheerful and energizing atmosphere is created by the scent, which can also improve your thinking and mood while attract advantageous possibilities.

Oranges also provide a high nutritional value snack and keeping them easily accessible in your kitchen supports your entire well-being, which is necessary for success and riches.

Keep Your Stove Clean

In Feng Shui, the stove symbolizes resources and an excess of supplies. A spotless stove represents the capacity to draw in and keep resources, namely financial. It demonstrates your dedication to taking care of your family and yourself while fostering harmony and success. 

Your kitchen's chi flows more easily when your stove is clean. A tidy and well-maintained stove boosts feelings of abundance throughout your house.

Furthermore, the stove is connected to the fire element, which stands for change and prosperity. Maintaining it keeps the fire element active, igniting your desires for money and prosperity.

A clean stove also encourages excellent health and hygiene, which are essential building blocks for success.

Decorate With Red, Green & Purple 

Decorating with hues of red, green, and purple can cultivate success when using Feng Shui for money by creating a peaceful setting that resonates with the energies of abundance.

Red is regarded as an auspicious hue that denotes life, vigor, and luck. Red accents, artwork, or ornamental items can activate good chi connected with prosperity and attract possibilities when added to your decor.

Green symbolizes growth and rejuvenation. Adding greenery to your room, such as plants or pieces of art with lush landscapes, can energize the area with vibes of success and open doors for financial expansion. 

Purple is connected with richness in prosperity, luxury, and the spiritual world. Purple accessories, such as pillows, curtains, or decorative items, evoke an air of wealth and draw in the force of financial prosperity.

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Print Out Prosperity Symbols & Hang Them Up

Prosperity symbols are important when using Feng Shui for money to boost wealth and prosperity. These representations serve as powerful magnets that draw in good energy and support your aspirations for financial wealth. 

A smiling Buddha, a dragonfish, or a three-legged toad, are examples of prosperity symbols that have distinct connotations related to wealth and plentifulness in Feng Shui. You don't have to buy statues; just look for images online, print them out, and hang them up.

The energy vibrations linked to prosperity symbols create harmony with the frequency of abundance. These inexpensive money cures also have the ability to impact your subconscious thoughts and serve as positive programming.

By repeatedly observing these images, you train your mind to think about prosperity, developing an outlook that is open and responsive to chances for earning money. It is in the viewing of these symbols that the power resides, so a picture works just as well as the actual object.

Placed these symbols in strategic locations around your house or office, such as the wealth corner (southeast) or the entryway, will be most effective.

Purchase Some Inexpensive Wealth Crystals 

By utilizing their energetic qualities, crystals linked to money and abundance can help Feng Shui practitioners create riches and prosperity. Their distinctive vibrational frequencies have the power to augment and amplify the energy of riches.

Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Green Jade are a few of the wealth-related crystals that are thought to attract riches, working as magnets for money-making opportunities.

You can purchase inexpensive tumbled stones to be used around your home or office.

Placing a wealth crystal like Citrine or Tiger’s Eye in your house or office can encourage the easy flow of positive chi while removing energetic impediments that can prevent financial success. As energy is free to move, it helps attract riches into your life. 

Crystals like Green Jade act as potent visual symbols that remind us of our desire for money and prosperity. Our goals are reinforced and our attention is maintained on generating financial abundance when we place them in strategic locations, like the wealth corner (southeast) or workstation.

Utilizing Wealth Crystals allows us to access their energetic qualities and create an atmosphere that resonates with the frequency of abundance. They help to magnify good vibes, focus our intentions, and act as powerful reminders of the financial objectives we hope to reach by using Feng Shui for money.

Ensure None of Your Faucets Are Leaking or Dripping 

Dripping or leaking faucets reflect the waste of resources, most notably water, which in Feng Shui, symbolizes assets and wealth. By addressing these problems, you show that you are making an effort to respect and conserve your resources and to match your behavior with the manifestation of success.

A leaky or dripping faucet can also be an ongoing source of frustration and a continual reminder of future financial strain. You can reduce stress, have a positive outlook, and foster an environment that attracts and maintains wealth by addressing and resolving the problem.

Dripping or leaking faucets produce stagnant energy and disrupt the electromagnetic harmony in an area and have an adverse effect on our financial situation. Correct this problem and you’re one step closer to your financial goals.

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Keep the Toilet Lid Down

It is said that the toilet is a source of bad energy and a possible cause of financial drain. The bad energy is contained within the toilet by keeping the seat and cover down, preventing it from spreading and having a negative impact on the entire environment.

According to the concepts of Feng Shui for money, the toilet symbolizes the outflow of wealth, so keeping the seat and cover down to form a barrier assists us in holding onto and protecting our cash resources from being drained away.

A closed toilet lid supports the flow of good energy and harmonizes the area with the ideas of wealth, as well as encouraging cleanliness and good hygiene. A neat and well-kept bathroom boosts the energy of the whole house, creating a favorable atmosphere that encourages wealth development and financial well-being.

Keep Windows Clean

Clean windows allow natural light into the home and represent clear opportunity and vision. Beyond the physical, this purity of vision portrays a hopeful perspective. It helps us to recognize and exploit wealth-generating opportunities that present themselves to us.

Clean windows allow for an unimpeded energy flow, which supports the smooth movement of good chi linked with the attitude of plenty.

Maintaining clean windows allows us to gain clarity and a happy outlook. It aids in harmonizing our surroundings with the principles of Feng Shui for money and builds an energy foundation for the creation of riches and prosperity in our lives.

Final Thoughts 

We all have the ability to control our financial future when we comprehend the connections between our surroundings, our energy, and our intentions. With these free and inexpensive money cures, we can cultivate a favorable environment for prosperity by carefully planning our surroundings, having clear intentions, and balancing the flow of chi with Feng Shui.

Let’s move towards a future filled with financial success and wealth by being committed, attentive, and open to change. May you be guided on this revolutionary path toward a life of affluence by the wisdom of Feng Shui.

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12 Free Ways to Use Feng Shui for Money

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