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The Four Quadrants in Astrology: Where Your Main Focus in This Lifetime Lies

INSIDE: Quadrants in astrology can offer us a fresh perspective into what we are drawn to and where we find ourselves. They are important guidelines to understanding the natal chart wheel and are an introduction to even tinier segments of our lives, which are the astrological houses. Let’s see what this is all about...


Following our authentic path is the key to fulfillment. For some, happiness is found in little things, learning and discovering, while for others it is about helping people or excelling in their career.

According to BMC Public Health, those who are drawn to volunteer not only make a positive contribution to society but are also more fulfilled and can even improve their mental health.

Astrology can help us understand how inclined we are to give to others, where our focus goes most, and which areas or our lives we give the most energy to. This information is found in the natal chart wheel and the four quadrants in astrology.

Here's what the quadrants symbolize and what they can reveal in a natal chart...

What are the Quadrants in Astrology?

No matter the house system, every natal chart has 12 houses, with each representing a segment of our lives. These 12 houses are not only entwined and connected by aspects and rulers but they can also be divided into four main sectors, known as quadrants. They represent the focal points or the main areas of focus in our lifetime. 

Like a cake, the natal chart is the whole cake and the quadrants are four pieces of the cake. The astrological cake is the first splint with the horizon line that goes from the Ascendent to Descendent, connecting the East and the West, and then vertically, connecting the South and the North of your chart.

  • Quadrant 1 includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd house.
  • Quadrant 2 includes the 4th, 5th, and 6th house.
  • Quadrant 3 includes the 7th, 8th, and 9th house.
  • Quadrant 4 includes the 10th, 11th, and 12th house.

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Quadrants in astrology represents the four main segments of our development. Not only that, but they also divide our birth chart into four major parts that influence what we are most drawn to in our lives.

  • From ASC to IC - The period of youth and self-awareness
  • From IC to DC - The period of early adulthood and self-expression
  • From DC to MC - The period of adulthood, cooperation, and expansion
  • From MC to ASC - The period of maturity and self-actualization

Every chart has 4 quadrants; the only difference is in the planetary positions in the houses. The quadrant (or quadrants) that has the most planets in your chart will be the most significant one in your chart.

So, go ahead and count the planets in your natal chart and see which quadrant has the most planets. If you have only one or two quadrants in astrology with planets in them, worry not. Your whole chart is interconnected thanks to rulerships and aspects, and all segments of your life are finely entwined.

Finding a dominant quadrant simply acts as a guide to understanding the flow of energy through your natal chart and can help you better understand the focal points of your life using a natal chart.

Now, let's look at how a chart is divided into these four segments...

How is a Natal Chart Divided into Quadrants?

To divide a chart into Quadrants, we need to look at the Angular Houses, which are the building foundation of any natal chart. They are the angles where we are most seen by others, and they represent the most active four areas of our life.

After all, we all have an identity, tend to partner up in one form or another, have a family we are raised in, tend to have our own family, and we all have some status and career in the world.

Just like the base of a building, the four houses are seen as the base holders of the whole natal chart. These are the points where our Ascendant, Descendant, Immum Coeli, and Midheaven arrows fall.

They correspond with beginnings and starts and are therefore associated with the cardinal signs of the zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

quadrants astrology

The First Quadrant

The first of the four quadrants in astrology puts all the focus onto ourselves, and our self-discovery. In this quadrant, we are focused on developing our basic identity - who we are when we are not trying to be anyone else or play certain roles.

In a sense, we are learning how to own who we are and we are very focused on self-development. When we have a few planets placed in this part of the natal chart, our attention goes to our needs, wants, desires, and impulses.

This is a fun, explorative, and childlike quadrant where we like to enjoy fine things, learn foreign languages, make a barbecue or hang out in the neighborhood with our friends.

We want to learn, we want to feel good and grow, we are curious about life, and we want to ensure that we truly enjoy all that life has to offer, especially in the material realm. We are focused on our senses, we use our learning abilities to understand the world and obtain skills that will help us get all the things we desire - and we love it. 

It starts with the First House and the Ascendant, which symbolizes the breath of life, the basic disposition that we were born with - the looks we inherited, the talents, the character, and the temperament.

The second house in terms of quadrants in astrology, which is meant to give us the resources to develop ourselves. It includes everything that helps life flourish, be that food and shelter or designer clothes and riches.

The last is the third house, which deals with basic skills and knowledge we need to learn in order to function in modern society, such as writing, cooking, or using a computer - or whatever interests us and supports us on our path.


The Second Quadrant

The First Quadrant ends with the Immum Coeli (IC), which symbolizes our home life, our roots, and unconscious patterns and behaviors. 

This also starts the Second Quadrant, which deals with self-expression and our ability to give selflessly and connect with the world around us with a pure heart. The focus goes from ourselves and fulfilling our needs to extending ourselves to not only care for ourselves but for others as well. 

