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Hiddenite Healing Properties for More Love, Empowerment & Wealth

INSIDE: Hiddenite healing properties will bless you with improved romantic relationships, the will to accomplish your dreams, and even protection for your wealth. Read on to learn about this amazing gemstone.


Dug up centuries ago, Hiddenite has had several mysteries surrounding it. For a long time, it was been used as jewelry and nothing else until it was discovered that the Hiddenite healing properties could heal emotional wounds.

Now, we know this stone can help us manifest our deepest desires, fill our lives with joy, and help us harness our personal power.

How is this possible? Let's dive into the wonderful world of Hiddenite and find out!

What is Hiddenite?

Hiddenite is a transparent crystal that is typically a very pale green or yellow color, though there are some that are found to be colorless.

The stone is a variety of spodumene, however typical yellow or colorless spodumene should not be mistaken for Hiddenite. Hiddenite has distinctive features that sets it apart from other spodumene rocks.

Hiddenite is sometimes called the Green Spodumene or Green Kunzite. The name Hiddenite was derived from the man who first identified it as a mineral, W. E. Hidden, a mineralogist from the 19th century.

Hiddenite Stones

How Can Hiddenite Healing Properties Help You?

The healing properties of Hiddenite can help us receive wisdom from the higher realms, which enriches our life experiences. It can help us enjoy a more enlightened, more meaningful, and deeper existence.

With the healing properties of Hiddenite, you can finally realize all the things you are resisting and the things you must come to embrace. 

Hiddenite Promotes Inner Strength

This gem will drive you to always put on a brave front when faced with challenges. You'll be inspired to develop your inner strength and be empowered to phase through life’s challenges.

Hiddenite will allow you to let go of harmful feelings of failure and inadequacies. It will show you how to strengthen your core so you can live without always doubting or second-guessing yourself.

Hiddenite Supports Holistic Health

Hiddenite healing properties are known to help in issues of addiction, and it is also capable of purifying and detoxifying the body. This stone helps in soothing the heart and supports the treatment of heart conditions.

Hiddenite can boost the process of the endocrine system and the circulatory system. It also assists in the treatment of lung and skin diseases. Pains tied to rheumatism can be relieved with the help of Hiddenite, and it can protect us from arteriosclerosis.

This crystal can be beneficial to those with mobility issues, and it works  to enhance mobility and stabilizes violent and extreme mood swings.

Amongst the many health benefits of Hiddenite, it is more notorious for relieving stress and eliminating anxiety-related illnesses.

Hiddenite & Wealth

Hiddenite healing properties aren't just for healing; they are also highly protective and will shield your interests, ensuring you are on the right track to achieving financial success.

The stone emits energies that offer us the freedom to execute ideas and feel comfortable and confident while doing it. Hiddenite inspires business and success, and it attracts prosperity.

However, it is not just about financial success. Hiddenite can help us discover and achieve the real wealth and treasures that money can’t buy.

Love, Relationships & Hiddenite

For decades, Hiddenite has been considered a stone of love before any other thing. It is a symbol of sensual and unconditional love.

If you've been single for some time, Hiddenite can help you attract a potential romantic partner, especially at times when you're least expecting it.

On the other hand, if you're already in a relationship, it can help you experience more sensual and passionate moments with your partner.

For married couples, it just might help you experience another wave of blissful love after going through challenging times.

Hiddenite brings out all the love we have been scared to give – all the love that dwells in our hearts. It helps us channel our entire capacity without insecurities, and shows us how to swim in pure bliss and joy as much as we can allow ourselves to.

It is all about opening ourselves up and taking that initial step with the strength of the mind.

With all the undiluted love you'll be able to shower upon your partner, this gem can help you grow your relationship into something invaluable. It will allow you to prioritize your relationship and love your partner even more.

With the energy that Hiddenite radiates, you can realize all of the positive aspects you bring to your relationship, and it'll help you appreciate your partner more.

The hiddenite healing properties assist us in achieving emotional healing, and in any circumstance, it can help us restore and heal a broken heart.

Healing Properties of Hiddenite

How to Use Hiddenite

Using Hiddenite is quite simple; no special kind of formula is needed. You can simply keep a little piece of Hiddenite in your purse or pocket. And while you go about your life, it will get to work supporting your emotions and releasing stress.

Hiddenite also serves as an amazing meditation tool. It is highly versatile, which means you can use it in your meditation ritual any way you choose.

Some people prefer to place Hiddenite on their heart chakra during meditation, others prefer to place the stone around their meditation spot.

While meditating – with the aid of Hiddenite healing properties – you might discover that this gem helps to open your heart. It will aid you in forgiving others and overcoming emotional distress.

If you've been unsure about yourself for a while, Hiddenite healing properties can inspire bravery and give you the courage to try more and do more.

It's important to keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight as it can fade. Clean it at least once a week using only running water.

Additional Ways to Use Hiddenite Crystals

  • Place a bowl of Hiddenite in a relaxing spot in your home or personal office to reduce arguments.
  • Place the gemstone on your heart during meditation.
  • Put a piece of Hiddenite in your child's pocket for emotional support.
  • You can hold the stone in your hand to give you more hope amidst all the negative energy in life.
  • You can put it in your pocket or purse to improve your romantic relationship.
  • Keep the gemstone around you when you're journaling so you can make important decisions that improve your growth.
  • Have your Hiddenite gemstone with you when you're dealing with a loss or other personal issues.

Final Thoughts on Hiddenite Healing Properties

You have to be able to trust yourself in order to use Hiddenite and tap into its energy.

With your first step, you will discover that the benefits mentioned above don’t even begin to cover all it has to offer. No one can really express what you will feel, except you! 

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Hiddenite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite Healing

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