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Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stones

Known as the stone of ambition and confidence, blue goldstone is a man-made glass that is infused with variations of copper, cobalt, manganese, and chromium. Goldstone has healing properties since glass is made from quartz sand and because of the other metals and minerals it contains. It provides a soothing yet energizing energy that makes dreams come true.

This one-of-a-kind blue goldstone gemstone originated from Brazil. It is a small, tumbled stone that can be carried in your pocket, held in your hand, placed on your throat chakra during meditation, or displayed in a bowl full of your favorite tumbled stones.

Each piece will differ in size, weight, and appearance. The image shown is a representation of the quality of our blue goldstone crystals. One will be handpicked for you.

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Blue Goldstone Properties

Blue goldstone was invented during the 17th century in Venice by the Miotti family. It contains a sparkly appearance that looks like the night sky, making it a beautiful and alluring gemstone. It's a variation of Goldstone, which is a reddish-brown color.

Blue Goldstone & The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Blue Goldstone

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with the world. The blue goldstone gemstone resonates with the energy of the throat chakra. Meditating with blue goldstone helps us to discover and express who we really are, shine our authenticity into the world, and speak our personal truth.

The Feng Shui of Blue Goldstone

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. Placing blue goldstone in the North area of the home will bring success and fortune to your career.

Blue Goldstone Benefits

  • Provides protection against psychic attacks and harmful energies
  • Provides good luck and grants wishes
  • Encourages motivation and courage
  • Improves self-discovery and expression
  • Opens the mind and improves communication
  • Uplifts and helps bring light into the darkness
  • Brings new beginnings and balance
  • Improves intuition and psychic ability
  • Attracts recognition, success, and fame
  • Generates energy
  • Supports the decrease of inflammation, migraines, burn pain, and throat and stomach issues

Ideas For How To Use Your Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stone

  • Keep blue goldstone with you to improve telepathic communication.
  • Meditate with blue goldstone to increase physical energy.
  • Place it on your child’s nightstand to reduce a fear of the dark.
  • Carry blue goldstone in your pocket to gain fame and success.
  • Put it in your child’s pocket to help them feel calm and focused for tests.
  • Keep it near you when you want to lift your spirits and balance your emotions.
  • Place blue goldstone on your head to relieve a migraine.
  • Carry it around with you to improve chronic issues related to inflammation.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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