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Crystals of Atlantis & Lemuria: Ancient Healing Tools We Can Still Use Today

INSIDE: Atlantis may be lost to the sea, but there are hints of its existence rising to the earth’s surface. Crystals of Atlantis exist in forms reminiscent of ancient ocean civilizations that transmit important lessons and warnings to help us traverse our world today.


The cataclysmic downfall of Atlantis has provided inspiration for us to take a look at our relationship to the earth and the great scientific and technological advances our brains can manifest. 

Many people don’t realize that the story of Atlantis first came into the written, human record via the Greek philosopher Plato. Once a civilization rich in land and water, the Atlanteans had uncanny psychic abilities that they honed with the power and aid of crystals. 

In his writing, Plato claimed that Egyptian priests had passed along the story, detailed in hieroglyphs found in Egyptian temples and oral traditions.

Historians speculate that Plato’s Atlantis may have been a creative metaphor he imagined to pass along philosophical lessons in morality, mortality, and man’s corrupt machinations.

Myth or history, the Atlantean civilization bore a lesson crucial to heed in modern times. The society of Atlantis not only gained expertise in crystal technology, but it also grew arrogant in the ability to wield technology for Atlantis’s gain. This led to its implosion, collapse, and destruction.

Today, some people feel a spiritual connection to Atlantis so deep that they mourn the loss of this civilization. These people may be Atlantean starseeds, sent through time and alternate dimensions to try to guide Earth’s current population.

They bear messages of how to harness technology in a balanced way. While humans have been gifted with great intelligence to discover new advanced uses for technology, we have to listen and learn the limits of technology and the immense gifts of nature that Atlantis revealed.

These gifts come in the form of crystals of Atlantis. While Atlantean starseeds have a rich relationship to these stones, anyone can learn to commune with the crystals believed to be left behind by the Atlantean civilization.

Let’s learn about the great crystals that propelled Atlantis forward and ultimately disappeared with the civilization, as well as those that have found their way to the earth’s surface as talismans for our modern societies.

Lemurian Quartz

The Lost, Mystical Stones of Atlantis

The crystals of Atlantis that were largely lost to the sea came in a variety of colors and shapes. They emitted frequencies linked with the geometric plane that created harmonic dimensions in consort with other structures believed to have celestial roots, like the pyramids. 

These stones have disappeared thus far from our human plane, but their powers still resonate through energy frequencies and other Atlantean crystals.

Atlantean Seed Crystals

In the ancient civilization of Atlantis, crystals grew in abundance, like plants here on Earth. Atlantean Seed Crystals were especially prominent.

These flawless crystals, believed to be a type of Quartz, couriered energies between important geometric nodes on the earth’s surface – e.g., the pyramids.

Atlantean Seed Crystals helped amplify and evenly disperse these powerful frequencies to safely transmit them over through the air.

Atlantean Record Keepers

To call Atlantean Record Keepers “lost” is a tad inaccurate. Some Atlantean starseeds attest to having Atlantean Record Keeper crystals, but there have also been plenty of hoax stones found as well.

Whether these crystals of Atlantis do exist on the planet now or not, Atlantean Record Keepers protect the Akashic record that tells the true story of Atlantis. Through open, accepting meditation, some people have accessed parts of this record.

The information shared from Atlantean Record Keepers is rarely the full story of Atlantis but rather bits and pieces of the story that can provide guidance to different users. However, anyone who attempts to meditate with these crystals has to do so without expectation or judgment to be gifted with even an atom of wisdom from Atlantis.

Lemurian Seed Crystals

The Tuaoi Stone

Of all the crystals of Atlantis, the Tuaoi Stone or Great Crystal held the greatest energetic power over the Atlanteans. Also known as the Firestone, this massive cylindric, prismatic stone generated ethereal energy that both fueled the Atlanteans and eventually destroyed their society.

The Tuaoi Stone took a prominent place in Atlantis, housed in a special ovular building that promoted its ability to ingest solar, lunar, stellar, and earthly frequencies and forces.

Through this stored energy, Atlanteans learned that it could nourish their bodies and extend their lives by hundreds of years, all while maintaining youthful vitality.

