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How to Incorporate Crystals & Music Into Your Child's Self-Care Routine

INSIDE: Self-care is one of the best things we can teach our children, yet it is often overlooked. Crystals and music are two simple and fun ways to improve your child's mental health. Let's learn how!


Self-care doesn’t just apply to mothers and those dealing with pressures of keeping up with work and routines. Children also deal with struggles to maintain optimum mental health and well-being and should also be provided the benefits of self-care rituals

Two great options can help balance the mind, body, and soul. The first is by using crystals, which are increasing in popularity due to their ability to enhance awareness and boost energy.

The second helpful aid is music, which also has a multitude of benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Incorporating both crystals and music within your child’s self-care routine can complement and improve their overall health.

But, how do you incorporate both elements, especially in an already busy routine?

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Using Crystals & Music in Your Child's Self-Care Routine

Let's dive in to discover some fun ways to use crystals and music for self-care for kids without compromising your time.

Using Crystals & Music at Bath Time

Since music aids in the release of dopamine within the brain, a mood-enhancing chemical. It plays an important role in emotional and cognitive function, much like crystals. Being able to use them together in some cases can make your child’s self-care practice more powerful.

At bath time, use some relaxing instrumental music along with Rose Quartz in the tub. You wouldn’t want any rough or unpolished crystals to scratch the tub (or your child!) so use tumbled stones

Your child will benefit from the healing energy offered by the crystals since the water will act as a conduit and release the vibrations from the water to their body.

Creating this calming atmosphere with music and healing stones will provide your child with a fun and relaxing self-care practice.

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

Using Crystals & Music at Bed Time

Amethyst is a crystal that can help improve your child’s sleep quality. Sometimes it can be challenging to wind down a child who is full of energy at bedtime, however, using music and crystals can help you develop a self-care routine. 

When you take a few moments before putting them to bed to create a calm, peaceful environment, you’ll be surprised how easily your child will relax. 

Have your child hold the crystal when preparing for bedtime and play a calming lullaby, maybe one that you can both sing along with, even if you just hum it softly.

You can also place crystals under your child’s pillow to help improve sleep and rejuvenate their body.

The music and the crystals used together in this practice create a powerful way to help relax the body and mind. As a result, your child should sleep better through the night and wake feeling more refreshed.

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

Music Lessons

Incorporating music lessons into your child’s routine is one of the best ways to allow your child to reap the self-care advantages that music has to offer.

Music To Your Home's lessons can bring online lessons or an instructor directly to your home, eliminating the need for you to cart your child to and from a location, creating easier time management.

Studying music helps children improve their social skills, boost confidence, and even gain essential life lessons, such as time management and discipline.

In addition, by understanding the emotional impact that music can provide, you can have your child use their music selection intentionally to provide for their self-care, such as regulating their mood and relieving stress.

Crystals & the Body

Through our chakras, we both transmit and receive emotional, physical, and spiritual energy. Correlating crystals to specific chakras can help stir the intentional energies and allow children to engage in self-care through healing. 

Shungite is utilized because it absorbs negative energy away from our bodies. Washing and recharging this crystal in the sun helps restore its power and helps your child develop positive vibes.

When your child comes home after school or arrives home after a stressful event, have them relax with a Shungite crystal and allow it to melt those interfering thoughts and intentions away.

When it comes to crystals and your child, don’t overthink the process. Find the crystals that feel right, allow your child to set their intentions upon them, and use the crystals at any point that you feel it can help with emotional rejuvenation or mood regulation.

You could have your child take their crystal to school with them in their pocket as well, to grab onto during times of uncertainty or when needing to create peace and feel restored.

Shungite Stones

Music & Crystals Are Essential Self-Care Tools

Music and crystals can provide comfort when you sense your child is feeling overwhelmed or stressed regarding daily tasks, events, and pressures. They can help your child set intentions to tackle those stressors while allowing your child to focus and prioritize, pushing back on distractions or outside stimuli that gets in their way. 

Do some research to help you discover what types of music and specific crystals you can incorporate within your child’s routine. For example, if your child seems more prone to anxiety or stress or becomes overwhelmed with negative feelings, that can influence what crystals and music you choose to help adjust their mood and help them feel better.

Self-care develops healthy relationships with your children and the world around them. Therefore, taking care of ourselves needs to be a high priority.

Utilizing crystals and music together or separately can help your child feel more focused and at peace with their surroundings. When they can feel good about themselves and approach tasks without stress, they can also transmit those feelings to others and create a more positive, stable environment.

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Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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