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How to Feel Crystal Energy: 6 Tips for Tuning Into Healing Stones

INSIDE: Crystals have much more than just pretty rock faces covered in gorgeous jewel tones and intricate crystalline patterns. Deep within every unearthed stone rests a vibrational center constantly emitting healing energy to the world. Learning how to feel crystal energy allows us to access and use these amazing tools in our own holistic wellbeing practices.


We know that people’s true personalities and intentions run more than skin-deep. While admiring the unique beauty in everyone matters, our relationships and interactions rely much more on recognizing what lies at a person’s core – the values and purposes they live for.

When we find inner connections that align with those of others, our spiritual relationships bloom.

Crystals have deep, inner energies too. We can only understand how every individual crystal radiates different frequencies when we learn how to feel crystal energy. Once we do, we can turn to crystals for healing a vast array of physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

6 Tips for How to Feel Crystal Energy

We tend to think of feeling as a component of our sense of touch, but to feel crystal energy requires more than holding stones in our hands (although, that is still important).

Learn to relate to and connect with crystal energy with these easy methods…

Keep Your Crystals Cleansed

In order to detect the energy coming from a crystal, it needs good conditions to maintain its vibrational power. That comes from keeping your crystals cleansed.

Just as we are sensitive to crystal energy, crystals are sensitive to the energy that we and the objects around us put off in the world. When the energy around crystals is negative, they lose their potency to heal and raise our vibration.

To keep crystals cleansed, we need to put in place regular care practices for our stones. This includes storing crystals properly and clarifying their energy with different cleansing rituals – like sun or moon bathing and smudging.

We should also be aware of how crystals interact together. They make harmonious teams, but when too much energy overwhelms an area, the ability of crystals to detect and target certain energetic auras becomes arduous.

Maintaining cleansed, healthy crystals is a start to understanding how their different energies combine.

Healing Gemstone Collections

Delve Into the World of One Crystal

Getting to know crystals individually is another step towards learning how to feel crystal energy. Studying the rich history, natural geology, and healing properties of a single crystal provides insight into how its energy manifests and feels.

When starting out, the Quartz family of crystals can serve as a foundational level of study. Smoky Quartz, for example, is known to emit a simple vibration that is easier to detect and experience for a prolonged period as we try to hone our sensitivity to crystal energy.

Varieties like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Tourmalinated Quartz provide other vibrational patterns so that we can build on our knowledge.

We can introduce new stones gradually and grow our healing stone toolkit.

Meditate With Your Crystal

For all the ways we can study up on crystal energy, we really only know how to feel crystal energy when we truly experience it. This comes through meditative practice.

Meditating with crystals is simple – they just need to be in our presence while we take deep breaths, untether our focus from outward sensations, and mindfully tune into our inner spirit.

Begin by arranging crystals that resonate with you on a particular day in the area where you meditate, maybe as a crystal grid or simply a row or crest of crystals in front of you. As you gain awareness of the different energies you feel, you can change up the meditative practice and place cleansed crystals on your body.

Take deep breaths as you just let the stones be. If you’re holding one, let it rest in your hand, or gently rub your thumb along its surface to encourage an exchange between your body and the crystal. Sit in this way for as long as you want to.

sensitive to crystal energy

Hold it in Your Receiving Hand

As we graduate in energy feeling, we begin to find the connection between crystal energy and our own auric vibrations. There are many ways to let crystal energy reverberate on our body, whether by wearing crystal jewelry, resting crystals on chakra nodes, or simply cradling a crystal in our hands.

Our receiving hand is one of the best conduits for how to feel crystal energy. The idea of a sending and a receiving hand can be related to yin-yang in Taoist philosophy. The way we take in and send out energy needs to balance in order to keep our different bodies healthy.

Our non-dominant hand (the one we don’t write, throw balls, or use knives with) serves as our receiving hand, so holding a crystal in that hand invites its energy into us.

When we experience how to feel crystal energy and understand it, we can then learn how to send out those vibrations to contribute to the health and balance of the universe.

Do Chakra Balance Work

If it seems like the feeling of crystal energy still eludes you, take time to evaluate and balance your chakras. Especially in the lower three chakras – Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus – an imbalance or chakra block can prevent the steady flow of healing energy throughout the body. This inhibits how and where crystal energy can go in our bodies.

There are many ways to work on our chakras. We can meditate to bring all seven chakras into alignment or bring focus to each node to open a particular chakra. Focusing on the lower chakras matters in how to feel crystal energy because these nodes fortify our natural resonation with the earth, where crystals come from.

When our chakras adjust into perfect alignment, we start to subconsciously communicate with the vibrations of the earth. This will help teach us about the unique frequencies that crystals can give us.

Chaka Stones

Stop Trying & Start Allowing 

The five tips above can do wonders for how to feel crystal energy, but this sixth tip may seem to debunk them all!

Just let go. Release the pressure to recognize the feeling of crystal energy. Know that our bodies are sensitive to crystal energy because we are natural beings on this earth. That means we have an innate ability to sense the subtle energy of crystals, of the earth, and of other beings around us. 

In letting go, we're not ignoring the energy surrounding us but rather opening up the chance for our subconscious to detect it on its own.

Final Thoughts

Your connection to crystals will be an enduring ability that you can hone your whole life. Once you learn how to feel crystal energy, continue to practice it regularly to discover new depths of power in your stones.

You will soon recognize the unique ways that crystal vibrations bring comfort, calm, relief, and clarity to all realms – physical, mental, and spiritual. Get ready to expand your spiritual healing toolkit with new stones and vibrations!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

How to Feel Crystal Energy

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