3 Crystals of Atlantis & Lemuria We Still Have Access to Today

While the crystals above have been dubiously uncovered or accessed on Earth so far, the following crystals of Atlantis, and another lost civilization called Lemuria, have surfaced.

These crystals offer a glimpse at the possibility that these societies existed and they have much to teach us.

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemuria, like Atlantis to the Atlantic Ocean, was a legendary civilization in the South Pacific region.

Keeping in mind the significant tectonic shifts over millennia that may have shifted their lands to other parts of the world today, that’s why it is believed that from a single mine in Brazil’s Sierra Do Cabral mountain, Lemurian Seed Crystals have been revealed.

These rare, transparent crystals have the unique pattern of parallel striations running at least on one side. Some carry a pinkish glow, but they don't have the “typical” beauty of many natural crystals. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a potent stone – in fact, its rather rough, unremarkable exterior gives way to incredible intuitive messages.

These messages carry ancient energetic knowledge from the Lemurian people. As a society, they differed from Atlantis in that Lemurian people sought spiritual and emotional richness. They communicated across continuums to reach divine Spirit Guides.

Unlike Atlantis, the Lemurians made the choice to abandon their earthly civilization to ascend into other galaxies or to descend into Earth’s core layers. This exodus allowed Lemurian people to grow into Spirit Guides to send messages back to Earth.

Thus, Lemurian Seed Crystals bring intimate connection to the Lemurian Spirit Guides and foster spiritual healing that helps a person find the unified, whole self.


Larimar has taken quite the journey to reveal itself to today’s humans.

In 1919 in the Dominican Republic, Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren found a trace of Larimar, which was an unnamed and unknown specimen at that time. Miguel Méndez then rediscovered more of the crystal in 1974 and coined its name, a combination of his daughter’s name, Larissa, with the Spanish, mar, or sea, because of its resting place by the ocean. 

The properties of Larimar classify it as a type of pectolite, and it radiates a unique sea-green color caused by the volcanic conditions in the Dominican Republic. Like Lemurian Seed Crystals, it is believed the Larimar has shifted from its origin point through natural forces and movements.

Some even believe that Larimar may be connected to the Great Crystal of Atlantis or could be the massive Firestone buried beneath the surface.

Laser Quartz

Not all Laser Quartz are crystals of Atlantis. However, most Lemurian Seed Crystals come in the form of laser wands.

A special type of Lemurian crystal takes the shape of a curved-like finger. Laser Quartz differs from Lemurian Seed Crystals because they do not work to bring healing but rather seem to direct and teach the user.

Laser Quartz of the Lemurian variety bestow more knowledge about the energies and power of other crystals. Thus, this is a key tool for spiritual healers to harness frequencies from Atlantis and Lemuria.

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skull

The skull shape has important resonance with Atlantis. The story of Atlantis attests that 13 crystal skulls were seeded in Atlantis to carry particular pieces of the Akashic record. This information would help the human race to prosper and grow in knowledge and wisdom.

The legendary 13 were lost with Atlantis, although it is believed that some have been recovered. When all 13 reunite, the full power of the Akashic record will come to light and perpetuate the truest, most harmonious form of humanity.

Now, the form of Crystal Skulls is believed to energetically attract the power of the lost crystals of Atlantis. These represent the duality and temporality of life and death and our constant shifting across dimensions and divine realms.

Using Crystal Skulls in meditation helps a person access higher consciousness and purpose, which are some of the most important messages delivered from Atlantis and Lemuria.

Using Atlantean and Lemurian Crystals

While crystals of Atlantis and Lemuria have intense powers that reveal lessons from previous civilizations and societies, those available on Earth today can be incorporated into a regular spiritual practice.

However, these crystals should be used carefully, cautiously, and patiently. Users must approach the crystals without expectations and with a willingness to listen to whatever messages arise.

Final Thoughts

Even though we can’t access the physical worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria any more, the traces of these ethereal lands that have revealed themselves to us on Earth give us a glimpse at the beauty of these ancient civilizations. 

Through crystals of Atlantis, we have the chance to connect to beings that now exist in other dimensions and geometric planes. 

By accepting the unknown, mystical nature of Atlantis, we invite transcendental knowledge to enter our aura and change the way we engage in life.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Crystals of Atlantis and Lemuria

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