When we have a few planets in the second of the quadrants in astrology, we are focused on expressing ourselves and sharing what we have with others. We are on the journey to discovering where we belong and we are curious about others and connecting with them.

This is where we step outside of ourselves, and learn to recognize other people’s needs, wants, and desires and see them as just as valid as our own.

The Second Quadrant starts with the fourth house and IC, which is the house of family and roots. Family is where we first interact with society and learn about others. We learn how to behave, how to play a role in society, and we become aware of others. It also has to do with our learned patterns.

Then comes the fifth house of children, which symbolizes not only our children, but the child within. In this house, we learn how to play, dance with life, have fun, and enjoy the company of others. This is also the house of our first romantic encounters, our first-party friends, and the first house where we can showcase our creative talents to the world.

The Second Quadrant among quadrants in astrology ends with the sixth house and the Descendant (DC). Here, it is time to take an active role in society, get our first job, get our lives in order, find a vocation we’d like to dedicate ourselves to, and be of service to society.

Here we are also reminded that it is important to take care of our needs and engage in a self-care routine so that we can give to others.

The Third Quadrant

The Third Quadrant is when we start seeing things from a much different perspective. We now have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience gained from interacting with the world. Now, we are looking to find better ways of dealing with reality, adulthood, and people. We are exploring our life philosophies, connecting with people who align with our goals, and partnering up with those we are drawn to the most.

We are exploring different ventures, both with others and on our own. We are exploring our belief systems and are looking to expand our knowledge beyond just basic skills. We are maturing, experiencing the highs and lows of life, adapting, and we are dedicated to finding ways to deal with reality as it is.

The Third Quadrant among quadrants in astrology starts with the seventh house and the Descendant, the point that represents others in our lives. This is the opposite of the Ascendant, which represents us. It ends with the Midheaven (MC) and it is in this quadrant that we make official alliances, team up, and get into serious commitments.

This is the House of marriage and any form of serious partnership. It's where we are aiming to find the right match for us, people who align with our goals and values.

Next comes the eighth house, where we, for the first time, start diving into the depths of life and start experiencing intensity. This is the house of intimacy, joint ventures, and depth. Here, we start dropping rose-colored glasses and start exploring our psyche a little deeper, by experiencing passion or fear.

The quadrant ends with the ninth house, where we feel motivated to expand on our previous experiences and test our approach to life. We are evaluating what we have learned so far. We are drawn to faith and religion, and we are testing our belief system.

This is the house of higher education and travel, so we are very inclined to move beyond the physical world, and discover what else life has to offer.

natal chart quadrants

The Fourth Quadrant

The Fourth Quadrant starts with the Midheaven and ends with the Ascendant, finishing the natal chart cycle. This is the quadrant of maturity and it represents the fruit of our self-development, labor, trials, and errors.

Here, we make ourselves known in the world. We have a certain status and position in society that we have earned and worked for.

In this quadrant, we put those newfound revelations to practice, and we apply the higher knowledge that we have earned. We turn more towards our spirituality and things that truly matter. We become far more aware of ourselves and others and play an active role in spreading our knowledge or sharing our approach to life with others.

The Fourth Quadrant is the last of the quadrants in astrology and it starts with the tenth house, which is the house of our career. It represents everything that we’ve built and worked on. Here, we do our best to ensure a reputation and a status that matches our vision for the future.

In the eleventh house, we start building relationships based on that status and connect with people who share the same life philosophies, vision, and beliefs. This is a humanitarian and social house, so here, we expand our circle and build friendships that truly matter. We examine our purpose in society and start searching for ways in which we can make a contribution to society, planets, and the environment.

The natal chart and the Fourth Quadrant end with the Ascendant and the twelfth house, where we start evaluating life and ask deeper questions about the meaning of life. We turn to our higher self and the Universe, and we learn to just be - just like when we were carefree little kids.

Here, we learn to let go of everything that doesn’t serve us and give in to the guidance of the Universe, trusting that what is meant to happen will happen.

Final Thoughts:

The Natal chart wheel is like the wheel of life. It symbolizes where we start our journey on this planet, how we progress, and where we strive to end up. More than anything, it can show us the mysteries of our inner compass, the direction we are meant to take in this lifetime, and the path to fulfillment, but only if we are willing to dive deep and swim in those waters.

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The Four Quadrants in Astrology



This article about quadrants in astrology is truly enlightening! I’m captivated by the way it delves into the intricate connections between these divisions and how they can unveil the intricacies of one’s character and life journey. The author’s explanation of the four quadrants and their importance is both lucid and engrossing. I’m now motivated to dive deeper into this facet of astrology, seeking a more profound comprehension of myself and those around me. Many thanks for sharing this invaluable perspective!


I completely loved studying your article on quadrants in astrology! Your clear and concise explanations helped demystify this complicated component of astrological interpretation. I respect how you broke down the 4 quadrants, explaining their magnitude in a way it is reachable to each novices and these acquainted with astrology. The visuals you covered additionally delivered a awesome touch, improving the ordinary understanding.

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