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10 Tips for Creating a Self Care Daily Routine You’ll Love

INSIDE: Self care routines ensure that we set aside time and build a habit of tending to our personal self needs. From five minutes of sitting in the dark to an entire weekend outdoors, self care comes in many timeframes and forms. We have some great ideas to help you find the routine that best suits you right here!


We talk extensively about the effects of good energy and optimism and how our beloved crystals can help us gain holistic wellness in our lives.

Finding balance, rootedness, passion, and inspiration means that we can spread positivity to others around us, but it has to start within each individual person.

If we don’t take time to nourish our needs and rejuvenate our energy and vitality, then we'll burn out trying to do too much good for others. And that can turn into a vicious cycle of negativity and resentment.

Instead, we can develop a self care daily routine doing things that we love that will refuel us to pedal the circle of light and love into the world and back to us.

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10 Tips for How to Create a Self Care Daily Routine 

The best self care routines take into account our individual needs, likes, and quirks. The only way to go wrong with self care happens when… we don’t do it!

Let’s dive into some tips for how to crystallize a routine that nurtures yourself whenever a recharge is necessary…

Think Small

If the thought has crossed your mind that you don’t have time for self care, then please pay attention to these first two tips.

Self care doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. Even a split moment choice to bring a spark of joy into your life counts – like lighting a scented candle at your desk (if allowed) because it helps calm your nerves.

By taking even 5 to 10 minutes of time to do something intentional for ourselves, we reap the benefits of self care. When we first venture into the realm of self care, we need to consider things that don’t overwhelm us, and sticking to small practices can make it easier for us it as a habit. 

These activities can be as simple as sitting comfortably and taking deep breaths for 5 minutes in the morning. Or it might be something we already have as a habit, but that we commit to as an intentional moment to feel good, like drinking coffee on a balcony in the early morning.

Schedule It

Again, if you think you don’t have time for a self care daily routine, remember that we each have the power to make time for it, especially if it’s just a quick action. To make sure we prioritize self care, it helps to schedule it.

We so easily schedule meals, the time we need to leave for work, the day of trash pick up. Why not treat our own personal needs as something with equivalent, if not even more, importance? 

When we actively take the time to consider when we can do self care, then we are more likely to show up for ourselves and do it.

We begin to understand how the routine feeds into (and likely improves) our mindset when we do other things, and that will make you want to firm up your schedule with yourself!

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Choose Things You Enjoy

What you do for self care should bring you joy and happiness, not stress or confusion. Consider something you do for fun, purely for fun, everyday.

Maybe it’s scrolling through Tiktok dance videos or playing a song on the guitar. Telling yourself that you will set aside intentional time to do this thing that you like totally counts as self care!

It’s about the intention between your self care daily routine. Some of us love playing sports or exercising, and prioritizing that as self care has incredible benefits. Others love to cuddle under a blanket with a book and cup of tea – again, great act of self care!

Reframe whatever habit you enjoy, one that never feels like a chore to you, as an exercise in self care. Then you’ll realize how easy it is to make time for it every single day.

Incorporate Crystals

Notice how important intention and realization is to self care. In a way, it’s like we are meditating on the time we have dedicated to ourselves, and as we already know, incorporating crystals into any act of meditation can have powerful amplifying effects.

Meditational practices themselves can serve as self care routines, but there are other ways to bring crystals into self care too. For example, we can purposefully decide to wear crystal jewelry or carry a tumbled stone with us everyday.

The time in the morning when you choose a crystal - one that might be sending a message or radiating energy that attracts you - is absolutely a practice of self care in itself and that will stay with you the whole day. 

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Add Variety

The best self care routines may not look so “routine.” Maybe you want to let each interval of self care that you schedule in your week consist of a different healing method. That might be quiet coffee time one day, a pedicure or massage another, and a run or hike later in the week.

When we change up our self care activities, we can cater to different areas of need. Our physical aura may need more attention than our spiritual aura one day, and then we want to soothe and cleanse our mental and emotional auras at other times.

Variety in self care ensures that we offer every level of our being attention and love.

Notify Others

In case we didn’t make it clear, intention is really important to self care. That means that when we set aside time for our self care activities, we need to respect and abide by our intention to relax and recharge. Distractions and interruptions should be minimized.

By expressing to others – family members, roommates, co-workers – that we want some undisturbed time to ourselves, we demonstrate how important self care is to us. If they love and honor you, then they will gladly give you the space you need.

Similarly, safely disconnecting can reinforce our self care daily routines. Turning off our devices, or at least setting them to Airplane Mode to mitigate the possibility of interrupting phone calls, means that we have no excuse but to focus solely on ourselves.

When you let people know you will take a break for self care, then they know not to worry if you don’t pick up the phone or answer right away.

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Spend Time With Others

Self care doesn’t have to happen in solitude, although psychologists write that solitude can bring about intrapersonal health and improve relationships. Still, many people gain great benefit from incorporating others in their self care.

Of course, getting a stone massage or pedicure assumes a professional there who gives us care and attention.

Other methods that might not at first strike us as self care actually may offer the best mental-spiritual investment we can make, such as scheduling regular sessions with a therapist to talk through any struggles.

More affordable ways to engage in self care in the company of others exists. For extroverts who thrive on connection, self care can look like setting aside time for an hour phone call or Zoom session once a week with a long distance friend. Getting out for a hike with a friend is another great way to rejuvenate your own soul while being in the company of others.

Plan a Morning Ritual & an Evening Ritual 

We sometimes take our precious time to roll out of bed in the morning or shut off the lights at night, but mornings and evenings are often the times in the day we are able to best adhere to a habit – like brushing our teeth. These can also be great times to put self care daily routines in place.

We can consider reimagining moments of our existing morning or evening rituals as points of self care.

For example, if you wash your face first thing and last thing in the day, you could buy yourself a fancy face wash or exfoliating glove that inspires you to stretch out the time you spend lathering your cheeks. Then, you’ll realize what giving yourself a facial massage can do to feel awake, refreshed, and cared for.

Another great idea for morning and evening rituals is journaling. Make it a habit to keep a notebook or journal at your bedside so that when you wake up, you can jot down a few hopes or goals you have for the day and what you're looking forward too.

Then, at night, you can reflect on the day and write down points of gratitude before you go to sleep.

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Think Big

Small steps into self care might help develop the day-to-day habit, but don’t be afraid to think big about a self care daily routine as well. Think about big plans you want to make for an unplugged weekend or a trip to the beach. Then, do it! 

We can even make the big self care getaway part of a smaller daily practice by setting aside time each day to dream about our trips, to scope out things we want to do wherever we aim to go, or to consider what books and food we most look forward to enjoying in our time away. Practicing mind preparedness for emergencies is another way to bring self-care to a big level.

Get Clean 

A major aspect of a self care daily routine results in a cleansing effect over our auras. Taking pause and giving care renews our energy and stamina. So think about every hygienic action as a moment of self care – from brushing our teeth to soaking in the bathtub.

Obviously one of those actions is way more relaxing than the other, and that’s great! And don't forget, you can really amp up bath time with crystals and essential oils to give physical and mental relief.

Final Thoughts

Take these tips for building a self care daily routine and prepare for a new sense of balance, satisfaction, and positivity. Allow yourself the time and the tools – like healing stones, essential oils, plush blankets, or sturdy hiking boots – to create your unique practice and turn it into a habit.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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