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How to Determine Gemstone Meanings: 3 Simple Tips

INSIDE: You don't have to read through every crystal write up and memorize what each stone does. Instead, you can learn a few simple indicators that will help you determine gemstone meanings on your own. Read on to discover how!

When most people start taking an interest in crystals and gemstones, it can be a little overwhelming.

Afterall, crystals and stones are found all over the world in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only that, but there are tons of crystals out there. They are known to heal, support, and improve the health and well-being of their users and the environment around them, but which ones do what?

Maybe you're wondering how in the world you can determine which one is right for you. Or perhaps you just want to know how to understand gemstone meanings so that you can choose the right crystal at the right moment without having to look up what each one does.

Here are three simple tips to help you determine crystal and gemstone meanings:

Color & Its Impact On Gemstone Meanings

Color is one of the most important factors in determining gemstone meanings. Different colors have different light frequencies or energy vibrations that can stimulate healing in different ways.

Color therapy is an energy medicine modality that activates biochemical and hormonal processes in the body. Crystals are often used as color therapy tools, as are colored lights and colored cloths.

There are so many different crystals and minerals, some of which are always the same color, and then there are families that have numerous different colors within them. Quartz is probably the most popular family of crystals, and they come in almost every color you can think of. Azurite, on the other hand, is always blue and green.

What Gives Each Crystal Its Color?

Crystals not only have the benefit of providing color therapy, but they also have additional healing properties as a result of what gives them their color, which is the different elements and the amounts of those elements that are contained in the crystal.

crystals and gemstone meanings

When one family of crystals come in many different colors, the color it possesses is often the result of other elements. An example of this is clear quartz, which is colorless, and amethyst, which is still composed of quartz but gets its purple color from iron. There are many different variations of quartz with each color coming from varying degrees of different elements.

Here is a breakdown of crystal colors and the meanings they provide:

Multicolor Stones - Offer the support and healing properties of the combined colors they possess.

Black Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of survival, stability, and protection. They support feet, bones, teeth, soft tissues, joints, and blood circulation.

Brown Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of stability, protection, and centering. They support the immune system, eyes, stomach, and gallbladder.

Red Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of survival, sexuality, and taking action. They support the health of the spine, feet, and blood.

Orange Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of creativity, abundance, passion, and sexuality. They support the sexual organs, bladder, and lower intestines.

Yellow & Gold Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of happiness, success, empowerment, positivity, and mental clarity. They support the digestive tract, nervous system, and liver.

Green Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of love, personal growth, prosperity, and harmony. They support the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, eyes, and blood pressure.

Pink Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of love, nurturing, compassion, and life purpose. They support the heart, childbirth, and weight management.

Blue Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of communication, expression, authenticity, and loyalty. They support the adrenal glands, hormones, and good health in general.

Purple Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of intuition, spirituality, stress, and addictions. They support the pituitary gland, pineal gland, cell regeneration, and healthy blood.

White Stones - Provide comfort, support, and healing in the areas of higher consciousness, balance, protection, cleansing, and light. They support the pituitary gland, pineal gland, upper body organs, blood, and the immune system.

Gemstone Meanings From Crystal Colors

Chakras, Color & Crystals

Our chakras are energy centers in our bodies that are constantly moving, vibrating and spinning in a circular motion. There are 7 main chakras in the body. Each one is represented by a different color, and each one helps manage certain systems and organs in the body.

When our chakras are spinning and shining vibrantly, we feel it positively in our health and state of mind. On the other hand, when a chakra becomes dull and sluggish as a result of an energy blockage, we feel that negative impact as well.

You may have heard of the first law of thermodynamics, which states that "energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or changed from one form to another."

This provides an intriguing insight into the human body, as pointed out eloquently on the mindvalley blog. I'd never heard of chakras described in this way before reading that article, but it makes so much sense, and it's that the energy in our chakra centers has always been here in one form or another and it can only be moved or shifted.

Energy is universal, and it's constantly moving, vibrating, and pulsing. As that energy shifts within us, it shifts us as well, and we experience shifts in the way we feel and think, what we focus on, how we react, and consequently what we attract into our lives.

We can use healing stones to shift and balance the energy of our chakras in order to achieve a desired effect. Since color is simply a vibration of energy, we can use crystals that are the same color vibration as a certain chakra to open and balance the chakra. Click here to learn more about chakra healing with crystals.

chakra balancing

Color & Chakra Frequencies

Color is merely light, which is vibrating energy. The warm colors on the spectrum vibrate at a lower frequency than the cold colors at the other end of the spectrum.

Just as each color vibrates at different frequencies, so do each of your chakras, which correspond to the color that matches its frequency.

The lower frequency chakras are located lower in the body, starting at the base of the spine and moving up toward the heart. The higher frequency chakras are located higher in the body starting at the heart and moving to the top of the head.

How Color Affects The Chakras

When we look at or are around a color that is the same frequency of one of our chakras, we can shift the energy in that chakra. Again, "energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred or changed from one form to another." So, we can shift and balance the energy within us by attuning ourselves to the frequency we want to achieve through the use of crystals.

Here's an infographic that provides an at-a-glance view of colors, chakras, and crystals, and how we can use them to improve our health and well-being:

Chakras and Crystals Infographic

As you can see, by learning about chakras, chakra colors, and crystals, you can begin to understand gemstone meanings, and then you can choose a healing stone that will help you with situations, emotions, and your health. The more you know about chakras and colors, the more you will understand which crystals will benefit you and when to use them.

Shape & How it Relates to Gemstone Meanings

Shape is another important factor in determining crystal and gemstone meanings. Some shapes are natural, while others have been purposely cut. While natural is always better because it maintains its natural flow of energy, cutting crystals does not change their molecular structure, so the majority of their healing properties stay in tact.

Different shapes help us achieve different results; therefore shape is an important thing to consider when you are determining which crystal will work for a particular instance in your life.

Here are the most common shapes of crystals and what those shapes mean:

Cube - The cube shape provides a stable energy, and as such, it holds our intentions securely. They also absorb negative energies and are associated with the root chakra.

Pointed - Crystals that are pointed on one end are used to direct energy through the point. Energy can be drawn to you or away from you depending on how you hold the crystal and your intentions. These crystals are often used to create crystal grids, but they are the most common shape and are helpful for many different uses.

Double-Pointed - These crystals are very unique because they have points on both ends, which is very rare. Their shape also makes them extremely powerful since they can transmit and emit energy simultaneously. They can also transmit energy from both points at the same time or emit energy from both points at the same time.

Pyramid - This shape transmits energy through its point. It is often used for healing and spiritual endeavors, and it is a symbol of harmony.

Sphere - As a sacred shape, spherical crystals emit an equal amount of energy in all directions. A spherical crystal will help to cleanse its environment while attracting good fortune, health, and happiness. This shape is always manmade but are still very powerful.

Egg - This shape denotes love, fertility, creation, and abundance. It is often used to help find an imbalance in the body.

Heart - Heart-shaped crystals and gemstones offer a loving energy that can reduce negative emotions like sadness, anger, and grief.

Sacred Geometry Shapes - Some crystals resemble sacred geometry shapes, and are considered to be highly spiritual. These are the Platonic Solids, and they include:
  • Cube - This shape coincides with the energy of the root chakra and the earth element. It is used for matters related to grounding, stabilizing and energizing.
  • Octahedron - This shape looks like a double-sided pyramid. It coincides with the energy of the heart chakra and air element and is used for matters of communication and intellect.
  • Tetrahedron - This shape is essentially a pyramid, but instead of having a square base and 4 triangle-shaped sides, all of its sides are exactly the same triangle shape, and it only has four sides total. It coincides with the energy of the solar plexus chakra and the fire element, and it is used for matters of courage, willpower, protection, and vitality.
  • Icosahedron - The icosahedron has 20 triangle faces. It coincides with the energy of the sacral chakra and the water element, and it is used for matters of serenity, happiness, and compassion.
  • Dodecahedron - The dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces. It coincides with the energy of the third eye, throat chakra, and crown chakra. The "element" it resonates with is the human spirit, and it is used for matters of spirituality.

Wand - A crystal wand has one pointed end and one rounded end. They are typically hand-cut and provide a very easy way to direct the flow of energy through them.

Laser Wand - These crystals are long and narrow at the tip, and can be used to direct a concentration of energy through the tip.

Massage Wand - This crystal shape is a wand that has two rounded ends, and typically one end is wider than the other. They are often used by massage therapists.

Pendulum - Spiritual pendulums themselves come in a variety of sizes, but they are all strung on a chain or rope and can be used to identify imbalances in the body. Pendulums can also be worn as a necklace for healing and protection. Learn how to use a pendulum here.

As you can see, different shaped crystals can be used to better achieve certain results. That's not to say that a tumbled stone, cluster or geode can't provide the result you are looking for as well; it's just that different shaped crystals can serve to help you better direct the energy from the crystal. 

Gemstones Meanings and color frequency

How to Feel Crystal Energy & Sense Gemstone Meanings

While color and shape play a significant role in determining gemstone meanings, we can also learn to tune into crystals to sense their energy. That's one of the most powerful ways to understand how a healing stone will provide meaning in your life.

Tuning into stone energy can take some time, so don't get frustrated if it's not immediately working for you.

Here are some tips to help you feel crystal energy:

Pay Attention To The Crystals You Are Drawn To - If you are looking at photos of crystals, and one pops out at you, or if you're reading about a crystal and you feel drawn to it, or if you feel compelled to pick up a certain crystal, these are all signs that you have a connection with that crystal. Here are some additional tips on how to choose a crystal that is right for you.

Notice Any Physical Sensations It Gives Off - Oftentimes, when you place a healing stone in your hand, you'll be able to feel subtle physical sensations. This might include vibrations, tingling, throbbing, heat or cold.

Notice Any Emotional Sensations You Receive From It - Often, the most significant indicators of gemstone meanings are the emotional responses we receive when in the presence of a healing stone. This can include things like thoughts, memories, feelings, and visual images. For example, you might feel more calm and relaxed when you are near an amethyst geode or more uplifted and happy when you are holding a citrine, or yellow quartz tumbled stone.

Treat Your Crystal Like a Friend - As you spend more time with your crystal, you will become tuned to it more and more. Then, you'll be able to sense its energy more readily. Carry small tumbled stones around with you in your pocket, and place large stones in places where you spend a lot of time so that you can attune yourself with crystal energy more often.

Meditate With Your Crystal - The best way to tune into your crystal's energy is to meditate with it. If it's a small tumbled stone, you can hold it in your hand while you meditate. If it's a large geode, you can merely sit next to it while you meditate. Then, focus on your crystal and ask to receive its healing energy and its messages. Realize that you might not notice anything right away, but you might receive your answers over several meditation sessions or even a couple days after you meditate.

Journal With Your Crystal - Another fun way to tune into your crystal is to have it with you when you are writing in your journal. For example, here's a process you can follow when journaling next to a large amethyst geode:

  1. Close your eyes and picture your geode in your head. Visualize its energy field enveloping you, warming you, and enlightening you.
  2. Ask your geode to provide you with wisdom and insights. You might have a specific question in mind, but you might not.
  3. Then open your eyes and begin flow writing. This is where you write down anything that comes to you, even if it makes no sense. You don't worry about writing in proper English, and you don't care about punctuation or anything like that. You just let it flow.
  4. Reflect back on what you wrote and see if there are any hidden (or not-so-hidden) messages there for you. If not, don't fret. The messages can still come when you are least expecting them. 

Clear Your Crystal - As long as you keep your crystal cleared, there is no reason to charge it. When crystals are cleared, they are able to vibrate at their natural frequency, allowing them to do their magic. Here's a great article to help with that: Everything You Need to Know About Clearing & Charging Crystals.

With these tips, you can start to understand how gemstone meanings are derived and you can better use them to provide the results you are seeking.

Do you know of some other tips that have worked for you? We want to hear them! Please comment below with your suggestions and experiences.

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